Hoosiers get verbal from Ohio DE

The Indiana football team has received its sixth verbal committment for the class of 2010.

Ryan Phillis, a 6-foot-3, 230-pound defensive end who will play at Boardman High School (south of Youngstown), has informed the Hoosiers coaching staff that he plans to sign a letter of intent in February.

He was offered a scholarship on Tuesday of this week and did not wait long to make his decision.

“It was just the right place,” he said. “I loved it, and I love the Big ten.”

Bobby Johnson was the lead recruiter on Phillis.

Here’s a link to his Rivals.com profile. Haven’t been able to locate his Scout.com profile.

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.


  1. What is the latest on Mo Creek’s SAT scores? They’ve been released and posters on some of the message boards are saying they already know, but aren’t allowed to tell anyone yet. What have you guys heard? Break the news…

  2. status,

    We’re trying, man. I spoke to Mo’s AAU coach, and he hadn’t heard.

    But I wouldn’t read too much into that. Said AAU coach also coached Ty Lawson, and they were together and heading over to an NBA draft watching party. So Keith Steven’s mind was a bit preoccupied.

  3. It’s clear what the strategy is this recruiting class. Offer kids early who “want to play in the Big Ten” and don’t have any better options. They see a Big Ten offer and jump at it.

    This is the absolute worst way to land quality talent. The staff is relying on “diamonds in the rough” to compete against Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan. It’s not going to work, Lynch’s staff is ruining this program’s future.

  4. I really hope we get a commit from Jibreel Black soon, mostly just to read how Bettor will complain about it.

  5. Bettor,

    Are you, or have you ever been, a college coach? Have you been a college scout? I’m just wondering how you are basing your opinions on the athletes being recruited and offered by IU.

  6. Won’t complain about a kid who has offers from Michigan, Wisconsin, Purdue, Illinois, Minnesota, and Michigan State, as well as a half dozen other BCS schools, who commit here.

    Those kids aren’t part of the problem. They’re not going to IU because it’s the best school they got into.

    Duwyce Wilson, Adam Replogle, Ed Wright-Baker, Colin Rodkey, Andre Kates. No concern with those commits. They’re kids with other Big Ten offers.

    If you think he’s coming here, well, get your head out of the clouds. He said “I don’t want to go to a losing team.” That’s what we’ve been for his entire lifetime. We won 3 games last year, finished last in the conference, and got absolutely shelled by our two rivals.

  7. Bettor, please give it a rest. Lynch is going to be our coach in September, whether you like it or not. I don’t know if recruits bother to read websites like this or not, but they might. I’m getting tired of your bad-mouthing our new verbals… these are kids who the staff evaluates in person, and they have a much better understanding of their potential that you do.

    Your only argument is about who else has offered these guys. Well, Ohio State, PSU and Michigan have the luxury of being able to wait to see how recruits’ senior years go. IU needs to be aggressive, and offer early to get good recruits, so yes, we’re offering earlier than others.

    It’s easy to whine, but really, you’re aren’t doing anything but badmouthing our coaching staff and our recruits. Either that, or you are a Purdue guy masquerading as an IU fan, trying to spead discontent. In either case, really, just knock it off. I don’t need to quote you… reading your comments is getting old, and I’m starting to wonder about your motivation. Are you really a Purdue guy?

  8. Bettor, I agree with you. Until we start getting Big-10 talent we won’t play at a Big-10 level. Lynch and co. will never be able to recruit those kinds of players. All these kids have to do is Google Lynch. If I had offers from BG, Cincy, and Ball State I would jump at an offer from IU too.
    I’m sick of the limp wristed optimism most IU fans bring every year..
    We all know Lynch is going to be the coach, but we don’t have to like it.

  9. To everyone talking about recruiting “Big Ten talent,” you speak of it as if there’s a grocery store where they sell good football players by the dozen, and anyone can pick up a few.

    Let’s think this through…if we’re the worst team in the Big Ten, and we go after a “Big Ten” level player, then that means he’d be getting offers from other Big Ten schools as well. Nine times out of 10 he’ll pick one of the other Big Ten schools because they’re better and have a larger following and more storied past. We’ll start getting that kind of talent when we start winning a bit more consistently.

    For now, we HAVE to do our best to get some lesser known players with good upside and strong work ethic. Then there has to be an overhaul in coaching and player effort. Essentially, we need to play above our perceived ceiling as a team. But don’t expect 10 really good players to just decide that they’ll try to help IU get better.

