Creek officially cleared by the NCAA

Tom Crean tweeted the following five minutes ago:


He also tweeted this:

We never doubted he would do it but its nice to have that closure.

We’ll look have to more later.


  1. Let’s just hope the kid lives up to the hype! I still have the “Help is on the way” slogan ingrained in my mind…..with Bracey Wright (who was laughable and had the heart of turnip)!!!!

  2. I’m pretty sure that “help is on the way” was a reference to Marco Killingsworth. However, I also continue to have that replayed in my head as well. Hopefully everything is as good as it is supposed to be.

  3. Jeremyk: true about Marco. But, I do believe he (Davis) referenced that to Bracey Wright, as well. Actually, I believe it was that whole class he referred too.

    But, if you recall Bracey was Davis’s “prized” recruit, 4 or 5 stars and highly touted. Unfortunately, he didn’t have any heart and played when he wanted to play. Very sad, because he had a lot of talent.

    I remember that Vanderbilt debacle in his final game for IU in Assembly Hall in the NIT. My daughter was only 5 years old at the time and I think she would have played with more heart and passion than Bracey did in that game. LOL

  4. Bracey was one of my least favorite as well but blame his style of play on Davis only…and his lack of improvement!

  5. Maurice will be a 20 pt., 4 reb, 2 steal, 1 block performer. If he get hot lets say 40 pt. Mark my word. Go to his practices @ IU and you will see. If he gets stronger before November games start this line will go up.
    He is a Monster defender.

    He has been that way since playing for Oxon Hill boys and girls club. I watched him in high school too. Outstanding guard. Should be ranked top 10.

  6. I believe Davis made that comment after IU lost at Southern Illinois that year. Of course, SIU went to the Sweet 16 that year and beat Texas Tech in the first round. And I seem to remember that the same post-game comments included something about ‘We won’t be playing for a national championship this year’ when in fact they did get to the title game. The ‘help’ was the Wright/Strickland/Wilmont/Josh Smith class.

    But enough history. The future of IU hoops is bright, and Maurice Creek getting cleared is a big part of that. Great news.

  7. I want to believe that the
    restoration is moving forward; I want to believe in Coach Crean,
    but I have to be honest, its hard to get behind a
    coach who “Tweets”.

    John Wooden would slap you if you asked what his last twitter was.

  8. Attacking a coach because he tweets. I’m sure you’d rather have a coach who breaks the rules or is unfaithful to his wife. We are blessed to have Coach Crean here at IU. I am a believer in the mentality he brings to the program and think he is using Twitter to use all the resources available to lift IU back to the level that the fans expect.

  9. Nate, I agree that Twitter is really pretty stupid, but that’s something kids today respond to. If Crean doesn’t tweet (geez I feel stupid even using that term), and other coaches do, he’s put himself at a disadvantage.

    Is it the deciding factor for recruits? Probably not; I hope not; but it can work against you to some degree. So even though I think tweeting, facebook, Myspace and social networking sites in general are a sympton of abnormal extrovertedness in society, I accept that it’s necessary these days.

  10. Excellent news about Creek. I was really worried about it back in July and I’m glad to know that I was wrong.

    Nate. I have to be honest. Your attitude leaves a lot to be desired and Bob Knight would probably slap you for being a whiner.

  11. Nate, Wooden’s last Twitter: “no worries to my recruits, sammy gilbert will be done laundering drug money in time to make UCLA’s payroll.”

    Of course the NCAA was into selective enforcement at the time, so we deify the man.

  12. Actually, if you watch the tapes of the three games that DJ and Marco got to play together, help was on the way. Then we lost DJ…and you know the rest….

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