Story transferring to be closer to home

[7:50 Update]

A quote from Malik Story, provided by IU: “I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to play basketball at Indiana,” said Story.  “I have a tremendous amount of love and admiration for Coach Crean, the assistant coaches and my teammates. This was a very emotional decision for me, but I am blessed to have an outstanding support system in my family at home and I want to be able to share my collegiate experiences with them.”


Freshman guard Malik Story has decided to transfer from Indiana at the end of the semester so he can play at a school closer to his Los Angeles home.

Sources told The Herald-Times earlier today that Story had made the decision after discussing the situation with his family over spring break. Indiana head coach Tom Crean confirmed Story’s intent to transfer, and issued this statement through media relations director J.D. Campbell:

“I support Malik and his family’s decision to go to a school that is closer to home,” he said. “As a parent, I understand the need to be close to family. We have encouraged Malik to continue to take advantage of getting his individual workouts in with our team and to utilize the academic support system he has here at Indiana until the end of the semester.”

The Herald-Times has not yet been able to reach Story for comment.

Story’s departure opens a scholarship for the incoming 2009 class; Crean had signed six players even though only five scholarships were slated to be open.

We’ll have more as this story develops.


  1. The writing was kind of on the wall for this to happen. All the same, I’m sad to see Malik go. I loved his demeanor on the court and he showed flashes of greatness at times. I bet he’ll end up being a really good player wherever he ends up.

  2. Thanks, Malik. Loved your all around game. Would have like to see your game grow with more talent around you.


    I too will miss Malik. He seemed like a hard competitor.

    Good Luck to him wherever he goes.

  4. I am surprised. Love the kid and wish him the best but if you go from Cali to Indiana, chances are you will be homesick. I hope he was not kind of pushed out in a way because he would have been a really good ball player by year 3. Anyway, good luck and I will miss you.

  5. While I’m sorry to see Malik go, I think the writing was also sort of on the wall for him… next season he’d be stuck at the back of a very crowded group of guards.

    Good luck, Malik. We wish you well.

  6. I am also sorry to see Malik Story go…he showed a tremendous amount of character committing to IU while the program was going through so much hardship. Best of luck, Malik. With that said, let’s go get Darius Smith and make next this year’s recruiting class the Sensational Seven!

  7. Higgi, they were already one scholarship over their limit. How do you expect them to go out and add another player to next year’s class?

  8. I will miss Story, he always seemed to be the spark off the bench for Indiana, and I hope that he is happy wherever he ends up.

    Hopefully, Kentucky’s recruiting class gets blown to bits and we can grab Ferguson(2010) from them when Gillispie get’s fired. 🙂

    Btw, you guys hear that Seth Curry is transferring? Would he be an option for IU?

  9. One step forward, one step back. When did Crean and Glass promise a championship by? Best wishes to Malik and the other transfers.

  10. Said Story: “I’m going to be here. A lot of people say I’m not going to be here, (but) I love my teammates, love my coaches and love this place.”

    Man, love fades fast these days. Crean and his Hoosiers deserve better love than that.

    Moving home to be closer to his agent, ahem, AAU coach?

  11. BFF, the contingency plan in place in case nobody transferred was to withdraw the scholarship from T. Jobe or have J. River (which reportedly he has offered to do) pay his own way next year and give his scholarship to another player, i.e. B. Muniru or D. Smith. Will see what happens…stay tuned!

  12. He would have been better if mike Davis was still here, he is twice the coach of Crean

  13. Malik seems like a good kid and he deserves our best wishes.

    I think more changes in the roster are likely this off-season. If we lose anymore kids I think it is likely that Coach Crean will save the schollie(s) for the class of 2010.

  14. Dave, what do you mean by “one step forward, one step back?” IU is one scholarship over the limit for next year. Someone on scholarship was gonna have to go, and with guys like VJ, Nick Williams, Maurice Creek, Devan Dumes, ETC, Malik would have gotten little to no playing time. I wish him luck, but am confused as to how this is a step back.

  15. Steve O, not to defend Dave but I just think he saw the raw talent I did and is sad to see him go. Story is the only reason IU played Gonzaga as well as we did at lucas Oil. The kid is going to be a star wherever he goes and I talked to him a couple of times and he is very mannerly and respectful. It is a loss for IU. I was hoping to see Jobe leave, not Story.

  16. I am sorry to see Malik leave as well but not surprised. I wish him the best. I believe in Coach Crean and the job he is doing so IU will be back. And no, Mike Davis is not twice the coach as Crean.

  17. Aruss, that is why Mike Davis is on the verge of getting fired from UAB. Not a very accurate statement.

  18. Why are we talking about Mike Davis or Malik Story? It’s just one more 18 y/o kid with his head up his A$$. I’ve personally had enough of this stuff. Good luck Malik, SoCal will be happy to have another trigger happy baller to replace Mayo and make Tim Floyd look like a less inept coach.

  19. Steve O and J Pat, yes to what J Pat said. Malik and Vernon were the two keepers from this year. And, it will happen again next year, or maybe even this year, when someone else leaves, someone we were starting to rally around and support and could see the development, the excitement, our hopes and expectations starting to build, and then, boom someone we thought was going to contribute and take us to higher status, or maybe then two players transfer or leave early for the NBA. And I’m thinking of that Obama talk Tuesday night when he said, ultimately he’s responsible for this. Ultimately this goes to Crean. And like Kentucky just did, getting rid of their coach with only something like a six year, $6 million buyout. What’s our exposure with Crean?

  20. Who uses the word troll, only some internet loser like me who has nothing better to do with his life.

    Better go back on Peegs for the 1000th time today!

  21. We let Crean remove all of last year’s team so don’t complain now about player turnover and transfers. He set the precedent and if you didn’t complain then you shouldn’t now because anyone who complains now is the hypocrite.

  22. I am really angry at Crean for bringing in so much talent that lesser players feel the need to transfer.

  23. Crean’s removal of last years players was last year, this is now. How long will the cleansing/purging go on? One step forward, one step back. Players choice: Transfer or compete. How good is Crean with relationships? Two years from now, will any of next fall’s incoming class decide it’s not in their best interest to remain here and pursue their careers elsewhere because they find the promises made and expectations made were unrealistic? And will Crean address this issue with the fans?

  24. Dave, seriously…what are you talking about? I am curious. I live in Bloomington and am active on campus with my wife and kids. He is a super nice man and his wife and kids are lovely. His players adore him too and that is fact! Let’s give Crean our support until he gives us a reason to do otherwise.

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