It’s Indiana, So I’m Here

I hate to quote Tom Crean already, because at this point I still haven’t met him, and it strikes me as homer to paint him as some sort of wise philosopher.

But the reason he said he took his job and the reason I took mine are pretty much the same.

“It’s Indiana.”

I certainly didn’t have it bad at the Daily News-Record in Harrisonburg, Va. I had great friends and co-workers. My sports editor was one of the most revered small town SE’s in the country, and I had a Division I college basketball beat with a team that gave me access to practice every day and wouldn’t take it away from me for being critical (which I often had to be and was). And in the offseason, I had more than enough interesting stories to write to keep me busy.

But when you get a chance to cover one of the most storied programs in the history of the sport in a state that treats basketball like Scotland treats golf, you don’t pass it up.

Of course, you also don’t pass up the opportunity to work for one of your best college friends, particularly if that college friend happens to double as one of your journalistic heroes. Since we were freshmen — when, on the advice of a PSU assistant sports information director, I tried to steal his men’s cross country beat — I’ve been amazed by Chris Korman’s writing talent and dedication to the ideals behind the profession.

So it’s Indiana, and it’s Chris Korman. That’s why I’m in Bloomington. Hopefully I live up to the expectations of both.


  1. For those who might not know or maybe glossed over it, Harrisonburg is home of James Madison University. The Dukes are a D1A football powerhouse and have a stellar academic reputation. Harrisonburg is located in Virginia’s scenic Shenandoah Valley. This message brought to you by the GFDave department of tourism. vbg.

  2. Welcome to B-Town! You’ll see that the t-shirts don’t lie, it really is a quaint little drinking town with a serious basketball problem. Add in in the breathtaking scenery (rolling hills & curvy co-eds alike) & it’s one of the top 5 college beats in the country, hands-down.

    However, while a Scot may love him some golf, how often do you see elderly women on the courses? Our grannies here roll deep AND keep their own score sheets. Our love for hoops is only equaled by our lust for banners, and the sum of our successes is only exceeded by the quality of our character.

    It is Indiana. And for as long as you’re here no one may be able to tell you what a Hoosier is, but it’s who we are, and it’s what we love.

    Curious to get your take on it all. Lucky for you, 17th St. has more angles to cover than JoePa’s optometrist. With any luck, we’ll all learn a lot during your tenure here.

  3. Dustpan
    Welcome – welcome to the biggest over expectation on earth, living in the ‘storied’ past places on earth.

    You’ve got a football team that can’t beat Div II schools, can’t fill the stands and sells their home games. Talk to us in November.

    Yea November – you can spew b-ball where we have our hopes on 6 freshman, with two not even eligible yet and blame Memphis for not getting as ‘raw’ a deal as IU.

    You’d do a better job if you put it in perspective how long its been since IU did something significant in football – like with Roses and those NCAA banners have gathered a lot of dust. It time IU started living up to expectations.

    Have fun and good luck Dustman!

  4. Dustin, I like you already. Not sure what this dotcost character’s problem is, maybe his mother didn’t love him enough as a child or something. But I think you’ll really enjoy Bloomington. It’s a great place and the atmosphere on campus when the team is going good is really quite exceptional. Welcome to your new digs!

  5. welcome!!! I think you will adore this town and university. I am proud to be raising my kids here and still able to take in all the sporting events!

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