Big Ten Soccer Tournament semifinals


Indiana never able to break through down the stretch, and now the wait for Monday’s NCAA Tournament selection show begins. BUCKEYES 4, HOOSIERS 2


10:13: Time continues to wind down here and IU is still searching for a goal that would get them back in this game. Indiana attacking in numbers now, but OSU defense responding in kind. BUCKEYES 4, HOOSIERS 2

21:08: At the second-half TV time out. IU has had a few chances to score again, but no luck so far. I would say IU is likely to score one more, but the two questions that begs is: Can they score a second? and Can they keep OSU from scoring? BUCKEYES 4, HOOSIERS 2

39:27: As they have all day, Ohio State has the answer. A corner kick was headed down and saved by Soffner, but Ofori Sarkodie’s clearance was blocked into the goal. BUCKEYES 4, HOOSIERS 2

41:53: That didn’t take long — again. A scrum in the box and Will Bruin runs onto the loose ball and pounds it home to cut the deficit in half for Indiana. BUCKEYES 3, HOOSIERS 2

43:01: We’re just underway in the second half. Neil Wilmarth is starting up top in place of the injured Daniel Kelly. No changes in the back for IU, but the problem is more mental than physical anyway. BUCKEYES 3, HOOSIERS 1


If this was football, Indiana would have just taken a knee to run out the first half. The IU defense was getting shredded and the offense non-existent. Hoosiers seemed to suddenly revert to mid-season form in that half. If they can pull it together at the break, the Ohio State defense hasn’t been so strong that IU can’t score enough to get back in it. But the way things are going, the final may be more like 6-3.

At one point, Rich Balchan began shouting at goalkeeper Luis Soffner, who begged to differ. That’s how frustrated the Hoosiers were before the break. BUCKEYES 3, HOOSIERS 1


6:53: Ohio State’s Konrad Worzycha hits an absolute laser from 35 yards out that hits the right side of the net, and the Indiana defense is simply not getting the job done. BUCKEYES 3, HOOSIERS 1

14:12: Ohio State goes in front on a goal by Sam Scales. Indiana defense really struggling to handle the crosses being put in by Ohio State. BUCKEYES 2, HOOSIERS 1

20:11: We’re at the first-half TV time out, and the game has really been just as back and forth as the score indicates. Both teams have had some real chances to add on. Daniel Kelly went down earlier with what looked to be a hamstring injury. Since Alec Purdie replaced him, IU has struggled to put as much together offensively. Looks like Kelly has a wrap on the right leg. I expect we’ll see Darren Yeagle soon. HOOSIERS 1, BUCKEYES 1

31:40: And the lead was short-lived. Ohio State’s Andrew Magill knocks a home a cross from Sam Scales to tie the game. Earlier, IU just missed going up two goals when Will Bruin’s volley was saved at the far post by the OSU keeper. HOOSIERS 1, BUCKEYES 1

40:43: A rarity for Indiana this season, a first-half goal. Andy Adlard gets loose on the left side of the box and punches home the shot into the left side of the net to give IU a 1-0 lead. It is the Hoosiers’ second-fastest goal of the season. The fastest came against Butler, a game IU lost 2-1 in overtime. Let that be a warning. HOOSIERS 1, BUCKEYES 0


Top-seeded Ohio State and No. 4 Indiana meet in today’s opener. The Buckeyes snuck away with a 1-0 win in overtime two weeks ago here in Bloomington, so the Hoosiers have revenge on their minds. IU has virtually clinched an NCAA Tournament berth with yesterday’s win, but the Hoosiers could dramatically improve their seeding, not to mention their state of mind with another win or two here. Penn State and Michigan State will meet in the second semifinal at 4:30. I’ll keep you updated, watch on the Big Ten Network or follow me on Twitter.


  1. It’s unfortunate that Indiana’s season may have ended this way. The 22 consective NCAA tourney appearances streak may be in jeopardy. If they do not make the NCAA tournamnet Fred Glass would be hard pressed not to make a change at head coach.
    I’m not a Freitag hater. On paper he is a good coach. Going into 2009, a 74-22-18 career record and a national title in 2003 is nothing to take lightly. It just seems like he doesn’t have the right intangibles. Luck wise, things started to go bad for him in 2007 when they lost to Bradley in the opening round of the tourney. This year I thought that bringing back Aleksey Korol would spark the team. Alas, it wasn’t to be.
    Today, judging from the on-field bickering among the Hoosiers, Freitag may have also lost control of the team.
    My question is, what would it take to get Caleb Porter back? And is he the answer for IU’s next head coach. What about Todd Yeagley? Other candidates?

  2. Agree something needs to be done. To say they were inconsistent this year is an understatement. Can’t really give national title to Freitag, that was still Yeagley’s team.

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