Etherington joins 2011 class

[6:55 p.m. UPDATE]

Spoke a little while ago with Etherington.

The big thing he said was that the idea that a scholarship may not always be there (a topic of conversation when he was first offered two months ago) did not play a role in the process.

“I know my family wanted me to stay close, so they could watch me play,” Etherington said during a phone conversation. “I know coach Crean is someone that has proven himself. Playing for him, I won’t have any doubts.

“I just knew I wanted to go to IU. I didn’t want to hold it in.”

Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean received his second commitment in the class of 2011 today from Hamilton Heights junior Austin Etherington, a 6-foot-6 wing who spent the summer playing for Indiana Elite Team Indiana 16-under.

Etherington is a late bloomer in the class, having missed all of his freshman season and all but 13 games of his sophomore season after microfracture surgery.

But what he showed during the end of his sophomore season, Indiana’s elite camp and with Team Indiana is that he is a very good outside shooter with pretty good athleticism. named him the No. 57 player in the class of 2011 prior to the month of July, and No. 12 among small forwards.

Etherington joins Bloomington South guard Matt Carlino in the class.

Combined with 2010 verbal commitment David Williams (Jacksonville, Fla.), Indiana coach Tom Crean has now exhausted the three scholarships he has coming available during the next two seasons (Tijan Jobe, Devan Dumes and Jeremiah Rivers). one scholarship left to give during the next two classes. Duly noted from the commenters, and corrected.


  1. Well there is always the possibility for transfers, plus if it came down to a decision of Irving or Teague vs. Tijan, I think we all know what would happen

  2. Tijan Jobe is a senior, he’s gone after this year.

    So unless a player leaves the program early for some reason, IU is done through 2011.

  3. When Nick Williams left he opened up a scholarship that Crean saved. We still have a scholarship to give.

  4. Logan,

    Williams’ and Stories’ departures opened up scholarships that are being used by this year’s incoming class.

    We don’t have any scholarships left to give as it stands right now.

  5. Bawa was our only oversign. When Story left, Bawa had a scholarship. When Williams left, Crean left that scholarship open for the future.

  6. So, those top 75/100 lists that we were poring over a couple weeks ago in which several players listed IU as a possibility were pretty much useless?? All these players we’ve been discussing (Irving, Zeller, Ferguson, Teague, many others) can’t come anyway because we don’t have room barring transfers? Why is it such a big topic of conversation if we can’t get any of those guys anyway?

  7. Never mind, the error was pointed out and corrected while I was typing. Would we not be better off getting an inside player than another point guard?

  8. Let Crean worry about the scholarship situation. He knows what he’s doing. Besides my hunch is either Bawa or Creek won’t be at IU in the fall. If they aren’t there yet, I have doubts they will be there. I may be wrong, but gut feeling says we will have another scholly available.

  9. Our scholarship situation is far more fluid than most are comfortable acknowledging. There will be room for Irving, Teague & Zeller if they accept, I promise you. If the talent ceiling is high enough, there will be room to increase the potency of our roster.

  10. I’d rather have Kyrie Irving than Jeremiah Davis. Looks like Teague is outta the picture now. Unless he takes the last available scholarship.

  11. No need to worry about scholly numbers with crean. We’ve seen in the short time he’s been here that he’s prone to run players off.

  12. That isn’t true aruss. The players that left were Samscum recruits. Crean didn’t make them leave.

    As for the Story and Williams transfers, that was due to Creek and Watford coming in. Crean never made any of them leave.

  13. for all we know arsuss wants lynch to be the ball coach and have crean run out of town for bringing in the top talent in the country.

  14. top talent in the country? look who Cal immediately brought into UK then tell me again crean is bringing in the top talent in the country. put the kool aid down.

  15. @Aruss – um, we tried the Coach Calipari approach, it was called Kelvin Sampson and I think we’ve all learned our lesson as a result. If you are going to point to Calipari as the model of success, I’d rather not have my Final Fours vacated (UMass – Calipari and MArcus Camby), either have or be complicit in having someone take the SAT for your top incoming recruit (Derrick Rose, Memphis) and be associated with a guy who we all know as World Wide Wes. Oh, and let’s not forget that UK has such a stellar reputation for integrity in its Men’s Basketball program…
    Crean has already put together a solid recruiting class coming in next year. With Carlino and Etherington, those are two really good guards for 2011. If Crean lands Kyrie Irving, he will have really pulled something off. Even if he doesn’t, he’s bringing real talent in for a team that lost everyone after Sampson.

