IU vs. UK could go back to neutral sites

Kentucky coach John Calipari met with the assembled Kentucky media today to talk about his first 90 days on the job. It’s been a hectic 90 days, many of them controversial.

But he also mentioned something of interest to Indiana, Louisville Courier-Journal UK reporter Brett Dawson said.

Also reiterated that he’s talked to Indiana coach Tom Crean about moving the Kentucky-Indiana series back to a rotation of Indianapolis-Louisville.

What do all of you think? Do you like things as they are, or would you prefer to see games played in Lucas Oil Stadium?


  1. It certainly removes a marquee game from the season ticket package, but at the same time, I think playing at a neutral site makes the environment of the game almost like Tournament basketball. It looks like a bigger deal to outsiders, and might help boost the images of these two rising programs.

  2. Neutral site for the following reasons:

    – Larger crowd
    – Fairly equal split between fans each year (seeing the visible line between red and blue is awesome)
    – Larger national appeal
    – Experience playing in a dome or large arena setting…especially important come tournament time
    – Location (the year it is in Indy will be a great recruiting opportunity to get some local kids at the game and see another big time atmosphere)

  3. I prefer it at campus sites. Those buildings embody the spirit of college basketball. To see a prominent traditional rival playing on either home court is a great thing. The dome lacks the atmosphere of either home court or Freedom Hall, which was at least designed for basketball.

    As for whether it looks like a bigger deal or not, when both programs are returned to prominence in the national rankings, it will be a big deal regardless of where it’s played.

  4. Thank goodness! I’ve been waiting for the Indianapolis/Louisville rotation again ever since it went to the home/home series. I made the IU/UK game an annual trip with my family. This was the only game of the year we were able to go to as we do not have season tickets. The memories from some of the games in the past are something I will always cherish. Please go back to the neutral site rotation so I can continue this tradition again!

  5. Why Lucas Oil Stadium? Why not Conseco Fieldhouse? Made for BASKETBALL! Still seats a bunch of people, and it would be much better than a football stadium for basketball!

  6. Why Lucas Oil Stadium? Because it will seat a lot more people than Conseco(I’m not sure of the seating arrangements for a regular season game vs an NCAA Tournament game at Lucas Oil though)


    Don’t forget that Lucas Oil was built for hoops too.

  7. Home and home is best for traditional rivalries I think but nuetral sites are better for recruiting and National Exposure.

  8. There are pros and cons to both locations.

    As long as we win, I don’t care where the hell we play ’em.

  9. the dome SUCKED for basketball and so does Lucas Oil. but of course it will be moved back, because at the end of the day it’s all about the benjamins baby.

  10. I went to the Gonzaga game at Lucas Oil, and if you don’t have good seats in the lower bowl close to the court it is pretty much not worth going. Also, if you have a big football stadium and don’t fill it all the way up, then it looks awful on TV. See the Michigan St-UNC regular season game last season at Ford Field and the Elite 8 game in Glendale last year. If you go neutral keep it in basketball arenas

  11. Next to Army-Navy & OU-UT football, this was the best neutral-court rivalry game in the country before UK balked at bumping the game a day back & forced it to Rupp 3 yrs. ago (their inflexibility was wholly driven by a larger ticket take, for those keeping score at home).

    Speaking of tickets, UK made available 100 (of 23,500) to IU the past 2 trips to LexVegas.

    UK’s greedy cash grab illustrates why the neutral court works best for this game- even ticket distribution between 2 of the strongest fan-bases in the nation. There’s is nothing like an evenly split red-blue gym every year (even though there’s always more red sprinkled throughout the blue section than vise versa).

    Let’s also talk about the fact that Rupp is attached to and primarily accessed from the 3rd floor of a downtown shopping mall. Who does that? Seriously, a gym-mall combo is just existentially wrong and completely unbefitting of a school with such deep basketball traditions.

    Let me also mention that 2 years ago some brilliant Lexingtonian saw fit to hold a cheerleading contest there on the day of the IU game, thereby placing some 4,000 screaming, teenage cheerleaders throughout the mall and standing directly between 23,500 basketball fans and their over-priced seats. One fine piece of bourbon-soaked, Kentucky logic there. “Real nice, Clark.” (sound familiar? http://scoop.hoosiershq.com/?p=2760 )

    Lest we also forget that the Hoosiers always get waxed when playing 5 v 8 in Rupp. F’n Kentucky zebras!

    For those griping about the sight lines, how many games have you spent in the balcony of Assembly Hall or the upper level of Rupp? You’re not buying those tickets for the killer view, you’re just happy to be a part of it (and thankful for gigantic video boards).

    Let’s show Calipari what a real basketball gym looks like this Dec., and then let’s get back to the Indy/Louisville series ASAP. The fans of both schools deserve the opportunity to be a part of such a great series, no matter in what state the game is being played.

  12. These college teams represent the school and the students that go there. Bring the games to the students! Keep the games at AH where we can pack the house and fill the place up with noise. You’ll never be able to get the atmosphere at LOS that you can get in AH. Unfortunately, like Ryan said, it’s all about the money.

  13. Porto1, where do you get that Lucas Oil was built for hoops? It was built for the Colts. It only hosts basketball events because of the greed of the NCAA and its member schools. In no way was it or any other football dome designed for basketball.

  14. I also have to disagree with neutral site games being better for recruiting. That’s the case if it’s played at a site where a team doesn’t get that much exposure. But it’s not like IU or UK are exactly unknown in Indy or Loo-a-vuhl. I think a home site full of rabid fans and the outline of the state of Indiana on the court for all the country to see is what’s good for IU’s recruiting; same for UK with the ‘UK’ in the middle of the court.

  15. eric, LOS was designed to be a basketball “friendly” facility. Hosting Final Fours was a big factor in building the stadium.

  16. ‘basketball friendly stadium’ is just code used by the money hungry ncaa and universities. a stadium used primarily for football will NEVER be basketball friendly for all.

  17. Please move this back to the neutral site. It is a much better atmosphere within the stadium. And keep in mind next year it wont be RCA dome/Freedom Hall. It will be Lucas Oil Stadium/Downtown arena. Up-grades in both cities.

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