    I understand everyone wants talented, high level players, but how do you propose we go about recruiting them? Do we throw up our 3-9 record last year as proof that we’re improving? Obviously not.

    Rebuilding is a process. That’s why it’s called “building.” You have to start somewhere, and for our team and staff right now, that means turning decent players into overachievers. Deal with it. And if you fire a coach who’s trying to do this, the process resets. So just be prepared for that.

  10. So I guess at IU rebuilding is a 50 year process? You can’t rebuild something that has never existed in the first place. Year after year we have had average staff and average players… Rebuilding? Thanks for the laugh…

  11. Ok Juan Blanco,

    We’ll just call it “building.”

    “Building” something is a process. “Building” something is even harder if, as you say, it never existed to begin with, because that means our staff had nothing to work off of — no reference tool for success at IU.

    Another thing that affects the kinds of recruits we get is school image. What do you think constantly firing and hiring coaches does for our school image? It can’t help.

    No one is going to turn this program around over night. That’s my point. Let someone try for more than a couple years. That’s my other point.

  12. To all the calm and sane people attempting to have a rational discussion about IU football recruits, GOOD LUCK!
    The same can be said about athletic directors, the new facilities and god forbid track and field news, even a basketball recruit that the local geniuses didn’t think was good enough to receive an offer.
    Casey and Matt, I applaud you.
    Juan and Blanco, stupid is as stupid does.

  13. Bettor,

    “I still want to make sure that the school I want to go to is the right school for me and my family, first and foremost,” he said. “I want to make sure that the school has a winning attitude. I don’t want to go to a losing team. So that’s what is holding it up — it is just a tough decision.”

    If you read through all the recent comments from Black, it sounds like he is really torn with his decision right now. He wants to play for a winner, but it sounds like he likes some things about the situation at IU as well. First he’d be playing with his brother. Second IU is going to have some top-notch facilities in place when he gets here.

    It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out. If he commits and stays on all the way through February, it could also sway some other guys to give IU a longer look too. With Black and Kates, IU would be definitely getting a serious upgrade on defense as far as attitude goes.

  14. Cramer,

    I’ll give you +450 on Black committing to IU.

    I “bet” you won’t take it.

  15. Matt,

    You claim that Michigan and Ohio State “wait” on recruits until the senior season is completed.

    Michigan has 15 commits already. 13/22 recruits in 2009 were committed before October.

    Ohio State had all but 2 kids commit before the 2008 season started in their 2009 class; 23/25 kids.

    Penn State had 16/27 kids commit before the 2008 season in their 2009 class.

    13, 23, 16 kids for these teams in 2009. How exactly is this waiting, especially in Ohio State’s case?

    Not “badmouthing”, just pointing out the facts. If you want to point out facts in the positive about our winning tradition, road wins over BCS opponents, and competitive games last year, go ahead.

    This is a staff that is ruining our future. They should have been gone at the end of this year and we should have given Jim Harbaugh a blank check.

    For people asking for a solution on how to get better talent? You get different coaches. Coaches are the reason kids commit to schools.

    It’s why 2-9 and 2-10 Illinois was able to land several 5 star athletes.

    It’s why Stanford was able to land a top 20 class last year, when they haven’t had a winning season in 8 years.

    It’s why 1-11 Minnesota landed a top 25 class in 2008.

  16. Ok, so coaches are the answer to getting players.

    How do we get a great coach whose very presence alone will attract “5 star athletes?”

    If the answer is “fork up the cash, man,” then where do we get the money?

  17. Bettor- You say it. That is the most refreshing thing I’ve heard on this site in 2 years. We have a whole tribe of ming-boggling posters on here who seem to thrive off of the complacency and ineptitude of IU football.

    So firing coaches and looking for new ones “sends a bad message”? WHat kind of an idiot would surmise such an idea? Recruits want a program to dedicate itself to winning. Winning means finding the right coach, not sitting around for a decade or two waiting for the stopped clock to be right twice a day. Resting on laurels with a coach whose best season was a mediocre bowl game at Ball State does not send a heavenly or inspiring message.

