Four freshmen visit with media

Four of the six incoming freshmen met with the assembled media Thursday afternoon at Assembly Hall to talk about their experience since arriving on campus.

Here are some notes:

— Christian Watford said he talks frequently with Maurice Creek, one of two freshmen (along with Bawa Muniru) that could not be on campus during the second summer school session. Creek and Muniru are both awaiting word on whether or not they have been cleared by the NCAA. Watford said he tells Creek to keep his head up and stay focused on doing what he needs to do.

— Bobby Capobianco said the summer workouts have been brutal, namely because of a fresh wound. Apparently Verdell Jones managed to stick two fingers in Capobianco’s eye the other day and scratched Capobianco’s cornea.

— Derek Elston said he was timid for the first several weeks, not wanting to make a mistake and draw the ire of the upperclassmen. Once he realized that was not going to happen, he said, he started to open up. He’s been mainly playing against Watford during workouts. Elston said that has been a learning experience, because he never had to defend players of Watford’s size who also had his ball-handing ability.

— Jordan Hulls has gained weight, somewhere between 12-14 pounds. Capobianco is at 240 pounds and said he is just looking for a weight that works for him. Capobianco said the toughest part of the summer has been 6:45 a.m. workouts with Jeff Watkinson, the team’s strength & conditioning coordinator.

— Muniru was in Assembly Hall shooting baseline jumpers about 20 minutes before the other freshmen arrived. The famous Facebook pictures are legit — he is a physical specimen.

— Both Elston and Watford said there is little difference between playing on Jeremiah River’s and Hulls’ teams during open gym workouts. The two point guards pick the teams, avoiding “freshmen vs. upperclassmen” battles. That happened once, Elston said, and the upperclassmen pulled away.


  1. Very excited about this class, regardless of the W and L’s at the end of the year. I simply want to see these kids play hard, win a handful of games, and represent IU in a positive light that shows potential for years to come.

  2. If Creek and Muniru get eligible, this class should help the team at all positions. I’m very enthused!

  3. It is very refreshing to see a group of young men who want to be a part of something great. They could have gone anywhere in the country, but they chose Indiana. That in itself says a great deal about our basketball program, coaches, staff and administration. Indiana University basketball in Bloomington, Indiana will be the place to be for college hoops. Good luck to our Football Hoosiers. May they have a successful season as well.

  4. It’s going to be tempting to expect too much from this year’s team. We have to remember that they’re probably not going to be a tournament team this year unless they overachieve.

    But if they play as hard as last year’s team did and with the same kind of energy and effort, I think we’ll be pleasantly surprised by this squad. Go Hoosiers.

  5. I could not agree with DD’s comments. It was a pleasure to watch the effort, hustle, and dedication that last year’s team displayed. Yes they got beat, and gave a couple (Michigan)away, but they gave it their all.

    Last year a new era in IU hoops was conceived. This year the exciting process of watching IU basketball’s rebirth continues. . .


  6. There are a lot of different qualities to this group of freshman and I’m looking forward to seeing how their various stories develop. Its a very exciting time for them and us.

    Kevin K, Did you mean to say that you agree with DD? It didn’t come out that way.

  7. I’m hoping at least for a .500 season. To me, that would be a HUGE step in the right direction! With the talent in this class and talent coming next year they should be back to winning over 20 games in 2010 and seriously competing for the Big Ten Championship and a deep NCAA run in 2011. Patience……

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