Crean’s very interesting tweets

Tom Crean had not Tweeted in nearly two days and had, as a whole, been on a little bit of a dry spell lately. Not even any talk about the Real Housewives of New Jersey finale*.

That is, until just a little while ago. When Crean unleashed a flurry of posts that seem to praise the freshmen, call out the upperclassmen and continued to demand nothing but the best all could offer.

“When we arrived in today to start a recruiting visit, we heard about some of our very young guys being in AH until 1130.”

“I tell our guys to look at Jeremiah Rivers as a example of being a guy that understands the commitment to be successfull.”

“We need to make sure Tom, Verdell , Matt and the other guys follow along.”

“I hope all of them get it because I am getting more and more convinced I cant or dont want to coach people who dont love the game.”

“If you love the game and spend enough time working at it you will HATE LOSING. ABSOLUTELY DESPISE LOSING.”

“The scary part of leadership 4 me is that I dont think we are confident enough in our own games to hold others accountable.”

“I do hope I am wrong though.”

Well, then. Minnesota coach Tubby Smith is Tweeting about golf tournaments. Kentucky coach John Calipari is looking at book sales. And USC coach Pete Carroll went bowling. But on June 19, a full five months before the first basketball game of the 2009-10 season, Crean is focused on basketball, and only basketball.

But what do you think of these Tweets? Is this just passionate leadership that is using a communication tool to send a message to player(s)? Something more?


  1. Actually, TC is driving me nuts with his tweets as they account for more than 50% of the traffic on most days on my account. I like what he is up to, and I may unsubscribe until the season gets closer.

  2. It seems logical to me that he’d say things like this. I mean, what’s he going to do, tweet about how he hopes the guys are sleeping in and eating lots of cheeseburgers? Of course he’s going to say things to motivate them to work hard and be dedicated.

    What do you think Bob Knight would have tweeted, had the technology been there and the inclination there on his part, back in his day? I can imagine some interesting one. ‘!@#$@$# Alford just will not play defense! I’m gonna start @#$@#$ Hillman instead!!!!’

  3. Maybe, just maybe, he’s not happy with one or more of his players’ attitude and work ethic. If true, I wonder who it could be and how far back it goes?

  4. Crean is accomplishing a few things with his tweets. He’s motivating the players to get on the same page as him. He’s firing up the IU fan base. He knows the IU fan base will read the tweets and then help with keeping the players focused. I think it’s a good ploy and will work. I just worry that he may be pushing the guys too hard and burn them out. I hope not.

  5. This year Crean has more options. A good recruiting class, and he actually has upperclassmen! He can afford now to be more critical of players who aren’t working hard. This is a natural progression of a team that is getting better. If a player doesn’t perform, upperclassman or not, he will get replaced.

    The bar has been raised from last year…

  6. I like having this kind of access to the basketball program, its fun and it makes me even more attached to the team, which I didn’t think was possible

  7. I don’t think he’s trying to send a message to his current players. If he has something to say to them he will just say it. The tweet messages are for the benefit of potential recruits and fans.

  8. Forget Pai Mei, now begins the Cruel Tutelage of Tom Crean.

    It was after Lipscomb, having surrendered a 20+ pt. lead at home, I waited for Crean to call some guys to the carpet in his post-game presser.

    After repeating the same feat against Michigan, I was ready to see him flip sh*t. (Remember Devan’s fateful drive before slipping into OT?)

    By the end of the season, I’d lost count of all the times I screamed for Crean to let loose and show Hoosier Nation he felt our pain. Just once, take a tech, drop an F-bomb, break something!

    Looking back, he couldn’t. His team was too young, too fragile to feel the brunt of it. You could see this in the way they finally got to celebrate in their win against Iowa. They needed love.

    Now, with the worst season in school history behind us, it looks like he’s comfortable taking the kid gloves off. I’m guessing his tweets represent his battle against the complacency caused by losing.

    He may not have the least amount of returning mins. in the country (though he could start the fewest returning mins. the most), but that doesn’t mean .500 is acceptable, nor are returning players who haven’t put in their hours in the off-season. This isn’t just D-1, it’s Indy-F’n-Anna, boys. Get after it!

    It’s good to hear that the newbies get it; it’s better to hear Crean calling out those who don’t. Hopefully, he can fix in June what could wreck us (again) come winter.

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