    Casey, cut your crap about “where we get the money.” Did you know we are one of the top few most well-endowed public universities in America? It is this feeling of fatalistic hopelessness from our fan base that kills me. It is the mentality of victimhood: “I’ll never get out of the ghetto. NO one will ever hire me because I am __________ (fill in the disability/disdvantage)”

  18. I guess I just think that its stupid to freak out and fire a coach after ONE bad season at a school like IU.

  19. Sounds very familiar. I agree with Juan, Bettor, and Husky! Where were you guys when I was called out a few days back??? Pony up the cash and get a big name coach and THEY WILL COME!!! Wins = Fans in the seats! WIN WIN for everyone and IU gets more money in the end for selling games out! You have people that say, well what big name will come?…money talks here and yes, husky is right, IU has it!

  20. Husky Tom,
    There are 11 universities in the conference.
    3 do not report their endowment totals.
    Of the the remaining 8, IU is last. 26% lower than Illinois, which is next lowest.
    The total for IU is a little over $810 million. Northwestern, private, leads the way with just shy of $5 billion. OSU is the highest public university at a little over $2.3 billion.
    I am not arguing for Lynch, or against him. Like so many other discussions people espouse their dreams without considering the facts. Sorry, we all have to face facts.

  21. Jay, good info and I trust it to be true but is it accurate? Also, I always wonder if wealthy alumni, the few that do support IU football, would/will give if a big name/big time coach is hired??

  22. I agree. Let’s just go tell all the kids going to OSU and Michigan they need to come to IU. Simple enough, right? Done. Might as well get our flights to Pasadena now.

  23. J Pat,
    I think it is pretty reliable, US News and World Report, produces this information every year for kids considering college.
    As for the alumni, sure they will contribute. It’s not Juan, Bettor, Husky Tom and you, who get the current coach fired but it doesn’t help. I can’t remember your time frame at IU but several good coaches have been forced out over the years.
    There have been bad hires as well. I don’t know the term of Lynch’s contract, but I didn’t hear many people complain about Crean’s contract, which is 8? My point is Lynch has not been given the time, but let’s go ahead and fire him anyway because we all know more than the people running the show. Not all coaches or AD’s get dumb just because they moved to Bloomington.

  24. just to clarify, on the recruiting topic…I think IU has to do the best they can and if that is going for 2 and 3 star kids that are flying under the radar, so be it. As Husky said, recruits want a program to dedicate itself to winning. I think if Lynch wins big this year and surprises everyone, he is the man for the job. If it is a crappy season with obviously poor decision making, like last year, by the coaches…hire a big time coach and sign him for 6-8 years at least. This will show recruits that IU has truly dedicated itself to winning. The new endzone with nice weight room is a good start and that is obvious from what recruits have said lately but it will take more than that…

    lastly, I keep hearing from a few that IU should give a coach time. I am all for that, but only if I see progress made on the field and that did not happen last year.

  25. Jay, not disagreeing with you, just question it a little. Endowments alone do not hire coaches and GOD knows that I have not helped to fire a coach. I keep my mouth shut in the stands now or my wife gets mad, and this blog is my only outlet. I think Crean actually has a 10 year contract but not 100% either on that. I will support Lynch through this season… as long as his team plays hard and he and his coaches make good decisions on the field (this did not happen last year)! I just want to win, that is it and not too much to ask!

  26. Lynch should never have been hired. Greenspan hired him based on emotion. After Hep died, they should have waited till after the funeral, put together a search team (minus Greenspan) and invested in the future of the program.

  27. Regarding IU endowments:


    IU is in the TOP 12 NATIONALLY for public schools (7th in the Big 10) as of Feb. 2009. Why is it that we can probably brainstorm at least 40 public schools with better football teams? There is no excuse. The problem has not been lack of funding, nor has it been the pathetic “We’re not a football school” logic. The problem has been lack of vision and creativity (laziness, essentially) on the part of the athletic department. Mike P, as always, is 150% right. Lynch was a totally emotion-fueled hire, a mediocre ‘local boy’ with no experience whatsoever on a stage bigger than Ball State. Is this the guy you want to vault an eternally dormant but potentially exciting program onto the national stage?
    But this issue has been beat to death, and there isn’t any point in carrying on with it. Hope springs eternal from now until October, when IU will have probably played itself out of a bowl game. Who knows, when the season starts, that Will Ferrell-looking dufus of a coach might actually net us 7 wins, and I will eat my words and jump on the wagon.

