1. Touch loss, will really help these guys mature. This team will be fine in the long run and will only continue to improve. George Mason is a much tougher team that anyone gives them credit for. We will be fine, stop freaking out!!

  2. I don’t know which I enjoyed watching more, the Bucket game or today’s game against George Mason. Can someone help me here?

  3. When are we, if ever, going to get past square one.

    IU is looking at 0-18 in Big Ten. Not bad for $200,000.00 per month.

  4. What a TERRIBLE weekend for the Hoosiers – 3 losses in PR (and one of them to BU for cryin’ out loud!)for the BB team and a crappy performance in the Bucket game for the FB team (I know “we’re making progress” – but, we finished LAST in the BT again)- How bad is it to be a die-hard Hoosier fan right now? Please tell me how to avoid my Purdie buddies at work tomorrow….their BB team is Top 10 and their FB team beat Mich, OSU and won the Bucket this season (in Bloomington)- I guess I could tell them we beat Akron in FB or Grace in BB….Good Grief!

  5. This makes me sick. I really think Crean might be a worse coach than Mike Davis if that is possible.
    We just got beat by a mid major full of freshmen and sophomores. We have more upperclassmen than them. Our returning players get worse the longer they are here.

  6. Boston U’s 18 point loss to Georgia Tech pretty much proves that IU got beat by the 6th and 7th “best” teams in Puerto Rico.

    I guess $2,000,000.00 doesn’t go very far these days.

  7. • Husky Tom | November 20th, 2009 at 7:03 am |

    Man, it’s tough to be an IU fan…when was the last time we
    were on the blog saying “wow, what an impressive win! Can’t
    believe we beat those guys!”

    • IU Historian | November 20th, 2009 at 9:01 am |

    Husky Tom said – when was the last time we were on the blog
    saying “wow, what an impressive win! Can’t believe we beat
    those guys!”

    The answer to your question is never. The HT didn’t have
    blogs before September 2000.

    How quickly we forget! How about Feb 19, 2008. Or
    a week later on Feb 16, 2008 (both in Assembly Hall, both mighty impressive performances
    by any standard).


  8. Nothing done while the All-Time NCAA leader in rules violations can be considered impressive.

    Just another painful reminder of how morally corrupt the IU administration was to hire a known cheater.

    Karma is a beeatch and IU will continue to get paid back for some time. VBG

  9. The negativity and impatience that emerges after just five games of IU basketball (with a team that relies heavily on a core of young, inexperienced players to make major contributions) is amazing.

    I’ve never seen a group of fans switch from “We’re behind our young Hoosiers” and “Crean is taking the program in the right direction” to “We stink” and “Crean is a bad coach” so quickly.

    For those saying George Mason is just as young as we are — you’re right. They rely just as much on young players. So essentially, we’re teams at the same points of development. And we lost by THREE POINTS (on a prayer of a bank shot that just happened to go in). So essentially we played a team extremely similar to ours and the final bounce just didn’t go our way — not exactly a reason to go into panic mode. It’s not like we got blown out and dominated.

    Be patient people. It’s tough to bear these losses, but I think a lot of fans are passing judgement with terrible prematurity.

  10. Casey- bless ya, man. Thanks for the reality check. Did we not forget, also, that George Mason has been to a Final Four more recently than IU? That this season they previously lost to Villanova by one point, and Ga. Tech by 8?

    Last year, we beat Cornell in the early going, a team that went 21-9 and made it to the NCAAs. How much good did that do us?

    These games are warm-ups. Sure, no one is happy with the turnovers, Tom Taber (Kyle Pritchard), the free throws, and especially the results. Let’s see how we look at home when the Big 10 finally rolls in, and then our critiques will have more merit.

  11. Now that football is over and Clarion has become a bit more quiet, here’s Husky turning into a clarion sui-generis. Reality check, Husky? When was that your strong point? 😆

  12. Ooh, that comparison hurts…please don’t call me a Clarion:)

    If you need an explanation: Crean is a coach with a great pedigree that took over a train wreck. Before I go on, don’t feed me the garbage about how he “only won one postseason game without Wade”; he recruited Wade, so why shouldn’t he be able to ride his coattails and get credit for it?

