Pictures from day one

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  1. The pics of Chap handing off show 2 things. the lack of a fake or where is the ball.Look I just gave the ball to Him! The same for the runners involved. Look I have it! and here I go, there is no sense of cleverness. Being a 2 star talent team they need to have something extra, an attempt @ hiding whats coming.

  2. DTFree,

    You ascertained that deduction based on ONE picture of Chappell handing the ball to Payton?

    Wow, you are freaking amazing!

    Give me a break, it is the first day of practice and it is one picture.

  3. Having something extra? That’s why they added the 125 year patch and the practice jersey’s with the stripes. Come on, what else could you want?

  4. The secret to DTFree’s amazing analysis is OxiPic, the one stop product for all your picture extrapolation needs. With OxiPic you’ll never be left wondering about the grassy knoll, the Loch Ness Monster or Sasquash. Just pour OxiPic over your photos and watch them turn into full length, high def movies of all the action that took place before and after the photo was taken. And if you buy right now, you’ll receive two cartons of OxiPic for the price of one. You’ll also receive a free gift of the book: “125 Negatives to Post About IU Football”, a $9.95 value.

    RIP Billy Mays

  5. GFDave—very funny!!
    MikeP, I almost always agree with your posts, but I do understand also DTs comments just not his support document, based on the last few years offense, we do need more deception to be put in, and hopefully Lynch and Co. are working on it. I hope to see it.

    Go Hoosiers!

    Darn it!! My wife made me promise not to order anything else on-line!! :<)

  6. DTFree,

    I understand your desire to disect the play of our team…

    But when baseball players are warming up for games, they don’t fire bullets at one another. They lob the ball back and forth.

    Basketball players make laxed trips to the basket for easy, uncontested layups when they get ready for a game.

    Just look at it in that way. It’s the first day of practice — their first time back together on the field. They’re in shorts and helmets, and they’re just trying to establish a rhythm. You’re reading too much into the photograph.

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