  28. It’s my understanding that Greenspan was behind the North end zone, the basketball facility, the baseball and softball upgrades.
    It’s also my understanding that nobody, in the public venue, can lay blame on Greenspan for Sampson. So, why would you exclude Greenspan from hiring a football coach?
    Do you know what really transpired? If you do then let it rip!

  29. Two things:

    1. Jay, I too think Greenspan has taken a bum rap and probably took the bullet for Herbert who I think has not manned-up for his responsibility vis-a-vis Sampson.

    2. I double dare the Hoosier Nation to have a football thread that does not devolve into a screed against Lynch.

  30. Because of Greenspan’s emotional attachment to the situation that ended with him hiring Lynch without him doing a search or interviewing any other potential coaches.

    I guess hindsight is saying not to involve him.

  31. Kudos to Jpat, GFdave, and MikeP.

    I would say to answer gf #2, because the problem is so obvious, the conversation goes there.

    When do we know we are in trouble…when the iceberg hits the boat, when the water starts to come in, or when the boat lands on the ocean floor? How long do we wait to yell for help?

    Boys, just gimme some reason to be optimistic.

    I support them. I buy my tickets. I go to all the games. My wife holds me down too. (She shakes her head too though most of the game) I’m hoarse every sun and mon.

    But all I keep thinking is a 72-10 beating after a long string of others isn’t enough to make a change. Come on.

  32. Since I have seen no coverage from the HT guys, I guess I will put some stuff up real quick. The IFAF (International Federation of American Football) Junior World Championships are going on in Canton Ohio right now.

    Playing for Team USA iare Indiana recruits Aaron Price (OL) and Nick Zachery (S). As an OL it is hard to get a stat line, but I know Price had a few massive pancake blocks as team USA racked up 610 yards (405 rushing) over team France.

    Nick Zachery had 1 punt return for 49 yards and recorded 2 tackles from his Safety position as Team USA held France to a microscopic total of 7 yards (yes 7, 38 passing & -31 rushing) on 47 total plays. That is .15 yards per play.

    Team USA beat France 78-0 in front of more than 10,000 people.

    Round 2 is played Wednesday with Team USA taking on Mexico at 7:00pm EST. There is live online streaming, just look on USA Football dot com.

  33. Husky,
    What has Bettor brought new in 2 years that hasn’t been spewed by you guys in the past?

    It’s the same ol’ fire Lynch, BIG NAME COACH come on down!! Here’s 2 million dollars a year for 10 years, but don’t screw it up or we will go searching for ANOTHER coach in 2 years if you don’t bring us national prominence in 16 months….but we obviously already know that Lynch will fail because of Ball State record, fluke bowl season, last year, BLAH BLAH BLAH.

    Hey Mike P.,
    You wanna tell Jane Hoeppner that the guy she endorsed to coach the football team after Terry died (Terry endorsed him as well when he fell ill) is going to have to find another job or wait in line because we feel he isn’t the “best fit” for IU? I’m glad you aren’t the AD.

    Point is, Lynch signed a contract (unfortunately as I have told the anti-Bill Lynch crowd on this board unless they have a time machine it’s useless to argue about it) that was extended to him by Indiana University after a 7-6 bowl season. He floundered last season due to injuries and yes, some questionable coaching decisions. He officially has 4 years to try and get something going, if he doesn’t, he gets shown the door….

    And let me ask this question real quick? If hiring a big name coach is so easy and this will turn our football team around and the endowment has ALL this money, why hasn’t IU done it in say, oh, 15 YEARS????

    We have a football coach, Bill Lynch….you might as well get cozy with it.

  34. Anti-Husky Tom,

    You and fans like yourself are the problem. You are so out of touch with reality when it comes to college football I don’t even know why you bother to follow it.

    That has been a problem with the IU Board of Trustees as well.

    As far as the “injuries” go, get off of it. The performance of last years team in the 1st half of the majority of games compared to the 2nd half performance shows a different story. You can’t play with a team for a 1/2, suffer no injuries, then get trounced in the 2nd half and blame it on an injury that happened 3 weeks prior!

    If I was the AD of the program, you can bet your ass I would have told Jane, Lynch, Mallory and anyone else who was pushing Lynch on us because of the emotional tie to Coach Hep that there would be a proper coaching search done, and Lynch would have every opportunity to interview and be a candidate for the job.