    Besides, how many Super Bowls did Bill Walsh win without Montana?

    Dungy without Peyton?

    Riley without Magic?

    Taking the superstar out of the equation as a measure of a coach’s “true” success is about as dumb of an argument I’ve ever heard, outside of Clarion’s definition of “improvement.”

    Now, I don’t give Billy Boy and Fred Glass the same cushion. Why? Because Bill has been with the program for over four years; in his three years as a head coach, he is 5-19 in the Big 10. He has no pedigree to suggest to us that better times are ahead. He was a lame-duck emotional hire, who was basically given the job because Greenspan, in the wake of the Sampson scandal, felt that after going after a Bad Boy in Kelvin and failing, the only way to save face was to give the job to a friendly Hoosier Homer who wouldn’t cause a stir amongst the old boys club.

    As for Glass, the guy is a classic modern capitalist. Tries to spend the minimum on labor (Lynch), even though labor is the most important, and often most costly expense of a successful business, while attracting a fan base through cheap gimmicks and promotions (Was he a Taco Bell CEO before coming to IU?)

    Attendance may have been good this year because of these promotions, but nor fans nor recruits are dumb enough to overlook the only thing that matters in the long run, WINS. Those Taco Bell tacos may be tasty for a quick, cheap fill-up, but eat them for a month or two and you’ll soon realize that you are fat, out of shape, and your digestive system is doing all sorts of weird things.

    Can we handle two more years of Taco Bell?… Apparently not, I think I need to run to the toilet!

    How is that for feisty, D?

  13. D is thinking (or asking his wife to let him type just one more outstanding reply to the one and only H.) Meanwhile I followed the links provided above and read through the comments provided by the bloggers of that time.

    The Michigan State gam. A certain T writes:

    I love Crawford’s game.

    He’s flawed, that is certain, but I love watching the kid play…aside from Gordon he’s the most explosive guy on the team.

    It was really fun to watch the team rally and I was shocked at how well the stripeout looked.

    It seemed like D.J. wasn’t hurting too bad, but with knee’s i’m always scared, my fingers will be crossed all day tomorrow and (obviously) I hope he’ll be ok.

    I don’t know what has gotten into Gordon, but the last two games he’s looked a LOT better. His turnovers are down and his general ass kicking ability on the court is up.

    Raymar Morgan is a good player…but he kind of looks like a girl. There. I said it.

    And then, a few days later, the same T writes:

    Great Game. Sampson still needs to go. You can’t lie to the school and the University and you can’t keep cheating.

    D.J. looked great. Gordon continues to drive to the hoop and look great doing it.

    Purdue shot 30 more times than IU and the Hoosiers still won. That’s pretty crazy to me. Good thing Purdue couldn’t knock down free throws.

    My man T… Whassup dawg? I feel like sending an e-brother card to you (and to Mrs. Downing!)

  14. Definitely wasn’t me behind those quotes. I became suspect of that disappointing team after they got waxed by UConn at home, even though UConn was missing their 2 leading scorers.

    Ahh, the final Sampson team…maybe the most overrated IU squad of all time. When EJ finally came out and told us about how drug use ruined the team chemistry, it all started to mkde sense, everyone in the IU basketball world besides downing let out a collective “Duhhh.”

  15. OK, my mistake. Apologies. You are, in fact, right: the pre-season is not that important (except maybe Kentucky? And maybe at home they’ll be a bit better at closing out games…) In that Cornell game, for example, we won the battle (the game) but lost the war (VJ3). But winning some in the preseason wouldn’t be bad either, especially against Kentucy — it just helps build confidence! We led almost the whole game against Boston and George Mason…!? Hopefully Crean knows what needs to be done and will keep at it until the team works well and prove all of us “naysayers” wrong, just wrong! I can’t wait for him to do that. I hope he (somehow) will. Go IU!

  16. ughly remora,

    It’s easy to say “I can’t wait for Crean to prove me wrong,” while simultaneously expressing your doubt.

    It’s perfect — you’re covered on all fronts! If he does poorly, you’ll say “I told you so.” If he “proves you wrong,” you’ll say “well I’m glad he proved me wrong!”

