Only one BCS coach paid less than Lynch

The Orlando Sentinel put together the salary of every football coach in FBS, and Bill Lynch’s name is very low on the list.

The third-year Indiana coach makes $650,000 a year, which ties him for 82nd in the country.

Only one BCS-level coach, Washington State’s Paul Wulff, makes less.

Ohio State’s Jim Tressell is pulling in $3.5 million, sixth-nationally and best in the Big Ten. The list goes down from there, with Northwestern’s Pat Fitzgerald making $100,000 more than Lynch.


  1. If the idea is to get us thinking Lynch is underpaid, its a little hard to find sympathy for Lynch based on this list. His results for IU football do not really justify a larger salary (and let’s face it, $650K a year is a lot of money, esp when you also reside in Bloomington, IN).

  2. For everyone that thinks Lynch should be fired this is prime example of why your demands are pointless. IU has always paid their head football coach badly. Firing Lynch won’t get you a big name coach if the money isn’t there. You want a big name coach, then you’ll have to show him the money, period. Having said that, I think it’s ridiculous that IU is paying Lynch that badly in comparison to other BCS schools. We don’t even pay more than a small private school like Northwestern for crying out loud?

    Note to Mr. Glass: Open up the checkbook!

  3. Old news. If and when Lynch is replaced, we need to spend more. Until then, I don’t think it’s a problem.

  4. Seen something interesting on the list, they have Nick Saban 3rd on the list, and #1 out of all SEC coaches.

    Les Miles contract at LSU states that he will be the higest paid coach in the SEC by a minimum of $1,000 dollars, yet according to the list he makes 100 grand less than Saban.

  5. J Pat,

    I am with you. Repeatedly I have brought up how low on the list IU is in terms of salary for their football coach. This isn’t anything new, but I appreciate that Hugh officially made a blog post about it, instead of it being something secondary in another discussion.

  6. NU is a private school. I would seriously question the numbers concerning NU. Pennsylvania has a law that prevents certain information from being released. That’s 2 strikes against this report. I also believe that Iowa’s coach has a salary, or compensation package, higher than Tressel. That may be strike 3.
    IU needs to put up or shut up. The north end zone is a definite put up. The salary for a new coach, IF NEEDED, would be the shut up.
    Is Lynch the man, I certainly don’t know. I do get b

  7. Best possible case scenario: this year’s team does well, Lynch keeps his job and a new competitive contract. Next best: Lynch has to be replaced and we come up with enough money to hire a promising replacement. Worst case: we fire Lynch and take whoever will work for the same s*** money he’s making.

  8. You certainly get what u pay for and that’s a coach that can’t get paid more elsewhere for a reason. He gets plenty fir the product he’s put forth so far. Take us to two bowls and I’ll agree that he needs more money. Until then he has a nice gig where he gets to hire his own kid to the staff for a great salary as well.

  9. Hugh,
    Were you guys able to locate Lynch’s contract? I believe there are performance based incentives built into it, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen it.

    While I agree with the general premise that you get what you pay for, I also believe the inverse is true: you should be paid for what you produce. Under this rationale, I’d say Lynch’s pay is relatively on par for his performance as head coach. Can anyone really make a straight-faced argument that he deserves a raise at this juncture? Didn’t think so.

  10. Wasn’t Coach Hep a lot more than Lynch when he came to B-town? I think the school will pay for for what it get’s, as one comment said, “you get what you pay for”. Let’s give the team & coaches a chance first.

    Only 32 days til opening kick-off!! Go Hoosiers…
    Defend the Rock! – New Stadium * New Experience!

  11. I think I saw where IU Football was ranked about 78-79. So paying the Coach about 82 is right on the mark. Unlike Wall Street and IU in the past few years, before Crean, in Basketball, we are paying for the actual value. When IU Football ranks higher, I am sure the coach’s pay will also.

  12. Kurk, I’m with Cutter. I know, all things are relative, but living in Bloomington, 650k/year is not what I’d call ‘s*** money.’ But if he has a good season, I’d advocate bumping him up somewhat.

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