NCAA denies Sampson appeal

The NCAA still thinks former Indiana coach Kelvin Sampson is guilty of committing major recruiting violations and that its original punishments were warranted. It has denied his appeal, effectively restricting him from college coaching until at least 2013.

More on this as it comes.

NCAA Appeals report


  1. I hope Kelvin stays out of the college game for the remainder of his career.

    IMHO, he has nothing to offer! Nothing kids can’t learn roaming the streets.

    Kelvin = THUG

  2. I really could care less about Sampscum anymore. I’m looking to the future with Tom Crean as our coach.

  3. Sampson was wrong with the whole cell phone deal but his punishment is way to harsh compared to Florida State and probably what will happen to Memphis, and Coach Cal at Kentucky will probably go unpunished and he has been in trouble with the NCAA in the past. The NCAA has set the Indiana Basketball program back 5 to 10 years over cell phone calls. IU and it’s fan base were the one’s punished not Sampson. I’ll reserve my judgement on Sampson untill I see the punishment (or lack there of) of these other national programs.

  4. IU was/is being punished for a suspect hire led by leadership that’s mostly surfed on.

    Having Coach Crean in the family has provided some healing to date; winning ball games, being competitive game in/out again, and running a respectable program will complete the healing process.

    Until then, I don’t feel a bit shy about expressing how leadership failures brought this program to its knees; not KS or the NCAA.

  5. Mike and j a c k
    I think you are both largely correct in your posts and I really do not see that they are not compatible.
    Sampson was hired by folks that were either idiots or capable of being misled by idiots into hiring a guy under the cloud of NCAA indictment/sanctions. That’s just dumb.
    Then in his wake – for phone calls mind you, not $$$ like Reggie Bush and OJ Mayo got at USC, not for having someone sit for your SATs like Derrick Rose at Memphis under Calipari, the entire Florida State rogue atheltic department – its the alums and fan base that end up suffering. Not Sampson, and really not those who hired Sampson.
    So, it will be interesting to see how these other programs are dealt with by the NCAA…

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