Audio from today’s availability

Apparently I need some new digital recorder software (new technology is killing me) because anytime I do an interview that lasts longer than five minutes, it’s too big to put on the blog. And because Tom Crean goes about five minutes per question, something has to give or I’ll never be able to give you folks audio from the Indiana coach.

Regardless, guard Verdell Jones and Tijan Jobe were made available after practice for availability leading up to Saturday’s game against Northwestern State. Matt Roth apparently had to head out, but agreed to talk to the media by speaker phone about his foot surgery. Thanks to IU SID J.D. Campbell for providing use of his Blackberry.

Also made available for the media was former Notre Dame and New York Knicks assistant coach Jim Nix, who runs a very worthy charity organization called Camouflage Kids. Basically, the focus of the charity is to give the children and spouses of military men and women the opportunity to get out and attend basketball games. They’ll be bringing about 130 people to Saturday’s game against Northwestern State. More on this later, but Nix’s message also ran over the unfortunately short time limits of my recorder.

Audio: Verdell Jones and Tijan Jobe

Audio: Matt Roth



    Led by 4 Crean recruits, Marquette dispensed with #15 Michigan today. Great to see for an IU fan.

    Lazar Hayward 22 pts

    Maurice Aker 8 points

    Jimmy Butler 17 points

    Dwight Buycks 14 points

  2. Jordan Crawford is also lighting it up at Xavier. I miss that guy. Why did the white Sampsonites (Pritchard and Roth) have to be the ones who stayed loyal to IU?

  3. Yeah, Crawford, before his most recent game anyway, was just amazing. I knew he was going to be a star someday. Then however, his game against Marquette didn’t go well at all. Took way too many ill-advised shots, trying to take control of the game. However, I guess the greatest players always have to have that sort of game.

  4. Husky Tom,
    Are you trying to rub it in that Marquette’s new coach can develop talent or what?
    Also what does skin color have to do with anything?

  5. Actually, there are three white Sampsonites- I forgot Elston. Here’s to hoping Elston will break the pattern of crappy white Sampsonites.

  6. Elston is the real deal. He just needs more mintues.
    Pat Knight and Steve Alford are a combined 11-0 on the year.

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    Crean is not Krispy Krean, nor is he Steve Alfredo. Alfredo is really easy to make; always a quick success at dinner parties. One only needs noodles, heavy cream, parmesan, salt, and pepper, if you want to be authentic. If you use a box-mix, I feel sorry for you; suffice to say you have probably dreamed of vacationing in Dubai.

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  8. ^ Translation: you take a taxi cab from Indy airport and ask the driver to take you downtown. The driver starts driving towards St. Louis instead on 70 west. Hello, you say, Indianapolis downtown. Oh, man, you have no idea, says the driver, this is the best way from the new airport. This is for the long term, trust me. So by the time he kicks you out of his car on the outskirts of Brazil, IN, it’s already too late. He got your wallet and and your bags and you realize you’d been had, and you remember suspecting something was wrong but you stayed quiet because of … loyalty to your principles I suppose. Long story short: in the long run Crean may prove to be more detrimental for IU than Lynch and Sampson taken TOGETHER.

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