1. Wow what a game!! That was the greatest game ever! People should come out and support this team! GO IU!!!!

  2. I’ve watched a lot of IU girl’s games and this game was, by far, the most nerve wracking and exciting game I’ve seen the Lady Hoosiers play. It was also fun, and funny, to watch and listen to the battle of the bands. IU won all the way around today, on the court and with the band. I wish I could make the trip to see them play on Thursday but I will certainly listen to them on the radio. Coach Jack is awesome and she is going to help put this team on the map. GO LADY HOOSIERS!!!

    To anyone who wants to say women’s basketball doesn’t matter or that they don’t play hard, come watch our girls and you’ll see a team that may just change your mind.

    It was also nice to see Coach Crean there and to see him congratulate Coach Jack after the game. Now we just need more support from the school and the students.

  3. If I hadn’t been there to personally witness the ending of the game, I wouldn’t have believed it. I too wish I could make the trip to Bowling Green, but will have to settle for game tracker. Being in Southern Indiana, I don’t get the radio feed. Wish they could broacast it online.

  4. A very ugly game with a very exciting ending. Jack did a very poor job coaching the last 16 seconds. I’m not sure why she didn’t tell her players to foul when they had two to give. Still, they pulled out the W thanks to a great pass by Kim, a great tip by Whitney, and some terrible defense by Dayton.

  5. What a major screw up at the end of this game! I watched the video of the post-game presser and even the IU coach could not explain what happened. I counted about 6 official/timing mistakes in the last .6 seconds.

    1. Pass to halfcourt – followed by “inadvertent whistle” – only took .4 seconds and then for the referee to blow the whistle. Were the refs using PTS (precision timing system)?

    2. If the whistle was “inadvertent” – go back to the previous dead ball spot. Why should one team be given an advantage?

    3. Did the IU player catch or tip the ball? Looked like she got both hands on it. Could easily be called a catch and shoot.

    4. Was replay used to verify the shot?

    5. Did anyone see a similar (but not quite) ending to the Cal/USC game a week ago. Although replay showed shot/tip was before buzzer, it was still disallowed. Did these refs pay attention to that?

    6. Someone had a very slow trigger finger on the game clock.

    Dayton got robbed big time. Game should have gone to OT. Guess there is a reason these refs were doing the NIT and not the NCAA. Total incompetents.

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