    There is a hierarchy to everything. If my boss was to die tonight, our 2nd in command would not automatically become the boss, he would assume the duties while a proper job search went on.

    Kind of like with Doug leaving the HT. Korman is the natural choice for most of us readers to replace Doug, however the process to get him there requires taking on applications and conducting interviews. You know, they way the real world works?!?

    As for why a big name coach hasn’t been brought in, you have to remember that until Sampson was hired, the thought of paying a basketball coach more than $250,000 a year to run one of the most storied programs in the country was unheard of.

    Do you think that the trustee’s who appear to care little to none about the football program are going to come off the money that other schools in the Big Ten, SEC, Big 12 or PAC 10 do?

    11 teams in the Big Ten, Bill Lynch ranks 11th in salary. Lynch and Pat Fitzgerald are the only two Big Ten coaches to make less the 1 million a year!!!

    Lynch’s salary is tied for 81st on the list of the top 100 coaches pay in the country. What coach with any success at the Division 1 level is going to come to IU (or any school really) to be that low paid?

    As far as getting cozy with it, I know we have Lynch for at least this season, and I still support the team with my donations, tickets, and being there to root them on every week.

    I’m just not complacent nor will I ever be complacent or accepting that the best IU football can be is the bottom of the Big Ten.

    My football background is one of winning records and championships. Losing is unacceptable!

  35. Mike P.

    While I do not agree with everything you said, that’s fine. I can live with that.

    Your last sentence is self-serving and a little bit boorish. Does that mean you know more than anyone else? That must be a high horse your’re riding to look down on other people’s opinions.

  36. Jay,

    It isn’t a high horse.

    As long as I have been around football I have been part of teams that have been at the top, having winning records and winning championships in one form or another.

    That background is why I do not and will not accept mediocraty when I know it is possible for the program to be more.

    It isn’t about saying “listen to me, I’m a winner” it is “I’m used to winning, I won’t accept losing as normal”, and I don’t accept it.

  37. Jay,

    Also, as far as Lynch is concerned, he has 3 years (including this season) left on a 4 year contract.

    I don’t think he has to make a bowl game this year to be safe, but I do believe the team must show some improvement and remain competitive for all 60 minutes. If they do that, I would be happy to allow him to coach out his contract.

    However, a 3-9 season this year with 2nd half blow outs like last year will probably seal his fate as ex-IU football coach Bill Lynch.

  38. Mike,
    1. You generally have facts and are well informed. This I have always respected.
    2. You appear to be loyal, which I also respect.
    3. When you ask people why they even bother to follow college football. I am not sure where that fits.
    4. I can’t argue with your statement about winning championships. Does that really matter? At the end of the day we aren’t involved in the decision making process.
    5. Do you know any trustees, ex-coaches, ex-players? If you do, try to learn their position and how to proceed. I do and did. That’s why my position, is shut up for now.

  39. Jay,

    1. Thank you, I try to back up what I say with something to support it.

    2. I am loyal to the program and the kids who play here, even if I disagree with the decisions of the coaching staff and of those who choose the coaching staff.

    3. There are a few people that spit the same broken record BS that has been debunked time and time again. They don’t seem to see anything outside of the situation at IU and see how to or not to change it. They have it in their heads that IU football has been and always will be a door mat program in the Big Ten. I refuse to except that, it doesn’t have to be that way, but the fan and administration culture needs to change, and I am not seeing that change yet. Those people make me wonder why they bother?

    4. No it probably doesn’t matter in the long run, just a statement as to why I feel the way I do. Like I said, I like to have reasons to back up my thoughts.

    5. I do know one of the trustees, I also know ex-players as well as many current players. Yes, the shut-up for now position is best for some, it is not in my nature to do that.

    However, this is beating a dead horse, and time is now the only factor of what will happen.

    We are only a month away from camp, I will support this team, and I will support Coach Lynch and his staff, though I will question decisions that I don’t agree with, especially if the team struggles as bad again.

  40. Mike P-

    I would hire you as a coach in a heartbeat, and I agree with everything you say and then some. Keep doing what you do best: speaking the truth in an informed, knowledgeable, clear and convincing fashion.

    Meanwhile, Aruss (AntiHusky) and the freaks of the world can go on believing that Jane Hoeppner is the most qualified person to choose a football coach! Unbelievable, the things you hear these days!!!

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