Who’s coming, and who’s not coming

We published the following list in today’s Herald-Times. It is a combination of our own original reporting, and what others (Peegs.com, HoosierNation, Inside the Hall and Jody Demling, mainly) have reported. But this is who we have as being at Hoosier Hysteria tonight.

Recruits expected to be in The Hall tonight


Victor Oladipo, G, DeMatha (Md.)

Ge-Lawn Guyn, G, Scott County (Ky.)


Matt Carlino, G, Bloomington South

Austin Etherington, SF,Hamilton Heights

Spencer Turner, G, Bloomington South


Hanner Perea, F, Birmingham Central Park Christian (Ala.)

Jared Drew, G, Lawrence Central

Jeremy Hollowell, SF, Lawrence Central

Kellen Dunham, G, Pendleton Heights

Kellon Thomas, G, Southport

Peter Jurkin, C, Charlotte United Faith Christian (N.C.)

Ron Patterson, G, Broad Ripple


Darryl Baker, G, Jeffersonville

Darryl Hicks, G, Shelby County (Ky.)

Has verbally committed to Indiana

But what about the rest? Here’s what we’ve tracked down on where most of the other IU targets are headed tonight.


Jelan Kendrick — Memphis

Josh Selby — Kansas

David Williams — Home

Brandon Mobley — ???


Marshall Plumlee — Duke

Cody Zeller — North Carolina

Marquis Teague — Home

Jeremiah Davis — IDS reporting he’ll be at his little brother’s football game tonight, but Dave Telep at Scout.com has Davis going to Michigan State on Saturday.

Rakeem Christmas — Georgetown

Branden Dawson — Marquette


T.J. Bell — Bloomington South football game (Bell plays on the JV team).

D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera — Xavier


  1. Good to see Ron Patterson, but overall this is a very disappointing list.
    I am starting to doubt Crean.

  2. Steve,

    Sometimes I feel the same as you do right now. Other times I think, man this is only year 2 of a HUGE rebuild and we will have to prove with this years freshman class over a couple of years, that if they come, we will build it… which sometimes feels oddly backwards, but its what we are doing. Getting people to come, then building that into the future, not the other way around.

    Also, I thinks its important to remember, that under the General, or even good teams after that we didn’t have the best recruits ever, just good and solid recruits who knew basketball and worked hard. I don’t care about the top 10, just get solid smart under-rated 3 and 4 stars, to go with a 5 star every couple of years and we are set.

    Not sure about this, but think about the team with Dane Fife, Cov, Jeffries, Moye, etc… That team wasnt built off of a ton of 5 star prospects. Get a superstar recruit built around the right mix of guys that may not have all the tools, but collectively…
    Cov- Ball Handler, firecracker, drunk
    Hornsby- Shooter, Smart
    Jeffries- Superstar
    Fife- Heart, Leader, all around good, but not great, defender.
    Moye- Workhorse
    Leach- Solid Big guy, Fouled a LOT
    Donald Perry- Could be good, Could be awful, spelled Cov well

    You guys get my point…

    We don’t have to land every 5 star we hear about. The right ones will come. If its not in 2010 or 2011, then let’s get them in 2012.



  3. Will Zeller and Plumlee be at Midnight Madness at UNC and Duke as a siblings of players or actual recruits? I think on paper it would seem as if they are going there as recruits however they do have siblings playing on the team which could be the real reason. Did anybody look into this?

  4. Will this be chock full of “other” events before mens basketball even starts? I understand the benefit in lumping all the less popular sports with HH, but I dont appreciate having to sit through 2+ hours of filler in order to get to mens basketball. I think it really turns off a lot of people from filling up Assembly Hall like we used to for Knights midnight madnesses.

  5. Amen Steve!

    Tom Crean presided over the worst season in Indiana basketball history. This guy can’t coach or recruit. We should’ve hired Calipari – now that guy can coach AND recruit. Look at all their 5-star players!

  6. Lets not forget that alot of the kids who are going elsewhere have either been to Hoosier Hysteria before or are frequent visitors of the program. We have most of the 2012 in-state kids going to be there with the exception of DSR and Marrero and DSR has been to Bloomington several times already. You aren’t going to get many 5 star out of state kids to come to Hoosier Hysteria after a 6 win season. Also, I believe Kenny Kaminski, a 2012 6’7″ wing from Ohio, is planning on being there as well.

  7. Chester Limpwick,

    I suppose you have played,recruited and coached in D1 BB? If not, then go back to your video games.

    Same goes for stevealford.

