Got weights?

Indiana football does, as evidenced by the incredibly un-boring and spittoon-free photo collection below. Click on a picture to see a bigger version and get more information about it.


  1. I didnt think a picture album could get any more boring than yesterday……..I was wrong.

  2. I didn’t think we would ever get a more ignorant poster on this board than Aruss…..I was wrong!

  3. Where are the jorts? Can we get a confirmation that McDonald (#72 possibly) in the first picture is wearing jorts?

    But in all seriousness – I love how they are just standing around admiring the new equipment. That seems to be an apt metaphor for how their season will unfold…

    Great photographs from Chris Howell – again. Love the new weight room, can’t wait to see Verdell Jones III and the rest of the Hoosiers strengthen and bulk up for the season ahead.

  4. Beautiful campuses and state-of-the-art facilities play a much larger role in decisions than people think, for both athletes and non-athletes alike. The old (but well-maintained) limestone buildings, combined with the shiny new weightrooms and updated stadium, suggest that IU is a school that has managed to find that perfect balance between tradition and innovation, between past and future.

    Now, as good as this all sounds, the coach and the team still have to go out there and back it up; it also means that the coach will no longer have the ‘we lack the facilities’ excuse, so it puts more pressure on him… 6 wins, and no less, will earn the coach a bye from criticism.

  5. Chesterrrr….did you accidentally click on another football story again?

    I know there’s no way you intentionally looked at these photos, especially not after you made it so abundantly clear yesterday that football only exists in northern Indiana and shouldn’t be an area of coverage for the H-T.

    And be real. This is the first look the players are getting at the weight room. Of course they’re going to look at everything and stand around talking about it.

    Did you expect them to enter the room for the first time and immediately begin doing squats and bench press?

    There’s no need to fish for negativity. An appropriate response to this picture would be something like “Wow, the new facilities look great,” or “I’m glad IU is finally investing in it’s football program.”

    Is there really a need to be negative about a fantastic new addition to Memorial Stadium?

  6. Thanks for the pics, I’ve been wanting to see how the room was layed out and what equipment would be used. To me this is a very big step towards being more competitive in the recruiting game. The new basketball facility will have an equally positive effect.

    As for Chester and futuristic, I guess there are folks who just don’t take good news well.

  7. I don’t think he needs 6 wins to get a bye. Maybe from the “fans”, but not from the administration.

    J Pat,

    You get your tickets yet? I got mine today, exact same seats as last year.

  8. I think there’s more to young athletes’ intrigue with top notch facilities. It’s more than simply the fact that things are big and shiny.

    A lot of athletes are very environmental (not in a “save the trees” sort of way, mind you). By that I mean that many athletes thrive when they feel most comfortable, at home and loose.

    These new facilities are a huge step because we’ve now upgraded the part of the stadium in which the players will spend a gigantic chunk of their time. Between practice, film sessions, and utilizing the new academic facilities, student athletes essentially have a second home at Memorial Stadium.

    My guess is that as more recruits begin to see the facilities, they’ll start thinking “I definitely wouldn’t mind spending a lot of time in this building.”

    It’s a good step, and I think that the correlation between improving on the field and luring better recruits to Bloomington through our upgraded facilities will become increasingly more reciprocal each year.

    As the team on the field shows improvement, the appeal of the facilities will become even greater. And as the facilities begin to draw more quality players to IU, the product on the field will, in turn, benefit — which I think is the idea.

    Fans should see this as a good step. And those who feel the urge to blanket these sorts of positive steps in negativity and pessimism display the exact types attitudes that are and have been hindering IU’s development as a football program.

  9. Mike P, I got them today. I think the section is the same but we moved down 5 rows. I was worried that what Glass gave us would not help and I think you have a legit issue and should call the ticket office…that makes NO sense at all! I purchased womens bball and mens bball for the first time last year so maybe that helped. Our party also went from 10 to 4 for football so maybe that helped too. If the points were like a 2,500 dollar donation (what the letter said from Glass) in theory we should be on the 40 yard line 10 rows off the field. I was going to donate a small ammount in the future if the right coach is hired, but I will rethink that for sure after this. Take care.

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