  16. Cutter in Chi,

    You mean take the SAT like Mr. Creek took it? Er, I mean, he was supposed to know about his score more than a month ago and is still not on campus. Please try and spin this in a positive manner if you can. Yes, if he didn’t make the grade we have an extra scholly, but we are, apparently, going after similar players.

  17. No need to spin in terms of Creek since its not really a perfect analogy Guy. Derrick Rose is a heckuva ball player but he did not take his SATs (and Chicago’s Simeon HS has a reputation in this regard, they also allegedly changed his grades to keep him eligible). Calipari knew or should have known that Rose’s SAT score was suspect and then there is the issue of Reggie Rose getting improper payments allegedly for having Derrick attend Memphis.
    Nowhere have I heard that we are going after players who have others take their SATs for them or where we pay members of their family (like Rose’s brother Reggie) so comparing Creek to Rose is not the same thing. If Creek is eligible, great, welcome him with open arms. If he is not, well, that is too bad but we’ll survive. I don’t think the fact Crean recruited Creek is anything akin to Calipari and World Wide Wes and their antics.
    I think that until the NBA gets rid of its silly age requirement and the NCAA decides to reform things, we’re going to have situations involving SAT scores and GPAs.

  18. There’s still room for Teague in 2011, but signs are pointing to the fact that he’s not coming to IU. Crean has been going hard after Davis this summer. There are rumors that he may be signing soon with IU.

  19. Can someone please clue me in as to the source of these rumors about Davis?

    Can someone also clue me in as to who he is?

  20. Can someone clue me in not only on Jeremiah Davis, but also about the likelihood of Creek and/or Muniru being on campus this fall and/or eligible to play?

  21. Eric,

    Terry Hutchens mentioned the situation with Creek and Muniru on his blog on today. He said there’s no new news to report, but that he’s been given every indication by his sources that those two will eventually be on campus with the team. It’s just a matter of when. You can bet IU is working with them to do everything possible in order to help them gain eligibility.

  22. Casey, you cannot put any stock in to what Hutch says. I have not read him or posted on his blog in well over a year. I am not being mean here and just my opinion but I have found he does not know much about anything IU sports and is not that well connected. He is wrong more than right and tends to sugarcoat a lot. He also points out when he is right all the time and brags about awards and accomplishments. I have been let down by him big time and GOD forbid you disagree with him on his blog, he is a jerk about it.

    My question more than these guys is who can we compare Etherington too? Also, I expect Creek and Muniru to be on campus but history shows that when there is NO word and it is quiet, not good news at all. Creek took the test a long time ago and results have been infor a while so I wonder if he had to take it again or what.

  23. J Pat,

    I only referenced Hutch’s blog because it’s the most recent mention of the Creek/Muniru situation.

    But I agree with you completely. He seems unrightfully full of himself and doesn’t provide nearly the level of coverage that his competitors do.

    The H-T is far superior in that regard.

  24. J Pat,

    My assessment of Hutch is also negative, but mostly for depth of coverage. For a guy that is supposed to really only cover IU football and basketball, he doesn’t write much about them. He seems more interested in protecting whatever relationships he has than providing his readers with informative content. I find it interesting that the Star has gotten extra writers for recruiting news.

    His blog became too toxic for me and I quit that over a year ago. Even though this site has some less than desirable posters, it is nothing like Hutch’s blog.

  25. J Pat and GFDave,

    I think this figure can sum up our sentiments:

    Since May 24 (i.e. In the past 2+ months), Hutchens has posted on his blog a grand total of SIX times.

    The H-T has seven since yesterday.

    Needless to say, he provides no incentive for anyone to check his blog with any sort of regularity.

  26. Casey, I hear ya. That got old too with him never posting. I remember once he went a month.

    GFDave, I took most of what I said out because it sounded negative but I 100% agree with your take that he is more interested in protecting relationships.

  27. Oh-my IU friends with your crimson colored glasses! Isn’t this the same team that was sure they were getting Teague? Take your glasses off and realize that JD will go to UK!

  28. Sports fan,

    Thanks for letting us know what you saw in your crystal ball last night.

    Please point out the people here who are claiming that we’re definitely getting Teague.

    Refer to my earlier post about Davis. Articles like that one are the reason many IU fans believe there is a chance Davis will come here. No one is making any definitive claims.

    Nice try though.

  29. Sports fan, Mr. Davis could end up at UK, despite the fact that the article Casey posted makes no mention of UK among the contenders. However, given your trash-talking tone, you should know that you should never feel entirely safe on this message board again; and if Davis does to IU, or anywhere other than Kentucky, you’ll be reminded of that for the duration of his playing career, including any professional career he may enjoy. Have fun!

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