  8. calipari? i’d rather not have any future final four appearances vacated, ks smeared our reputation enough for my lifetime… maybe i’m old fashioned. crean coached a team of kids that would have warmed the bench on any other major d1 program to 6 wins and had them competing in many games they should never have had a chance in to begin with. as ugly as 6-25 is you have to be realistic about what our program has gone through and how much of it was CTC’s fault (none).
    on a different note, its nice to see some size (perea, jurkin) in that 2012 class… overall, the 2012 list looks pretty impressive. i’d like to see more from the 2011 class, though.

  9. I wouldn’t want that scumbag Calipari anywhere near this program.
    I just don’t like Crean’s small ball mentality or his recruiting philosophy.
    I also don’t understand why people are giving him 3 years just to make the NCAA tournament.
    It should not take any top tier coach 3 years just to make the tournament regardless of what they inherit, and Indiana should be an easier to place to turn it around than most.

  10. If we make the NIT this year I will be very happy with the results. Next year we’ll compete for 20 wins and the big dance. I think those are aggressive goals. After that I think we should compete for B10 titles and more. But, expecting this group to go dancing this year is not a reasonable expectation, imo.

  11. Hoagy Carmichael,

    You forgot about Jeff Newton- The third tower, was not very high energy but could go on some scoring runs when all the focus was on Jeffries. He really picked his game up that year. Leach, Jeffries, Newton were a towering front line that presented matchup problems for everyone except Maryland.

  12. I think for IU to get to .500 and somewhere between 4-5 wins in the Big Ten would be a good goal for this team.

  13. The only ones I’m really disappointed about are Kendrick, Selby and J. Davis. I thought we had a pretty good shot at them, but if they’re going elsewhere on this weekend, that wouldn’t seem to be a good sign.

    Alford, I’m not sure what ‘recruiting philosophy’ you’re associating with Crean. He’s aggressively gone after a number of big recruits with little in recent history on his side. Give the guy a chance for a while first before you declare him an imbecile, good grief man.

  14. Rome wasn’t built overnight. Crean will take us back to a national powerhouse just give it sometime. I really like what him and this staff is doing!!!

  15. The recruiting philosophy I referred to is the one where he oversigns and runs people off. The David Williams commitment is mind boggling. He couldn’t play for Indiana State. Not taking Van Treese is also a big mistake. He is good enough for Louisville and Pitino, but not us? He is a top Indiana talent who wanted to come here. Is he too tall or what? Also all the offers out to 3 star talent. Guyn, Mobley, Cosby… reallY?
    I like a lot of the intangibles Crean has brought to the institution, but coaching and recruiting are pretty important I would say.

  16. Rome wasn’t built over night. Crean will take us back to being an national powerhouse. I like what him and this staff is doing!!!

  17. Steve,

    I’m not really sure Van Treese is the kind of player Crean usually recruits. If you look at his teams at Marquette and what he has done so far at Indiana you see that he likes ‘tweeners’ in the mold of Elston – a four who can stretch the floor inside and out.

    Of course he’ll also recruit big men but I just don’t think he sees that as a priority this season and obviously passed on Van Treese, presumably in anticipation of getting one of the Plumlees/Zeller in 2011.

  18. Chester,
    I believe you are right in that he likes tweeners. Would you pass on an 09 big for the hopes of maybe landing one in 11? Foreign bigs who can barely catch the ball seem to be ok, but solid fundamentally sound big man homegrown in Indiana are asked to walk on?
    This is my frustration.

  19. Steve,

    I guess that’s the million dollar question – will passing on Van Treese hurt in the long run?

    I believe IU is a lot closer with the youngest Zeller than they were the previous two, so I have to think Zeller will, if he’s not already, be a prime target for IU. And he’s a homegrown talent to boot.

    I don’t think IU will regret passing on Van Treese. From what I’ve read Zeller is the better player and looking at how well his older brothers turned out you know he has the pedigree to succeed.

  20. Van Treese wanted to come to IU, but Crean would not offer. That’s just the way it is. Instead we have Bawa, who can barely walk and chew gum at the same time

  21. There’s always going to be some recruit that somebody wanted that didn’t want to come or didn’t get offered for whatever reason. After they sign with somebody else it’s water under the bridge.

    What’s important are the kids that we get. Are they what we want? With this group the answer is: Hell yes!

  22. stevealford,

    I think Crean has proven that he knows how to coach and recruit. See: Marquette.

    Also, can you cite the source that provided you with information concerning Crean’s practice of “running players off?” That seems like absolute speculation.

  23. I am not so sure Crean has proven he knows how to coach and recruit. Wade is about his only accomplishment. Many schools were turned off because of his poor academics. I believe the coach at IU should win National Championships, not go to ONE final four on the coattails of Wade. If he would have recruited a big man, maybe they could have won. It is clear that if you wish to oversign every year, people must leave. It is no secret.

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