Louisville safety makes 20 commits

Drew Hardin, a 6-foot-1, 194-pound safety from Louisville (Ky.) Ballard), verbally committed to Indiana today.

“They have one of the top business programs in the nation,” Hardin said. “I really liked the coaching staff. They were really young and really energetic. I can see myself playing there, because I have a lot of energy.”

Hardin, who ran a 4.5 40-yard dash at the Ohio State camp, did not have any other scholarship offers but had interest from Louisville and Cincinnati.

Louisville backed off, he said, when the coaching staff was informed he was ready to commit to Indiana, and a sprained ankle suffered at Louisville’s camp prevented him from participating at Cincinnati’s camp two days later.

“I decided to commit a couple of weeks ago,” Hardin said. “Me and my parents sat down and talked about it. I sat down with my coach to talk about it. I had to really make sure that’s what I wanted to do. And make sure that there were no other colleges that I was interested in.”

Hardin has been listed in several places as a cornerback, but said he is a safety.

“I will come up and hit you,” Hardin said.


  1. now there’s a kid with some speed…cliche, you can teach a kid to be a good football player. but, you can’t teach SPEED!! give me more fast guys! just wondering , any rankings from the ratings services?

  2. Dang I sure hope our staff are prophets and either seeing major potential in these 0 and 1 star guys or most of these recruits just never got their tapes in on time to be rated…

  3. They haven’t been rated. Not having any stars on Rivals or having 1-star on Scout means they haven’t been officially evaluated. Several of our commits from last year were unranked for a while, and several of our 3-stars were 2-stars for a while. Heck, even Jibreel Black didn’t have a ranking on Rivals for a while.

  4. First, let me say that I am a Minnesota fan, so I know what it is like to be frustrated and disappointed. Indiana has always been a class act and I wish them success in the future. At Scout they have the 54th best recruiting class with an average of 1.61 stars (this is at 18 recruits). It takes time to impress and sell young recruits so give them 2 – 3 years. Look at the positive impact Tim Brewster has had at Minnesota. Watch the problems explode at Tennessee in the next year or two.
    Best of luck Hoosiers and Vols!

  5. Again, that average is with several “1-star” recruits, which means they haven’t been ranked or evaluated yet.

  6. How about for once, we don’t worry about the number of stars and pats on the back the recruits receive.

    Let’s just see how the these players and the team perform and then make our judgments.

  7. Hebgen, what does Tennessee have to do with the star rating of Indiana’s recruits? Why are you wishing good luck to the Vols as well as the Hoosiers? I’m not griping at you, I’m just confused. The mention of UT at the end of an IU post had a certain non sequitur feel to it.

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