Add a running back to 2010 fold

Running back Antonio Banks of Middletown, Ohio, verbally committed to play football for Indiana Saturday.
Banks, 5-foot-11 and 210 pounds, is the fourth player in the Hoosiers’ 2010 recruiting class.
He ran for 944 yards on 156 carries with 12 touchdowns in 10 games as a junior. Banks also caught 13 passes for 113 yards and was a first team all-Greater Miami Conference selection.


  1. This kid was at the Cincinnati, invitation only combine last month.

    He was listed at 5′-10, 197lbs. He also ran a 4.78 laser timed forty.

  2. i watched this kid play vs colerain where he had 119 rushing yards on 15 carries.this kid is very impressive. he benches 375 pounds squats 550 and cleans 300. he is a man child. he also has a 3.6 gpa.

  3. Tommy,

    Thanks for the info.


    The new laser timing they are using to run the 40 (what he was timed with in Cincy) is very accurate. It removes the human error element.

  4. yeah the clock time is accurate but the first time he ran it it was a 4.55 but they didnt record it. he ran a 4.49 at indiana saturday. this kid is 210 pounds and has very good speed. i cant wait to see this kid in a hoosier uniform.

  5. Mike, that’s what I thought. Thanks for responding though.

    Anyway, this is another nice commit for us.

  6. Tommy,

    Again, thanks for the follow up.

    Do you know why they didn’t record the 4.55? Was it an oversight or did they disallow it for some reason?

  7. I talked to Antonio earlier tonight. Tommy’s 4.49 time is right on. Apparently, Banks has been working on his technique (arm placement and such) in an effort to lower his time. That’s why you see such a drop from some earlier times.

  8. A 4.49 is a very nice time for a kid that will just be a senior in high school.

  9. Another kid with lots of quality offers, indicating that he’s a Big Ten talent!

    Oh wait.

  10. Tell me Jimmy, out of IU’s 11 players that have “committed” since the start of last season, how many of them had an offer from a BCS school?

    Don’t need two hands on this one. Don’t even need more than 2 fingers.

    The strategy of the coaching staff; getting MAC level talent and expecting them to compete with Ohio State or Penn State, is simply moronic. It’s like asking a D student to win a spelling bee.

    This team is going to crash and burn this year, and I’m going to make thousands, ’cause I know them “bettor” than the oddsmakers.

  11. Hey Bettor,

    If you know so much, how come you’re on here instead of swimming in your money… you probably never played a sport in your life and wouldn’t know wat to do if a playbook was set in front of you with audio

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