Then, there were lights. Bright lights.

Spencer Turner signals for time out as Jordan Hulls holds the ball.

The gym here at Seymour — the fourth largest high school gym in the country, with a capacity of 8,110 — was quiet and dark when H. Williams Kellenberger and I walked in about an hour ago. It only took a few minutes for the lights to flicker on, though, and for most of South’s players to stroll out of the hallway leading to its locker room. Since then, the Panthers have been sitting on the seats that will be their bench when they take on Terre Haute South at 8 p.m. tonight.

Apparently THS’s star guard, Jake Odum, has been dealing with an injured ankle for some time now. He’ll still be the focal point for South, especially early. It’s unclear who will draw the assignment of covering him.

As Hugh and I spent some time eating lunch and watching college ball on the TV earlier today, we ended up talking to many fans from the schools who participated in this regional. One thing we heard over and over was how calm and veteran the South guards were.

Which is interesting because Dee Davis and Spencer Turner are both sophomores. They’re sophomores who have played a lot; but there are times when you are reminded just how young they are. When he isn’t driving the lane, Davis — especially when wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt — sort of looks like he hasn’t made it to high school. And Turner’s got a kid smile, still.

Given that, their composure has been impressive. Opposing coaches are going to continue testing it, though. Even though it hasn’t been a weakness yet, the fact that there’s not been any other cracks to surface means that it still makes the most sense to attack these could-be soft spots. So look for Hulls to continue to see extra defenders — there were times that he had three in front of him during the New Albany game — and Davis and Turner to see extra pressure.

Hulls discussed the poise of those younger guards — and threw in some props for the rest of his teammates — after the win earlier today.

“They’re definitely playing up to their potential,” he said. “I’m really proud of the guys and how they stepped up. Spencer came through in the second half and hit a couple of shots. Dee handled the ball. (Forward) Erik Fromm played well. (Forward) Chaz (Cooper) played well. Definitely, they haven’t been flattered or anything by going against other opponents. They’re just playing their game.”