McGee done at Auburn

Former Indiana forward Brandon McGee has been dismissed from the team at Auburn, according to this report.

No reason was given. The 6-foot-7 forward from Chicago played one season for the Hoosiers before joining the rest of his freshman class in the exodus that followed Kelvin Sampson’s departure and Tom Crean’s hiring. McGee actually stayed through the spring semester and was one of two players who remained on the roster. He was dismissed, though, for violation of team rules in late May, 2008. Jordan Crawford ā€” He Who Dunked On LeBron ā€” left the team not long after.


  1. I think the only thing that this shows us is that it wasn’t the coach and it wasn’t the program. The coach had his problems but when it came to behavior, it wasn’t the leniancy on Sampson’s parts but instead the moral level of these student-athletes.

  2. Zach,

    It shows that perhaps Sampson’s coaching methods weren’t the problem, but the fact that many of his players have encountered troubles does speak to his inability or unwillingness to pinpoint recruits with good character and team-building attitudes.

  3. Zach,
    The coach should share a major portion of the responsibility/blame. When you have several examples of bad behavior it tells me (A)Coach didn’t do his homework while recruitiing or (B) He did do it and choose to ignore any warning signs he may have saw and just looked at the on the court play. You should look no farther than Dominique Ferguson. Great in-state player but questions were there about other things and to my knowledge IU never offered and he was listing us.

  4. I agree with JL. Sampson had to have some idea what kind of people he was recruiting. Auburn needs players, so he had to be making quite a bit of trouble to get kicked off. But that’s water under the bridge, we have a coach now who won’t run things that way, so let’s move forward.

  5. Hell, I’m impressed that Kelvin kept this bunch together and working as a team until he got canned. I know there were short suspensions and bumps in the road (to be kind) but he actually managed to manage a bunch of selfish, unmanageable brats into one of the best teams in the country until the wheels came off. I’m not saying he was the right guy for the IU job, but you gotta give the guy credit for at least being a very good coach of players who have proven later to be uncoachable.

  6. kurk81 said: “Iā€™m not saying he was the right guy for the IU job, but you gotta give the guy credit for at least being a very good coach of players who have proven later to be uncoachable.”

    i heard a pimp once damned with the same sort of faint praise for the way he managed his hookers.


  7. kurk81,

    And in the same vein, you have to question a coach who thinks it’s a good idea to recruit a team full of these “selfish, unmanageable brats.”

    And the reason we were one of the “best teams in the country” (if you really feel that way) was because of D.J. White and Eric Gordon.

    Crawford had raw talent combined with zero discipline. Jamarcus Ellis tried to start a fight every time someone got fouled. Holman never played (but already had “shoving a high school referee and sitting out a season” on his resume before he set foot in Bloomington). DeAndre Thomas practically fouled out before the game even started. Lance Stemler had the record for “most 3-pointers made in games that mean absolutely nothing.”

    Most of his recruits made us worse than we should have been.

    Commending Sampson for recruiting troubled players and then managing them reasonably well would be like commending me for knowingly drinking a gallon of rotten milk but “toughing it out” through the inevitable sickness that followed.

  8. There’s only ONE reason Kelvin was successful that last year: DJ White was an absolute MAN.

    EG was great, but he fell off for the last half of the year and DJ was the only reason the bottom didnt completely fall out.

  9. there were some bright spots on that team. Gordon and DJ of course. And at least stemler had his head together enough so he could contribute, despite his shooting slump. Most of the others clearly didnt have any heart.

    Moving forward now! lets build.

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