Lynch’s Press Conference

Indiana football coach Bill Lynch held his post-camp, pre-season opener press conference Friday afternoon, though the most interesting news items came from the release of the depth chart and the injury report.

Some interesting tidbits follow. Look for more in tomorrow’s H-T.

  • Fifth-year senior Demetrius McCray is listed at the starting running back, though Lynch pointed out that there will be another depth chart made before Thursday’s game against Eastern Kentucky and “we just needed to put something on paper.” Running back is the only position where the Hoosiers listed more than two players, with the order being McCray, redshirt freshman Darius Willis, junior Trea Burgess and fifth-year senior Bryan Payton. Lynch said McCray had a great camp and therefore has the edge, but that he expects to use all four in the opener.
  • Redshirt freshman Adam Follett is listed as the backup quarterback to junior Ben Chappell, but Lynch said that can also change. True freshman Edward Wright-Baker has been working with the second stringers recently, and Lynch said that if he weren’t a true freshman, he would be the backup. However, he is still determining whether or not he will redshirt Wright-Baker and fellow true freshman quarterback Dusty Kiel, who has also seen time with the No. 2’s. Lynch considers making that decision one of his priorities in Week 1.
  • Among other true freshmen, Lynch reiterated that defensive tackle Adam Replogle, brother of junior linebacker Tyler, will definitely play. Also in the mix, he said, are wide receiver Duwyce Wilson, linebacker Damon Sims, and offensive lineman Aaron Price, though Price would likely only be used if there are injuries along the line.
  • Redshirt freshman Nick Freeland is listed as the starting placekicker ahead of senior Charlie Klingensmith, though Lynch said that competition could continue all week and possibly all year.
  • Sophomore left guard Justin Pagan is listed as questionable after suffering an ankle injury this week. Redshirt freshman Marc Damisch is listed as his backup. Starting cornerback Donnell Jones (hamstring) and redshirt sophomore offensive lineman Andrew McDonald (ankle) are also listed as questionable. Backup safeties Jerimy Finch (ankle) and Chris Adkins (shoulder) are both probable, as is redshirt freshman starting defensive tackle Mick Mentzer (knee).


  1. this thread is dead for whatever reason so I am going to comment. I am fine with the running backs not having a #1 now. I feel like by the first Big 10 game that they should have a true #1 that gets the bulk. This in not the NFL! Maybe I am old school but it is just my take,especially with the new offense. As a former coach I feel like when you have a true depth chart it gives the #1 confidence and everyone knows how hard they have to work to possibly get a shot at the bulk of the carries.

  2. I like the two back approach now-a-days. We’ll see who emerges through the first few games, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the running backs swapping series. Not necessarily a running back by committee, more along the lines of what the Titans and Jags did last year in the NFL. I think this is the approach Lynch will take, especially with the injury concerns we’ve seen with mccray and willis.

    Also, kicker scares the hell out of me right now.

  3. The Hoosier is going to be really bad this year. Lynch is so indecisive about personnel issues that it leaves the kids confused as to what role they will play. When you don’t manage in definite things then people are left wondering what they should be doing. When that happens you get a negative outcome and loss of morale of the team. Too bad. Kids will be trying to do too much or not enough because of indecision.

  4. What? Didn’t we just release a 2 deep? Indecisive…really? Backup QB, RB (where you need some depth), and kicker (we have an injury issue there) are the only “battles” still going. How is that an issue?

  5. Listen LYNCH….if Ed is the second best QB, he better be the back up. We are not some talent rich team. You should be having true competition, not loyalty to guys who have been there. This is the problem with the hoosiers. WE HAVE TO GET BETTER. Dont hold us back. OSU played Pryor some last year, and it was huge for what they will do this year. The best players have to play…its the best thing for the team.

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