1. Wow, that was more like “here are three plays” than anything I would call “highlights.” Also, the commentary was terrible.

  2. Yeah, I’m going to have to go with Jim here. That’s definitely Dave Revsine. And I don’t know how Revsine not being at the tourney has anything to do with him doing the voiceover for the highlights.

  3. That is, without a doubt, NOT Mike Hall, it’s Dave Revsine. Do they let just any bum off the street have these jobs?

  4. OK, just for the record guys, I rewatched this and the BTN apparently updated the link with Revsine’s version of the highlights from Big Ten Tonight after I posted. The original started with Mike Hall on set at Conseco. It had no Tom Crean and no Revsine. I guess the BTN realized just how awful Mike Hall sounded … and they wanted me to look stupid.

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