    Instead, why don’t you just take a stand and either support your coach and team or be adamant in your disapproval of how Crean coaches basketball.

    Hot or cold. Lukewarm is boring.

  17. OK, I’ll be short: Crean so far has been chaotic, uninspired, pompous, superficial and very, very disappointing. Any of the previous four coaches (Dakich included) would have had a better record than him by now. His tenure at Marquette is summed up by these words written by a Marquette fan in Crean’s last year there. Read and weep at the thought that we too should wait and hope. Come on, go ahead, read.

    I am not writing here on the blog to satisfy my ego (or egos, for some of you). This coach never finds it appropriate to assume responsibility for any loss. It’s always the age of the team, the legacy from Sampson, the housewives, etc., etc. and never even remotely Tom Crean’s responsibility.

    We need a better coach. Or we need this coach to improve. I support the team and I support the coach in his effort (if he makes any) to become a better coach. So far (in more than one year) he hasn’t convinced me that he tries to be a better coach. So I think he’s bad. I have nothing against the players. But they are coached poorly and their job is thus very hard. Crean is like Jackson: he needs a Jordan, a Kobe, plus Pippen, Rodman, Artest, and then he can be a good coach.

    If I were Glass I’d ask Crean to have a winning season this year. Otherwise: out. Zero tolerance. Why? Because it’s Indiana, that’s why.

  18. Dan Dakich! Too bad he weren’t coaching right now; then we could have two Bill Lynchs instead of one!

    What is it about these silly Hoosier loyalists that think that somehow bad MAC coaches will do better at IU?

  19. Last year I could accept just about any loss (Lipscomb, Northeastern), but this year, I think we should be able to beat Boston U. and George Mason. Losing to those teams suggests we haven’t improved any despite last year’s holdovers being a year older, Rivers being eligible and a strong recruiting clas coming in. While I’m not giving up as some posters apparently are, my optimism level as it relates to eventually being good again went down a solid notch with these two losses.

  20. Ahh, the final Sampson team…maybe the most overrated IU squad of all time. When EJ finally came out and told us about how drug use ruined the team chemistry, it all started to mkde sense, everyone in the IU basketball world besides downing let out a collective “Duhhh.”

    That’s all fine and dandy coming from “Duhhh” blogging dawg that only had Duhhh-plorable, Duhhh-spicable, and Duhhh-grading things to say about Gordon after his final day as a Hoosier in Arkansas. Some are not so doubly Duhhh-umb to understand the reason EJ had his parting words for some.

    That’s the clear difference in our opinions of Gordon, Tom…You think his worst day was at Arkansas..You sold out every accomplishment, every great game he aided our Hoosiers to victory , and a Big 10 “Freshman of the Year” award, based primarily on the poor performance in one game… And then you proceeded to post statements on the blog that predestined all his future basketball days as failures based on this total “choke” day.

    In contrast, I think Gordon’s worst performance came in front of a microphone nine months later. That’s when he really choked…He choked on excuses and a weak stomach for criticism…For what? So a classy journalist could have a chance to print some sensationalist mud? He sold out former teammates that were not on this court of opinion that he was now playing dominant ball…He brought his A game and put on the one-man wrecking crew shoes all the EJ doubters had been looking for…He took his shots and he drained them all.

    In the end, it looks like maybe you were right…Like many, his game might stall in the NBA..there’s a good possibility he will sit the Clippers bench for the next couple years…Not because of air balls in Arkansas, or bricks thrown at a microphone in Indianapolis..Very few can be cool under pressure and find Michael Jordan DNA running through veins with zero ticks on a clock…And most so young don’t possess the appropriate shrewd awareness to see the trappings of a journalist filled by the envy of his empty wannabee jock…EJ will now sit the bench for two main reasons: (1) The fateful bad timing of a nasty groin injury and (2) A kid named Sebastian …Have you seen Telfair play?…Wow.

    I hope Gordon still gets his minutes and maybe his day to shine and come through in clutch..I like EJ…. And I still think he plays a great game of basketball.

  21. Moving back to Indy to play with Hansbrough for Bird would not be that bad for Gordon if he doesn’t get to play much this year for whatever reason. One never knows and I bet Bird would know how to use EJ.

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