Next up? Rest. Bananas. Then Terre Haute South.

A post from H. Williams Kellenberger; photo by Chris Howell.

South fans are happy.

The South Panthers will play Terre Haute South at 8 p.m. today in the Seymour regional final.

Right now, the Panthers are in local hotel rooms and resting.

But South forward Chaz Cooper, who scored 11 points this morning, said he did not need the rest.

“I am ready to go again,” Cooper said 20 minutes after the game ended. “I’ll play right now.”

The Panthers are eating at 3 p.m., then heading back to the hotel before going to Seymour High School at 6:30 for shootaround and game preparation.

South guard Jordan Hulls sounded like he needed a break.

“Since all of us play AAU, we’re definitely going to be accustomed to the situation,” Hulls said. “We’re a little tired. We’re going to get a lot of rest today. Get a lot of fluids, get something to eat four hours before the game and hopefully won’t be cramping next game. I was cramping out there today. The last three minuts, my calves were cramping like crazy. I’ll get some bananas and Gatorade in me and it will be OK.”

South coach J.R. Holmes said he had not seen the Braves until today.

“I know they really spread you out and like to shoot a lot of 3s, so it might be a fun game,” Holmes said.

Jake Odum is the Braves’ big gun, a 3-point shooter headed to Indiana State. Rumor has it that he hurt himself during the day’s first game.

Before Terre Haute South and Evansville Harrison tipped off, Hulls talked about the finals.

“I haven’t played against Jake in forever,” Hulls said. “I played against Kendall (Brown, a Harrison guard) earlier this season so I know whichever team we get it’s going to be a good game.”