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Bob Knight will not be coming back to Indiana today to be inducted into the athletics Hall of Fame. Monty Howell | Herald-Times

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  • Bob Knight’s legacy and impact on his coaching tree is difficult to evaluate, Chris Korman writes.
  • Bawa Muniru was cleared by the NCAA on Thursday, and he said he knew it would come eventually, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Grand Valley State hung around, but the women’s basketball team pulled out an exhibition win, Andrew Wyder writes.
  • Wisconsin running back John Clay is in the mold of past big Badger backs, Dustin writes.
  • A frustrated men’s soccer team plays host to No. 25 Penn State today, Jeremy Price writes.






It’s Bob Knight, so what else but Frank Sinatra’s “My Way.”?


  1. Those banners symbolize Knights petty behavior with IU. Come on, he can even handle the banners without censoring “INDIANA UNIVERSITY”? Please stop covering the Knight angle, and focus on the recipients that truly love IU.

  2. I will give the man the next 3 or 4 years until my wife and I build a new house hopefully and if he has not patched things up enough to embrace fans of his at Indiana, I am auctioning off all of my Knight autographed memorabilia and there will be No sign of Knight in my new IU room. I am officially over it! It is a slap in the face to me as a fan! I was there at the rally when he was let go as a senior and 10 years is a long time and the IU house has been cleaned. NO excuse in this kind of behavior. Let er rip!!!

  3. J Pat – I’d keep the RMK stuff but sell the IU stuff. If you can find a buyer.

    The RMK stuff has more value.

  4. For real? You’re bitter about a friggin’ basketball coach? He didn’t shoot one god damn basket through one god damn hoop..He was lucky enough to land a job in a state that was a breeding ground for great basketball talent..a state with an unwavering passion for the game……Coaches take the podium, they steal the microphone, they pace sidelines, they throw chairs, they stand in front of crowds from prima donna perch, they bask in the glory of press conferences and soak up far too much media adulation..Very few of them have a humble bone..very few truly get it.

    The General? How admirable a name for a basketball coach…Has he seen combat? Guys were dying in Vietnam while he was drawing up plays on chalkboards at West Point…A college degree and a sweet desk job while 18-year-old boys were being sent to their death….Is that such a bad gig? Would you take that job over jungle warfare against the “zero tolerant” Vietcong? Poor Bobby got fired from IU…At least he never got fired at!…All he’s ever shot at were deer and ducks and all he’s ever defended is his own egotistical self…We do need to move on.

  5. Clarion, as I said I will give it a few more years but I am dead serious, it is getting embarrassing…even more so than some of the stuff he pulled here at IU!

  6. J Pat – What’s so embarrassing?

    RMK didn’t ask to be included in the IU HOF. Knowing the circumstances Glass should have personally flown to Lubbock and discussed his (IU’s) desire to have him inducted into the HOF. If RMK didn’t want any part of it Glass should’ve said OK and never tried to include RMK at this time. And more importantly never make it public until such time as RMK wanted to be included.

    Let’s face it IU needs RMK to make up with IU. They have a fractured fan base (read millions of dollars of potential donations being withheld from IU) that IU covets. And until RMK once again embraces IU those donations are not coming.

    On the flip side the IU fans know what happened realize that RMK has nothing to gain by showing up. RMK made his appreciation of the fans well known while he was here in B’ton. Why should he just show up for the benefit of the IU Foundation? Any knowledgeable IU fan knows what is going on behind the scenes. I for one don’t blame RMK at all.

  7. AHM, I will tell you what bugs me. I am an IU graduate as well as my mom and dad and many of my other family members. We loved Knight, supported him and some of his causes, and defended him always! As a fan it pisses me off to hear him say “that school” instead of saying Indiana and see banners like in the pic above without Indiana on them. Indiana University and especially the fans did nothing to him! He walked himself out of here because he could not follow a set of rules that had to be put in place for his behavior. As a fan it pisses me off he will not show up for us, his fans if anything. I follow it all, I know what is going on behind the scenes just like you but he could drop the ego and come back and start over. What is embarrassing is the public perception he has created over the years and it just gets worse and worse and worse! Also, what is embarrassing is the people that keep defending the bad behavior over the years.

