1. Can’t believe Roth is out for most/if not all of the season. Too bad. Even though he wasn’t adjusting well to new up tempo Indiana play, good three point shooting will always be missed.

    According to the IDS, Coach Knight is coming back to Indy to speak at an Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame reception. Interesting.

    Game time coincides with the commute again. Will have to blog away another day.

    Here’s hoping that the end result of this game is in favor of IU. Don’t get beat by a HockeyEast school now.

  2. I believe it’s on ESPNU…It’s the first upper-tier package with my cable company(Bright House)…I don’t subscribe..won’t subscribe. It truly is getting ridiculous…When we were an “elite” basketball school and you lived in Indiana, we could nearly watch every game for free on local channel 4…Now we’re Ball State in candy-stripes and we pay out the donkey. Go figure.

  3. app[arently this game is not on espnu either. Im watching it now and they have a football game scheduled for 5:30.

  4. He is not that great of a three point shooter. He just had a couple of good games. He shot them out of games a couple of times also.

  5. FINAL: BU 71, IU 67.
    IU: Creek 17; Jones 14; Rivers 13; Watford 9; Elston 6; Pritchard 4; Dumes 4.
    IU: 24-58 (41%) FG; 5-13 (38%) 3PT; 14-22 (64%) FT; 14 (28) fouls.
    BU: 17-52 (33%) FG; 8-23 (35%) 3PT; 29-42 (69%) FT; 12 (22) fouls.
    BU: Holland 21; O’Brien 14; Morris 13; Lowe 8; Strong 7; Sirutis 4; Bailey 3; Smith 1.

  6. WOW – My expectations for the Hoosiers this season have taken quite a hit in Puerto Rico – I figured IU would be good enough to beat the Terriers this season! WOW

  7. I can’t believe all this negative stuff from u guys. They are freshman! Get behind them and try some positive reinforcement for a change. It is going to take a few road games like these for them to be good later. They will get better and they need fan support to do so. Most of them have never been this far from home. So they lost to BU big deal. This is a long term project for coach Crean. Tell me when a coach at North Carolina, Kentucky Duke, Kansas, Michigan State, or even Butler that had to start his career with 1 returning player and 8 walk ons? Then after a 6-25 season how would they recruit any better than a top 10 team?
    It is going to take some time even a few years to get the great IU back on top again. If you have ever coached you would understand what a tough job it would be to follow behind the mess that Sampson and Company left us with! I am surprised that a coach as good as Crean would even put themselves through this and the kids have to be special also. They could have gone to a whole lot of winning programs but chose IU to get us back to a top ten school. They need our support for more than 4 games! Come on guys

  8. Does this mean $5.00 seats and more t-shirts with Winston Churchill quotes?

  9. Time for another little Northwest comparison, just to help us all put things in perspective.

    In 2003, the UW Huskies were in their second year with Coach Lorenzo Romar. Romar had just finished his first season and 10-17, and some whiners out there were already asking whether he was the right choice for the program.

    Starting his next season 5-8 didn’t help silence the doubters. The sluggish Huskies, led by sophomore 4-star recruits Brandon Roy and Nate Robinson, lost a home game to Wyoming and a road game to Houston, as well as suffering their usual yearly spanking by GOnzaga.

    It wasn’t until game 14 that they finally found their rhythm. After an 0-5 start to their in-conference season, they were down late on the road at OSU. Nate Robinson’s 35 foot 3 pointer tied the game at the buzzer. The Huskies won in overtime.

    That win sparked a run that would see the team finish 12-6 in conference and go to the NCAAs.

    I am not saying that this year’s IU team will have a similar turnaround. But I will say this: curb the whining until the guys really have a chance to get a feel for eachother. Give the team a couple home games. Give them a couple conference games. Even then, be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

    PS- Don’t watch the Bucket game for any comfort, unless you want to see another team that can’t hold leads.

  10. The Bucket game is exactly what I am going to witness this afternoon to get my IU fix. Tickets are bought to be used. The weather is going to be gridiron traditional with an exciting atmosphere for a large enthusiastic crowd. Hell yes I’ll take comfort from the event.

  11. I wasn’t including you in my target audience, Clarion. I’m referring to people like me who aren’t able to keep their head in the clouds all the time.

    Have fun at the game.

  12. I am tired of hearing Crean’s excuses of rebuilding and young. Good coaches win with young guys all the time. He says they are not there yet. Well it is your job to get them there. That is why you are sucking millions of unearned dollars from the institution.

  13. Not so sure about that. People like you, J Pat, GF Dave etc. have “private” conversations all the time that don’t interest everyone. Downing and I banter back and forth all the time without the slightest reaction from most people.

    Not everyone is a target.

  14. We do have some mighty fine chatty sessions.
    This team is young..They may be young for a long time. There may not be so fine a line between getting pummeled every night and successful recruiting in the future…(especially when it’s on a national basketball stage)..That’s your main difference between Marquette/Washington and Indiana.

  15. Some chatty posts are within the broad confines of civility that exist in this world. Other, shall we say younger, posts? Not so much.

  16. If belittling assumptions laced in grandeur thought/position/expertise be the realm of your civility, then expect certain unrest. That’s reality.

  17. Coke, I was quoting Husky and laughing and going along with a big fat nothing burger. It was not directed at any one person. If you want to go to war over that, fine, misguided, but fine. Just remember that your put down was personal and anonymous and that I have the civility to use one name, my chatty little brother. That’s your reality.

  18. GFDave,

    First, I will take the low road and apologize for offending you…It was a cowardice escape from reality to hide behind Chatty Cathy’s, chatty and charming, Tiny Chatty Brother…Tiny Chatty Brother was way over on the teeter-totter with Tiny Chatty Baby and had nothing to do with this back-and-forth hostile chat…I would like to take this moment to also apologize to Tiny Chatty brother for momentarily stealing his name for such fiery defense of the speaking flesh world that I know nothing about…I used you both to mock Husky Tom’s words and it was wrong…In the end, Big Chatty Husky Tom got just what he wanted…He pulled Chatty Downing’s string(Chatty Downing was actually sitting across the table from Chatty Kathy and could not be seen in clip) way out of his back and chatty crap came rolling out of my empty, chatty, fat nothing burger head…I’m sorry.

    It is all rather foolish..I was trying to cleverly mock such attitudes of priggishness through you, not at you.

    You’re “GFDave” on the Hoosier Scoop blog…That’s about as real to me as knowing Rice-A-Roni is the San Francisco treat. My other slightly more paramount reality…?…That would be my wife threatening to divorce me if I continue to spend so much time on blogs.

    Sorry, Dave.

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