1. Maybe they’re trying to figure out the number of wins thing or how to get their computer to display the patch?

  2. I enjoyed it and wished there were more pictures. If you don’t care then don’t look at it. There are some people that like to see pictures.

  3. Making fun of punctuation yet not using punctuation allows flamers who flame on other flamers look stupid for more than 20 years.

  4. futuristic,

    What would’ve made this album more interesting for you?

    Should the photographer have gotten the freshman to form a human pyramid so he could snap a shot?

    Hmmm…maybe they could’ve done a face painting event for the offensive linemen, or had the players engage in a full-contact scrimmage right there in the coaches’ offices!

    Let’s be real. It’s freshman move-in day. There are only so many super-exciting photos that can be taken. I don’t think Howell was shooting for a Pulitzer on this one. It’s just to show that they’re here and getting acclimated.

  5. im just sayin… i come to this site to hopefully read about iu’s new 2011 basketball recruit, and i find a picture of the freshmen kicker carrying pillows and an undersized linemen in jean shorts

  6. Well there is info on the new 2011 IU bball recruit on the page. There also happens to be pictures of the freshman on the football team moving in. Is that too much information for you? Poor kid.

  7. And I’M just saying…there is detailed information about Etherington — in the Men’s Basketball section of the H-T.

    However, when you click on a post about the freshman football players arriving on campus, you probably won’t find very much information about basketball.

  8. futuristic,

    Replace your bookmark for the scoop with this:


    When you click on it, it will only give you post related to IU mens basketball!

  9. I’m with futuristic on this one – more basketball information and less football information. Need I remind anyone that this is the time of year when basketball recruiting heats up and the new freshman basketball players get to the beautiful IU campus.

    Football will always be third fiddle (or possibly fifth fiddle) at IU – I’ve got to imagine basketball, soccer, track & field, swimming and probably baseball are ahead of it in terms of interest. So let’s please adjust our coverage accordingly.

    And congratulations to Chris Howell for his outstanding photograph of the rare ‘Jort’ outside of its natural element of Florida. I was unaware that it migrated North during the summer months.

  10. Chester,

    What information are you so desperately in need of that you’re not getting?

    This blog posts information the minute we get a new commit, then they post follow-up stories with player interviews. Heck, they post updates on recruits’ and Crean’s twitter accounts. You act as if there’s a shortage of basketball coverage. Of course recruiting is heating up right now but unless we get a new commit or someone claims to be really interested in committing, there’s not much else to report on.

    The freshmen basketball players have been on campus for several weeks now. That story was reported when it happened.

    And in the same vein, when freshmen football players arrive, that too is covered.

    Even with a poor team, you’re kidding yourself if you think track and field, soccer, baseball and swimming generate more interest.

    Go back and find a post or news story about any of those sports and see how many people commented. Then compare it to a story about football. I’m willing to bet football stories (like this one, for example) generate more feedback. Those other teams are certainly better in their respective sports, but they don’t generate more interest. Let’s not be mistaken about that.

    5,000 fans at a soccer game. 35,000 at a football game.

    Also, football kicks off in a month. Basketball still has a few. Perhaps YOU should adjust your understanding of the athletic seasons accordingly.

  11. I believe it was Ryan Gregg (HT reporter) who made a statement in May or June about reporting on Track & Field. He was basically told that nobody cares. Some people like bb, some like fb. Personally I am interested in all IU athletics men and women. Because you can post your thoughts does not give you ownership. Please don’t forget that the staff of HT has a job to do. I liked the pictures, not some of the stupid comments that followed. How many of us have gone through the first day of playing college football? If you have, the memories take over that’s why I like the pictures.

  12. Casey – make no mistake about it I get all the information I need and more about IU basketball from the Hoosier Scoop. Chris, Hugh and others provide excellent coverage – they are top notch.

    I think my problem is the coverage in the first place. Indiana is a basketball first, second, and third university (and probably fourth and fifth). Indiana is synonymous with basketball. The only football that I know of occurs in the northern part of the state. So, why cover football at Indiana? If they never win does anyone care?

    I must admit the only thing I would miss would be the money they bring in from their games, alumni and other publicity stunts they are involved in to bring public monies to the University. Their monies subsidize some of the very sports I cherish – soccer, swimming and track & field – I understand that. But do we really need to cover them?

    And as for it being football season – could’ve fooled me. As anyone who grew up in Indiana knows you play basketball year round. Nothing else exists outside of playing basketball year round.

  13. Good points Jay.

    For the record, I don’t mean to say that other IU athletic programs are not important. But I do feel that the coverage of IU athletics, and the subsequent feedback from fans are reflective of the fact that the bulk of IU fans are interested in basketball and football more than any other sports.

    Every team is important, and the ones mentioned above have all helped garner positive attention for our school over the years, but they won’t and shouldn’t receive equal coverage accross the board simply because it’s most likely not possible logistically, and because that simply would not be proportional to the reality of fan interest.

