Coach confirms Sheehey commitment

Adam Ross, basketball coach at Sagemont Upper School in Weston, Fla., confirmed that guard Will Sheehey has committed to Indiana and will sign his letter of intent tomorrow.

“Two things were the biggest,” Ross said of the reason for Sheehey’s commitment. “One was the intensity of practice and Coach (Tom) Crean’s innate ability to teach the game. Also, we met with the people at the Kelley School of Business. They were incredible. The business school is something very important to Will. It’s as important as the basketball program he plays in.”

Ross said after Sheehey was offered a scholarship to Indiana that he thought the 6-5 wing would be a perfect fit for Crean’s system, and after watching a practice during Sheehey’s official visit to Bloomington on Nov. 7, Ross said he believed that to be even more true.

“Will fills a need in a big way for the program,” Ross said.”He’s a little different than the players currently in the program, in that he gives them really good size and strength at the wing position. That will enable Indiana to play a little differently defensively and offensively for that matter. I think he gives them the opportunity to match up better.”

The 6-foot-5, 190-pounder is the No. 131 rated player in the Class of 2010 by Sheehey will become the second player to sign with Indiana for the Class of 2010, joining guard Victor Oladipo from DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville, Md.

The Hoosiers still have one scholarship available for the Class of 2010. They have one offered to five-star guard Josh Selby, who visited Bloomington this weekend. Selby’s mother Maeshon Witherspoon, who has been handling all media inquiries regarding her son’s recruitment, did not return a text message seeking comment about the visit.

Sheehey will be signing his letter of intent alongside Sagemont center Fab Melo, who had been committed to Syracuse for some time but waited to sign his letter of intent so that he and Sheehey could sign at the same time, Ross said. Sheehey will be available for comment after school today.


  1. Sheehey is a great get for us I never saw coming as was Oladipo. I wonder if recruiting players and offering scholarships late in the recruitment process is becoming the new standard.

  2. “I wonder if recruiting players and offering scholarships late in the recruitment process is becoming the new standard.”

    It’s absolutely necessary, if not a new standard, when you don’t get your first choice recruits at a particular position. Probably a good strategy to hold one scholarship open for the spring signing period actually if you can afford to do so.

  3. Decent pick up in the grand scheme of things. Hopefully a useful plug and play guy in Crean’s system. From what I saw this past Friday night, he will sub at will. Remember the Mike Davis days of just playing 6 or 7?

  4. Just remember how behind in recruiting Coach Crean has been for the past few classes.

    He found guys like Verdell and Dumes (JuCo), kept Pritchard committed and brought in our strong frosh class the past two years.

    Oladipo and Sheehey will be nice additions.

    However, I’m still hoping to land a true force down low to compliment Pritchard.

  5. Didn’t we beat #1 Duke at a Regional in Kentucky when Davis was at the helm?…Doesn’t seven years and a trip to NCAA Championship game seem like a century ago?

    Eat at Frontera Grill! I like Peyton Manning.

  6. Does this not look delicious on a cool autumn November eve..?

    DA Bears! DA soup! DA Skip! DA damn fool..called DA Peyton overrated..DA Rick does not agree!…DA Rick not DA Bears fan at all…DA Rick actually a Colts fan in Chicago…DA Colts! DA soup! DA Scoop! DA Rick, DA chef.. not DA Skip, DA Dunce!

  7. Hey Jubilee, know how to discern an ellipsis from a period. For your clarification, an ellipsis placed at the conclusion of a sentence with no sentence following should end with a period (a total of four dots).

  8. First I want to say that I love everything IU and everything Tom Crean is doing for us and this may seem a little out of line, but I kind of seems that Crean is getting “too many” “can play any position” athletes. I know that you can never have “too many,” and I’m am not saying that its a bad thing, but I think I would like to see talented “definate” or “specialized” positions being more heavily recruited and mixed into the equation. I know we have Muniru and Job, but they are more project players.

    I know its good to have a range of athletes, that play a range of positions, so in practice they are buffing up on each position. I’m just saying that I would like to have a talented (definate) center, PG, etc., so all their improvement time is more specialized.

    I like what we have, but in sports you CANNOT be complacent, and I think Crean would agree.

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