1. Very Glad to hear that Bawa is cleared to play.

    In hindsight, I wish it would have been this time yesterday to get him some minutes last night. The NCAA had to know they had a game last night, and that he was goign to be cleared. Typical NCAA.

  2. USA Today just reported that it was the “remarkable campaign” of someone named BeatPurdue in the H-T to “Free Bawa!” which directly lead to the decision today by the NCAA to declare him fully eligible.(can you say S-P-O-O-F?)

  3. Saw the news about Bawa on the IU Athletics Site. Great News!

    I miss the “New GEneration” photo when you open the basketball home page. I couldn’t even find it on Google image search. Does anyone have a clue where I can access it?

  4. I hope he’s an outstanding player. Just think of the chants they could come up with cheering BAWA.

  5. Glad that Bawa can now get some playing time in these pre/early season games, because IU is going to need someone to come in at Center when Prichard needs a blow or fouls out of the game. Saw the re-broadcast of the Grace game, and Tijan Jobe is not looking any better than he did last year.

  6. Yes ok he in, but most of the say so on him by those who watch practice or even Crean himself is he is less than Jobe @ this point. Here’s hoping he catches on alot quicker

  7. Wrong HiggiStardust, in 6 min Jobe had 3 rebounds, 0 TO and 0 Fouls. His movement was much better. On one play you see the Grace player jump out-of-bounds because TJ is BIG in the paint on the baseline. We got the ball on the OB call. He is MUCH improved! Some very good players on the oppposition are going to be very sore from driving the paint against IU this year. Some will decide not to.

  8. Dustin, now that Bawa is free to play in games could someone give us an idea of how he looks in practice? I read that he was the 14th ranked center recruit, but Crean talks like he’s a ‘project.’

  9. Kurk,
    Unfortunately, we’re rarely allowed in practice. On at least one of the occasions we have been, he was elsewhere. He played at Hoosier Hysteria though, and I have to say my impression that he’s extremely large, extremely jacked, but fairly uncoordinated. He can hit a 10-15 foot jumper on occasion. But there are a lot of similarities between him and Tijan.

  10. He should play for a team named the Huskies..’cause his game is Bowwow Manure. Just remember…our coach may be the biggest ‘project’ of all.

    I did see the funniest picture of Jobe to date on the IU Athletics site..(“Hoosiers Start Exhibition Season With 96-73 Triumph Over Grace” Photo Gallery picture #15)…I’ve never seen such midair rigidity…Has to be the most bizarre live basketball shot I’ve ever seen..See if you agree.

  11. Wow BP…if Tijan Jobe is “much improved” then it’s really scary to see him being beat continually to the rack by a 5′ 9″ guard from Grace College. Thank God this kid is a Senior!

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