1. nothing against the kid at all but that shows either how bad our d line is or how bad the depth is. I wish him luck!

  2. Dave, I think it is a little of both.

    Casey, I only made that statement because out of the regional/national publications, internet, and talk radio I have read/listen to…the one constant is that our ends rank 1-4 in the Big 10 and our tackles rank last or next to last in the Big 10. One thing that shocked me last night on the network was that IU gave up 450 some yards to Wisky last year. I think that was right anyway, I caught the end of it. We need a strong big guy in the middle!!!

  3. Agreed.

    We’ve made a habit of being extremely anemic up the middle.

    I think the difference this year is that we have a couple capable tackles, but not as much depth as most teams — which is why staying healthy is probably even more important for us than a lot of other teams.

  4. Casey, I actually think the opposite is true. I think we have very good depth at tackle, I’m just not sure if we have anyone there to really be our anchor. I think Mack, Sliger, Mentzer, Black, Smith, and now Replogle give us great options there at that position, but I’m not sure if those guys are ready to take on a full time load.

  5. Phil,

    That may actually be the case. Perhaps I’m drawing upon my experience with last year’s group, which saw a combination of injuries and lack of effective players up the middle on defense.

    I’d say having several solid options with the ability to rotate players in and out is still a much improved setup.

    I hope you’re hunch is right.

  6. Phil, maybe we have depth but is it talented depth? The national media would all say that we have NO talent at the tackle position.

  7. I’d say that there is talent there, but we currently lack a dominant, stud run-stuffer that can be our anchor. I’d say our talent in our depth is middle of the pack in the BT, but there’s a question of whether or not we have two legit starters.

  8. Phil, I do not really disagree with you, I am just saying that not one national or regional sports analyst has a postive thing to say about the def tackle position. Since you feel we have talnet there, please let me know who of the guys you mention above would start at any other Big 10 school??? I would say Mack on a good and healthy day might have a shot but that is it.

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