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Steve Downing plays against Bill Walton and UCLA during the 1973 Final Four. Larry Crewell | Herald-Times

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  • Steve Downing’s accomplishments will be remembered Friday, when he is inducted into the Indiana Hall of Fame, Lynn Houser writes.
  • Indiana plays Grace tonight in the exhibition opener, and Tom Crean is treating it like an exhibition in some respects and like a real game in others, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Terrance Turner is still searching for his first touchdown, Dustin writes.
  • Mark Dantonio also is not pleased with the Big Ten officiating, Dustin writes.


WHERE HAVE YOU GONE, BARRY ALVAREZ? (or news on Wisconsin)

  • Tight end Lance Kendrick’s running ability gets a lot of notice, but his blocking is key for the Badgers, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Jeff Potrykus writes.
  • The end-around, where a wide receiver takes the ball and runs with it, is Wisconsin’s answer to the Wildcat, the Badger Herald’s Jordan Schelling writes.
  • The defense is able to just let players make plays right now, Madison.com’s Tom Mulhern writes.




Vampire Weekend’s “A-Punk.” Enjoy the day.


  1. Steve Downing….Not only one of the greatest centers to ever play for the Hoosiers, but possibly the last to wear Converse All-Stars…What a warrior in the middle…Eat your heart out Walton..He kicked your ass.

  2. I am going to do a little reading up on Downing. He was a little before my time.

    Mike P or anyone, I have 2 tix to the game tonight and cannot make it. Selling CHEAP! Let me know if you want to meet in B town!!!

  3. Downing- Now that the Real Downing is on his way to the Hall, it’s time for you to come out from behind your pseudonym and give us something closer to your real name.

    I sort of wish now that I could have posted as “Don James” or “Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.” Instead, you get to call me by my cold, austere birth name.

  4. I would be Greg Graham or perhaps Chris Reynolds. Maybe since it is the cool thing to do I will post under a different name every now and then, hahahaha!

  5. Indianapolis Washington had Downing, McGinnis, Day and Highbaugh, within a span of 2 or 3 years. All came to IU.
    We know about Downing and McGinnis. I don’t know what happened to Day, he had some problems. Highbaugh played in the CFL for quite a while and had a good career.
    If Downing hadn’t his hurt his knee he would have played in the NBA longer than he did.
    Bellamy, Benson and Downing, you couldn’t go wrong with any of them.

  6. I forgot Wayne Pack. I think he went to Tennessee Tech. Played 1 year of ABA. That’s 5 guys in 2 to 3 years. Not bad.
    They talk about coac

  7. They talk about coaches hiring high school coaches and how it is shady and so on. Well Jery Oliver was Lou Watson’s assistant at IU. Guess where he coached high school bb?

  8. Just out of curiosity, who is the UCLA player in the background? and was he from the state of Indiana? thanks

  9. Rick,
    Pretty sure that is Dave Meyers. I don’t believe he was from Indiana. The next year Pete Trgovich (spelling?) played for UCLA and he was from the “Region”!

  10. Don’t forget about John Ritter on the ’73 Hoosiers ..he may have been prematurely balding, but he could sure handle the Spalding…He was an integral part of that team and played a big role in the unbelievable comeback in the second half against UCLA…His name is often omitted from discussions.

    John Ritter… from the little Indiana town of

    “This is a combination of everything I have done in my playing days,” Ritter said before the game. “For us to be here is equivalent of being in the state high school finals.

    “Coach Knight said at the start of the season that this is where we want to be while other teams are in mothballs. When I went to Bloomington, I wanted to help put IU basketball back on top.”

    Indiana took an early lead on the Bruins, but then went on a long scoreless drought. UCLA led by as much as 22 points and it was 40-22 at halftime.

    The Hoosiers rallied spectaculary and, when Ritter hit back-to-back buckets in the second half, the Bruins’ lead was down to two points with 5:51 to play. But, UCLA regrouped and was able to hold off the Indiana upset bid.

    The Hoosiers were hampered with Downing being in foul trouble and exiting with about eight minutes to play, finishing with 26 points. Walton had 14 points and 17 rebounds.

  11. Does that guy in the background have a cigarette in his mouth at courtside? My how times have changed, and its not just the short tight shorts.

  12. An Indiana kid captained UCLA for 3 years and won 2 NCAA’s.

    1. Can you name him ?
    2. He was NOT on the Indiana all star team due to the Indy Star schmucks
    3. His arch rival in northern indiana captained IU

  13. I’m guessing . . .
    Mike Warren @ UCLA
    Vernon Payne @ IU
    I’m sure to be wrong because of the 3 year captaincy at UCLA.
    Good question!

  14. For UCLA it was Pete Trigovich (I know I butchered the spelling). Aso on his high school team was Junior Bridgeman, a star at Louisville. Great high school team.

  15. Thirty-five years since that photo and we don’t have a center on our current team that could even come close to matching up with Downing in his prime….Hell, they probably couldn’t guard him if he suited up today….

    Maybe we should ponder and chew that fat for another 10 blog postings…

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