Big Ten Soccer Tournament


Indiana now has scored two goals in each of the last two games and three of the last four. That kind of offensive production will be crucial for IU moving forward in the postseason. This was a rather convincing performance, and IU will get a chance to avenge the 1-0 overtime loss to Ohio State in Friday’s semifinal. The Hoosiers and Buckeyes will meet at 2 p.m. HOOSIERS 2, BADGERS 0

22:54: Indiana appears to have delivered the dagger now as Will Bruin laid the ball off to Darren Yeagle. Yeagle’s shot was blocked by


6:07: Not much time for Wisconsin to mount a comeback now. Indiana has really dominated since scoring that second goal. IU showing the ability to finish now that was missing for so much of the season. A loss will end Todd Yeagley’s first season as coach of the Badgers at 7-9-2, meaning they will miss the NCAA Tournament. Two wins in the Big Ten and Wisconsin might have made the tourney. HOOSIERS 2, BADGERS 0

22:54: Indiana appears to have delivered the dagger now as Will Bruin laid the ball off to Darren Yeagle. Yeagle’s shot was blocked by the keeper but went right back to him, and his follow trickled off the goalie and over the line for the goal. HOOSIERS 2, BADGERS 0

29:10: Indiana seems to have relaxed a bit since scoring the goal, and Wisconsin has been building some dangerous chances, although nothing has really connected so far. But the Hoosiers need to get back on the accelerator. And as I say that Darren Yeagle is wide open in the middle of the box off a pass from Bruin and hits the shot high. HOOSIERS 1, BADGERS 0

44:40: First half, IU can’t score. Second half, it doesn’t take long. Will Bruin quickly puts Indiana on top with a blast into the lower left corner. HOOSIERS 1, BADGERS 0


Wisconsin had a dangerous chance late when Pablo Delgado ran onto a loose ball on the right side of the box and shot just wide left with a minute left. All told though, Indiana has an 8-3 advantage in shots and a 6-1 edge in corner kicks. But IU has just three first-half goals this season, so you can hardly be surprised by a scoreless half. HOOSIERS 0, BADGERS 0


16:06: Indiana with a series of corner kicks and other assorted opportunities. It seems a matter of time before the Hoosiers find the back of the net, although we’ve thought that before with this team. Most of Wisconsin’s attack coming on counters for throw-ins or corners. HOOSIERS 0, BADGERS 0

28:00: A third of the way through the opening 45 minutes and no score. Both teams have had some chances, mostly on long throw-ins or corner kicks. IU has had a few real good opportunities as of late as an Eric Alexander shot went just high and a loose ball in front on a throw was cleared out for a corner. HOOSIERS 0, BADGERS 0


Luis Soffner gets the start in goal for IU, while Rich Balchan will move to the back in place of the suspended Tommy Meyer alongside Ofori Sarkodie and Matt Wiet. Cam Jordan, Darren Yeagle, Andy Adlard, Lee Hagedorn and Eric Alexander are in the midfield. Will Bruin and Daniel Kelly start up top.


I’m at Armstrong Stadium for the opening day of the Big Ten Men’s Soccer Tournament. In the opener, seventh-seeded Michigan State knocked off third seed and No. 16 nationally Northwestern, 1-0. The Wildcats, including freshman Jarrett Baughman from Bloomington North, had numerous chances late in the game to force overtime but could not convert.

Indiana and Wisconsin will kick off Game 2 here shortly. The Hoosiers will be without Tommy Meyer after his red card last week against Penn State, and of course the Badgers are coached by former IU standout and assistant, Todd Yeagley. I’ll keep you informed here or follow me on Twitter.


  1. I just discovered a deep admiration for Skip Bayless from ESPN’s First Take…

    Today he made a convincing and very extensive argument that Peyton Manning is overrated.

  2. Skippy,

    I fail to see how your musings on First Take, Skip Bayless and Peyton Manning have anything remotely to do with Indiana Athletics.

    Please keep your random musings to yourself or go find a message board. Your behavior on this site is not welcome.

  3. Bayless is a sports journalism god! He called out that egocentric jerk that plays wide receiver for the Bengals. Without Bayless, First Take would be complete boredom with zero viewership ratings.

    And there is a way to connect the Bayless comments about Manning to IU athletics… The marketing of sports dollars/tax burden/business contributions in the state of Indiana and the influential process to build and pay for ‘The House Of Manning'(Lucas Oil)has longterm financial repercussions reaching far beyond the red bricks of the austentatious stadium that reeks of city spending gone wild.

  4. Here’s a report from the Indianapolis Star:

    The massive edifice that is Lucas Oil Stadium. The fresh steel rising from the RCA Dome site that will form the expanded convention center. The busy cranes erecting the 37-story, 1,000-room JW Marriott hotel.

    Government leaders pitched all of it in the name of growing Indianapolis’ crucial convention business, but the city has failed to fulfill one critical component of that goal: the funding needed to attract more visitors.

    Swanky new hotel rooms and sleek meeting rooms aren’t much good if no one uses them.

    That’s the warning the Indianapolis Convention & Visitors Association has sounded as city officials so far have not provided the group any additional funding to sell nearly double the convention space when the new center opens next year.

    “This city has this rising tide of both product and entertainment options,” said ICVA President and CEO Don Welsh. “We have an improving city, more amenities and more reasons to attract conventions, but we haven’t been given the money to do the job.”

