1. Just want to tell you both how much I enjoy these live discussions. Keep up the good work. Also want reader to know that Korman owns more books than some high schools. Sorry about those Phillies. Next year!

  2. Chris and Dustin,
    I am curious about your profession because I think all too often people fail to realize the effort you put into your product and I feel you guys are doing an excellent job. I recently stopped by subscription to the Chicago Tribune after almost 40 years. I personally didn’t feel they were making an effort to keep the public informed. This wasn’t limited to sports but the entire spectrum of news.
    I can’t justify subscribing to the H-T, sorry.

  3. Hi guys. Enjoyed the chat. I read up on the rules and ages of athletes per NCAA after the one question asked about Bawa. This does not go for him as he is supposedly 20 but I found this interesting anyway:

    21-Year Age Rule
    There is no age limit on who can participate as a student-athlete, however, a student-athlete who has turned 21 years old and has never attended a college or university as a full-time student will utilize a season of competition for every calendar year beginning with his/her 21st birthday in which he/she participates in organized competition in his/her sport while not being enrolled as a full-time student.

  4. “Moments ago we just learned that Bawa is completely eligible. If you see his smile as wide as it has ever been you will know why.”

    – Tom Crean, via twitter

  5. Have you guys seen this week’s Sports Illustrated (Iowa FB cover)? “For the Record” on page 29 has a short piece on Knight not coming to the HOF ceremonies on Sat and SI refers to IU as the University of Indiana – WOW!

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