Zeller, Plumlee have Florida offers

Cody Zeller and Marshall Plumlee, two of the top targets for Indiana in 2011, both can now claim offers from Florida.

Inside The Hall had the report on their Twitter feed. That Alex puts the pajamas-wearing, basement-living blogger stereotype to shame — he’s been out reporting all week.

Florida head coach Billy Donovan and assistant Richard Pitino both watched Zeller and Plumlee’s AAU team, Indiana Elite One, in Cincinnati. Pitino was at Friday’s morning game.

I haven’t caught up with Plumlee yet, but I talked to Zeller on Monday and he reported four offers at the time.


  1. How I would dearly love for IU to 1)finally not get beat out for a Zeller; and 2)beat out that greaser Billy Donovan. I’m tired of Zellers forsaking the Hoosiers, and haven’t like Donovan since he had Teddy Dupuy take out Mateen Cleaves in the ’00 title game (only to see Cleaves come back and lead the Spartans to the win).

  2. I’m not convinced that these Zellers and Plumlees are worth the trouble. They act like they are elite prospects, as they turn up their nose at the Hoosiers every chance they get. In the end they turn out to be just a bunch of mormonish skinny white kids who average 4 points a game and flail around a lot. Do we really need to waste scholarships on glorified Kyle Tabers and Ben Allens?

  3. Hey, I like skinny guys, just not the white religious ones from ones from clone families. Give me as many Verdell Jones, Tayshaun Princes and Reggie Millers as you can – at least they live up to their reputations.

  4. I think HuskyTom’s comments are way over the line and should be deleted from this blog.

  5. Tom Crean is the coach and the person to recruit players. Just because a player is a Christian,has siblings who play basketball,
    is skinny or fat has know bearing. Not all brothers have equal
    skills and to not recruit them based on what their other family
    members have done is wrong. I am glad coaches recruit and
    and fans add comments and not the reverse.

  6. “Way over the line,” Dave? Are you kidding? I express an honest opinion, with no vulgarity and a few tame barbs, and suddenly you want me censored? What is it with all you “free speech” and “freedom” mongers, anyway? You know how to dish out but not how to receive. People bash players and recruits for all different reasons on this blog. In particular, people have no problem jumping all over Jordan Crawford, Kellen Lewis, and the like for being ‘gangsters’, ‘thugs’, and druggies. Character assassination doesn’t seem to be an issue in this respect, because none of these comments is ever censored.
    Same goes for Bill Lynch. Many people, including myself, regularly dig into the guy for his terrible coaching, and the fact that he looks like an older Will Ferrell. It’s the internet, and as long as no one is slandering, it is fair game. Thicken your skin.

  7. Husky,

    You were needlessly insulting regarding issues that have nothing to do with basketball. Its not a free speech issue, you are free to say this sort of stupid stuff outside in the open air all you want. Please do and reveal your identity to those who you would disparage. But saying this sort of stuff as an anonymous poster is among, other things, cowardly.

    I don’t know what you mean by calling me a freedom monger and dishing it out and not knowing how to receive. I don’t dish dirt like you. I keep it to the topic and don’t defame families.

    My skin is plenty thick. I wasn’t insulted, the Zellers and Plumlees were. I don’t know them or share much in common with them, I suspect.

    I won’t be posting anymore on this discussion as it won’t change your mind and apparently won’t cause the HT to remove your ridiculous and nonsensical ravings.

    Try posting something positive or insightful next time, I haven’t noticed that you do that.

  8. Husky Tom makes some pretty outlandish statements. These statements probably will never be deleted.
    What people that read these blogs need to understand is that people like Husky Tom have every right to provide their opinion. I am sure that the H-T will delete those posts that need to be removed.
    Is Husky Tom a bore? Yes, can anything be done to stop him? Yes, do not respond. If we don’t feed his ego it will shrivel up and die, because no matter what he says it’s ego that drive drives his remarks.

  9. Why are you suddenly in charge of defending the Zellers and the Plumlees? I believe we should stay away from these kids; they have shunned IU many times already, and seem to prefer being bench warmers elsewhere. No point in chasing them down; it is an utter waste of time. This is a basketball issue first and foremost. Needless insulting? I think not. Do I use a few extra adjectives to express my opinion? Sure. But you don’t have to read my post, or respond, for that matter. Unless you are the Zeller family lawyer, than why not try ignoring me, like the wise and mighty Jay has suggested?

