Real Basketball Wives of Bloomington?

Apparently, Tom Crean may soon be the subject of a reality show.

Our friend JMV interviewed Indiana’s basketball coach and found out that the Crean family is apparently mulling an offer to appear in a television show.

Crean, who is a die-hard fan of the Real Housewives series, would not go into specifics. He did say the show would include another school. And then seemed to downplay the possibility of it actually happening.

The conversation then turned to Jon Gosselin, the father in the Jon & Kate Plus Eight show (and a product of the same community that produced this particular blogger) and Crean wonders whether it’s a good thing that Mr. Gosselin, who has been rumored to have engaged in an affair but denies it, wears an IU shirt.

The subject of basketball eventually does come up. Crean emphasizes the need to get recruits on campus so that they can see the facilities and feel the atmosphere (and the love from fans.)

Other notes of interest: Crean shares his thoughts on Jeremiah Rivers, his summer camps, Tom Abernethy, Verdell Jones’ off-season workouts, the rivalry with Jon Calipari and Kentucky.