    Yes, we’re a basketball school. But Americans also love their football, regardless of how well or poorly their team performs. It deserves and requires a lot of attention, and people not interested in the attention it is receiving should probably refrain from clicking on posts about football, and then complaining that they’re not about basketball in the future.

  14. Wow. I clicked on some pictures of football players and I got a heavy dose of whining about pictures of football players and grammar lessons on the web (lol). I’m just sayin…

  15. you all are mistaking my harmless commentary on the mundane nature album for something much more than its intention. i wasn’t trying to make a bold statement about the state of iu football, rather the ridiculousness of candid photos of marginal division 1 athletes

  16. Chester,

    I think that culture that you speak of is slowly, but surely changing.

    Not to say that football will ever overtake basketball for IU fans, or even that it will detract from fan interest in basketball.

    But there are people that care still. I understand that you’re speaking from a more traditional, “Hoosier-esque” point of view, but look at it this way:

    The Herald-Times is an extremely localized, people-friendly Bloomington paper that is deeply entrenched in coverage of IU athletics and all things Indiana University. It would be irresponsible, unprofessional and completely inexcusable for that sort of publication to NOT cover IU football.

    So to answer your question, yes, they should bother covering it. They have to. And it’s important to at least the 35,000 people who show up on Saturdays for games. Even if you don’t think they should cover it, just approach it with that mindset.

    I think you’re taking your disinterest in football and projecting it inaccurately onto the rest of the IU fan base.

    You may be annoyed that it gets so much press, but there would be a lot more people on here complaining if it didn’t receive enough.

  17. Fair enough.

    I just think it’s a little over the top to argue that the paper shouldn’t even bother covering football.

  18. Lampwick, if you can now figure how to
    keep those football schools from winning
    NCAA basketball championship your all set.
    Seriously, you need to get out more,
    basketball is no longer king in the state
    of Indiana.

  19. Casey – fair enough. I’m old school even though I’m not that old. For me Indiana will always be about basketball forever and ever.

    And your passioned plea of admiration and devotion to football at Indiana University is well reasoned and thought out – even though I may disagree with you on it. You are undoubtedly right and I’m – sadly – in the minority. You and individuals like Mike P certainly have a passioned understanding and appreciation of football that I will never have.

    And Mike – I strongly disagree with your assertion that basketball is no longer king in the state. I may need to get out more from my gold covered house in Springfield but basketball is and forever will be king in Indiana. Nothing comes close to it. I would challenge you to find something that is bigger than it in Indiana but that just wouldn’t be fair because there is nothing bigger in Indiana.

  20. Good Lord, even something as innocent as posting pics of freshmen football players leads to this nonsense. And its amazing how people will insult 19 year olds while sitting behind a computer.

  21. Chester,

    There are two online forums for high school sports in Indiana. One is dedicated to high school football, the other to high school basketball. They are The Gridiron Digest and The Hardwood Portal. The Gridiron Digest gets more post in an hour than the Portal does in a week, and that is during basketball season!

    As of the time I made this post, there were 84 members logged into the Digest compared to 33 members on the Portal.

  22. Chester, you need to come to the grass lot with me at 5:00 pm on Sept 3. I am grilling burgers and mixing drinks. We will trot over to the game at about 7:15 to make kickoff. I can promise you if you give it a chance, it is GREAT!!! Your posts are thoughful and no disrepect but it is the IU faithful like you that tunnel vision on bball that hurt the team every year with not showing up for football.

  23. I also have to say that this topic was about move in day for football freshman. Why read it if you don’t care? The coverage is pretty equal on this blog but if you posted that you are unhappy with this topic, you wasted your time and mine. Give it a break!

  24. I love IU hoops, and did not miss a single home game last year. I was never prouder of a coach, but….The Scoop should definitely cover football too.

    Bloggers that are only interested in hoops can skip the football posts. Don’t even think about taking away the football coverage for the many of us who are interested.

    I’m hopeful that some of these freshmen may be important in turning IU around in a couple of years.

    Go Hoosiers! (All of them!!)

  25. For those on here who think that football is not a priority for the IU administration, just listen to all the things that Fred Glass had to say during the Big Ten Media Days. Yes basketball is king at IU and always will be. However the football program can be very respectful and provide some serious cash to the rest of the department as others have said on this thread.

    I don’t understand why people who are so passionately “IU basketball” fans don’t/can’t/won’t understand that a strong football program does nothing but help the basketball program.

  26. Anyone with half a brain knows that a good football team does wonders for revenue..I think Glass knows this, and it is pretty obvious that he has high expectations for the program. If This team could pull of an 8 or 9 win season, you would see the town erupt in football love. Everyone wants a winner and will support one. I think that Lynch is sitting on a very warm seat at the moment; Glass is giving him this year to show that last year was just a temporary setback in the (re)building project, but if the team wins only 3 games again, Glass will pull the trigger. You can’t be a school of 30+ thousand anymore that claims to be only a basketball school. None of the traditional ‘basketball’ schools are accepting that defeatist mentality these days; IU is the last to get in line.

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