  10. Jay, GFDave,

    I agree. Some of these comments are out of line. These are just kids that can play ball wherever they want. If they don’t want to play at IU am I disappointed? Sure. But this nonsense is too much. I’m as die-hard hoosier as anybody on here, but I was ashamed a few years back when Sean May was booed in the Hall.

    No way Scott May or his son should hear boos in the Hall. Sometimes perspective is lost.

    Oh, one more thing, thanks Kyle T for sticking with it last year and doing all you could for your team. I’ll take more kids with his attitude thank you VERY much!

  11. man up kids, let people speak their opinion. i happen to agree that the zellers have turned their nose to IU too many times. they havent turned out to be good college players and we havent seen or heard enough abut the last zeller to be too excited. if crean recruits him and thinks he can help IU win a championship, then fine with me.

  12. Some people just need to loosen up a little… I don’t agree or disagree with Husky, but it’s really annoying that as soon as someone posts something even half way controversial, the religious Reich shows up on this blog and gets all bent out of shape. Give it a rest.

  13. I really just want to know if anybody has any insight on IU’s chances with either of these guys. I think they have to at least be pretty good major conf. players or they wouldn’t be recruited by the schools who reportedly are doing so.

  14. We are in good position with both of these guys at this point in the recruiting process. The reviews have been getting better and better for both players at the AAU Events. In regards to us being spurned by their siblings, I ask this question. Would you have wanted play with some of the players we had on the team a couple of years ago. Tyler wanted to come to IU, but he did not mesh well with the personalities on that team. In addition, he felt something was dishonest with Sampson, which he alluded to in many comments he made. I will go all in that Cody ends up at IU…

  15. Who cares what Zeller’s brothers did?

    They’re not triplets; they’re brothers. They’re not the same. Are you all saying that if Teague decided to come here, you’d be against it because his older brother went to Wake? Who cares? Likewise, just because the older brothers aren’t superstars, that isn’t to say that the youngest will follow in their footsteps. Often, the youngest sibling in a family like that learns from the older siblings’ successes and mistakes, and emerges the most talented and prepared. Maybe that’s the case here. Maybe it’s also the case that there aren’t a slew of great big men in college basketball right now and we’re simply going after the best we can get.

    Another thing to clear up in regards to ronbaysinger’s comment: Christianity and Mormonism are not the same thing. Might wanna do a little research in that area. I think that notion would bother members of either religion.

    This HuskyTom character is obviously saying things to stir the pot. If it deeply and profoundly upsets you, you probably shouldn’t read what he types. Otherwise, just choose to argue or ignore — but let’s not turn this into a huge dialogue about the first amendment.

    As I recall this discussion was originally about basketball.

  16. Casey, I was speaking in general terms that a players Faith should
    not be a reason to stop recruitment I did not mean to step on anyones toes and if I offended you I am sorry. I don’t need to
    study. I very much know the differences between those 2 Faiths.
    I guess if there are Mormons who read the Scoop they can take it up with Husky Tom. At least you gave Christians and Mormons the respect of typing with capital letters. Again, I am sorry if I hurt anyones feelings, and Casey, I was talking about IU basketball
    when I said the coach does the recruitment not the fans.

  17. ronb,

    I completely agree that a player’s faith should have no bearing on his recruitment. I just wanted to clarify your point, but I doubt anyone was offended. That was more me just being a stickler than anything.

    And after re-reading your comment it seems like we also agree that judging or holding a bias against a current recruit based on something his siblings did or did not do is illogical. That sounds more like something a 15 year old girl would do (“your sister was mean to my friend, so I can’t be friends with you”).

    My other point was that Husky Tom makes comments to get people riled up. It’s obvious. And the best way to respond is to realize that what he says is most likely going to be hyperbole and unfounded. In those situations, perhaps we shouldn’t dignify those kinds of posts with a response.

    Personally, I trust Crean’s judgement in talent. We have to realize that Crean isn’t just looking for talent, but also, for the type of player that combines that talent with the mentality Crean feels he can work with in shaping his kind of team. That’s a huge part of putting together a cohesive, effective TEAM. If either of these players comes to IU, I’m sure he’ll work to find the most effective way to use them, and probabaly already has some ideas as to how to go about doing that.

  18. Casey, Thanks for your comments. I think you are right we should
    not let Husky Tom get to us. We agree that we trust coach Crean’s judgement on recruiting. He has a difficult job to do and he is looking for the players that will be most effective in his system
    of play.

  19. Casey, Thanks for your comments. I think you are right we should
    not let Husky Tom get to us. We agree that we trust coach Crean’s judgement on recruiting. He has a difficult job to do and he is looking for the players that will be most effective in his system
    of play.

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