    The ICVA receives most of its funding from the Capital Improvement Board, which operates the city’s convention center and sports venues. The CIB, though, has been saddled with its own financial woes — in great part because just as a new convention center is being built without enough money to promote it, Lucas Oil Stadium was built without enough money to operate it.

    The cost of maintaining the stadium is a significant reason the CIB faced a projected $47 million deficit for next year. It since has received about $25 million in relief from state lawmakers through a loan, revenue from an expanded sports development taxing district, interest savings and an increase in the city’s hotel tax.

    Posted by Terry Burns at 4:00 AM

    Anonymous said…

    Lets be fair.

    Paying operating expenses out of a capital budget intended to build the stadium is stupid. It’s like paying your home mortgage with a credit card.

    It was Fred Glass/Bart Peterson who signed the Colts contract that gave away all the CIB income to the team, and caused the CIB to drain all its cash reserves accounts.
    September 8, 2009 11:40 AM

  5. skippy, seriously…is there a point to all of this? If you’d like to comment on the Star’s story, perhaps you should try there. Or maybe you’d rather still have Rick Greenspan running IU’s athletic department…

    Good work by IU Soccer to take another big win down the stretch. Hopefully they keep it going this weekend and make some noise in the Big Soccer Dance.

  6. No point…I just went random…Have you ever gone random on a blog? Have you dropped one sentence of randomness just for fun…Would it have been better if I commented on Korman’s pretty sweater?…Soccer..?.football.?..If you combine the two, don’t you get rugby?.. Manning? Is that a unfamiliar name? Then after I dropped the couple words of randomness, some guy I don’t know named Chester Lumpwick asks me for more…He asks to find something remote…Maybe you should go find every sentence of randomness ever made on this blog and give him even more random words to fill his “remoteness” requests… He’s the one asking for it….Maybe he stores all his angry replies to randomness in a remote randometer folder on his notebook…I really don’t know…He asked for it..I obliged with more…All I wanted to do was drop a random sentence or two because I like Skip Bayless..I think the guy is intelligent and entertaining…Maybe, truth be told, I was also looking for someone to talk to..Maybe someone to share my agreement with Skip’s comments…Do you ever get lonely? I didn’t see too many posts talking about soccer…Sorry to the huge soccer following on The Scoop… Wow…tough crowd..very tough crowd here.

  7. Skip Bayless is no Chris Korman. In fact, Skip Bayless gave AIDS to all the children in Africa. As a result, Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital (what a nice guy that Peyton is) saved all the children. Crisis averted.

  8. Skippy,

    You said: “Without Bayless, First Take would be complete boredom with zero viewership ratings.”

    First Take IS boring, and I’m pretty sure it already has pretty low ratings. And describing Skip Bayless as a “journalist” is using the loosest definition of the word. Calling him a “journalism god” is just funny. Good one.

    He’s probably right though: I guess the only quarterback in NFL history to throw for 40,000 yards in a decade is probably highly overrated (or maybe he’s just saying that because he knows if he doesn’t say something controversial and absurd, no one will pay attention to him).

    I guess you’re entitled to your opinion though.

  9. I think Bayless was basing much of his argument on the number of interceptions Manning has thrown in playoff games…The one Super Bowl victory was more about the Bears self-destructing(Rex Grossman turnovers) than Manning having a superstar game..Bayless claimed that Manning’s playoff game interception to completion rate was one of the lowest amongst active QB’s…I think he even claimed it exceeded that of Tony Romo….I thought it was funny stuff…I don’t watch a lot of First Take, but on occasion I’ll tune in just to get a little of Skip’s take on controversial/current topics surrounding professional and college sports. He didn’t show much sympathy for Vick, and if I recall correctly, he didn’t believe he should be back in an NFL uniform(another viewpoint I found agreement with).. He’s not afraid to speak from a less popular side of an issue and he’s obviously not part of the sports media pawn club operating in the hip pocket of the corporate power players that run professional athletics.
    Different strokes for different folks I guess…Remember when the show was called Cold Pizza? Thanks for being civil and not making drastic issue out of my random comment, Casey.

  10. Correction: “Bayless claimed that Manning’s playoff game interception to completion rate was one of the lowest [rated] amongst active QB’s.”

  11. The only thing about Manning that drives me nuts is how he tap dances when he’s in the pocket..I don’t know how he zings the ball with rocket accuracy while the panicky jitter-hopping from waist to souls of shoes is going on…
    Does anyone remember Namath? “Joe Willie” in his white shoes…He looked so statuesque when standing in the pocket as he launched his tight spinning spirals from bazooka arm….every pass from “Broadway” a Sport Magazine photo op.

    Open the following clip and go to the 0:36 mark…Now be honest… Can you not deny that doesn’t exactly mirror the image of Peyton Manning in the pocket?

  12. yeah, but Namath is a drunk who hits on the sideline reporter and wears fur coats. I want my Manning, a guy my kids can look up to and a guy who does so much in the community and has embraced the city and state unlike his kid brother when almost drafted. I do not claim to have a Manning jersey, but he can hop around and twinkle toe all he wants because he gets is done, period!

  13. by the way, Congrats to the soccer team on the win…this is a soccer thread and I was caught up in the Manning talk, sorry everyone.

  14. tap lessons…I want to also send my apologies to the entire IU soccer community..I got caught up in Fred Astaire feet and a guy named Lipswitch.

    Go Hoosier Soccer!

  15. That is so funny; I always knew there was something about Manning that was different, that I couldn’t put my finger on.

    It’s the tip-toeing. It’s totally the tip-toeing.

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