  8. J Pat said “What is embarrassing is the public perception he has created over the years and it just gets worse and worse and worse!”

    It’s only “perception”. It is not a fact and it’s coming from nancies. Any coach worth his salt would tell you to grow a pair. VBG

  9. I tell you what gets to me, people who write stuff like “any knowledgeable IU fan” or “true IU fans” or statements of that nature that are dismissive of other people and their opinions.

  10. I agree with AHM on the point that, although IU’s intentions seemed well enough, they never should have made this public. By making it public they put pressure on Knight and tried to force his hand, and now they’re inducting an icon into their HOF and he won’t be there.

    They should have done what AHM suggested. Gone to Knight and said “We have an open invitation for you to be inducted in the HOF. We’d like it to be this year, but we’ll wait until you’re ready to come back”. If he turns it down for this year, then continue the fence-mending process until he is ready.

    With that said, Knight has also handled this horribly. IMO it was very disrespectful to fans, former players and the school to have the announcement that he wasn’t coming be through Vitale’s Twitter account. Knight’s handling of this situation the last few years has been childish IMO.

  11. AHM, perception is always created in some way, shape or form.

    GFDave, I say knowledgeable fan because it is my experience that 90% of the people out there who think they know sports well, really do not. I work in sports for a living. If my take on that is arrogant, I appologize. If you knew me in person I am very humble and soft spoken. I say true IU fans because it is my experience that many if not most fans that say they are IU through and through will sell out in tough times..I do not!

    BGleas, well said, he handled this horribly!

    I am out. Have a great weekend. I am taking my family to Yogi’s for wings tonight and going to root the Hoosiers on vs Wisky. I am also taking my 3 year old to the basketball game Monday night so pray I make it through the first half!!!

  12. Well that’s the pits….My comment was directed at a small jar of Kalamata olives in my refrigerator…..delicious, very pricey, quite salty, and often ignored in favor of cheaper, pimento-stuffed green..Most often ignored in your favorite blogging grocers isle… Guess I’ll go snack on a few now.

  13. Let him go. If he’d won 3 titles at Texas Tech that would impress the hell out of me. He was handed one of the premier jobs in college basketball and he did what was expected and he did it very well while embarrassing us from time to time. It’s Indiana. It wasn’t a miracle winning 3 national championships here. It was performing up to expectations.

  14. “It was performing up to expectations.”

    So what are your expectations with the new coach? How long before IU wins an NCAA Championship? 1, 2 or 3 years?

    Or a Big 10 Championship? Or even win 1/3 of their Big 10 games?

    It’s a piece of cake because it’s Indiana, right?

  15. we should win another one in the next 5 years. its doable, and we have as good a chance as other top programs.

  16. I like the word “doable”. When I sit on my butt and type it’s all doable…I think I’ll have a threesome tonight…It’s doable…My left hand, right hand, and keyboard.

  17. Indiana has had 2 long tenure coaches. One won 2 titles the other won three.
    Do you think that Rick Pitino gets hired without the expectation of a national championship? I don’t think so. Do you think anyone at Kentucky gets hired without the expectation of a national championship? Are you trying to say that Indiana is not of the same caliber program as these two nearby schools?

  18. Chet, I agree with you. I would hope that IU’s program is a step above UL and UK. Perhaps not wins but the total product.

  19. We poop bigger than UL and UK combined. Calipari(Crean’s close buddy by his own admission) has a long record of questionable recruiting behavior..He moves so slithery fast, the NCAA can’t justify, or sometimes move quickly enough, to bringing down a program he attaches himself to…(Sampson stole candy at dime stores compared to that bank robber of the collegiate recruiting system). Pitino is Bill Clinton posing as a basketball coach…Just an unsophisticated adulterer…. Hillbilly in a flashy tie.

    I really don’t care how many banners they hang in banjo land…Please don’t compare Indiana to the cheats now heading up Kentucky’s two major programs…My only dream come true is for the pair of stooges to someday move to Arkansas… buy some Whitewater land in Flippin, and share a double-wide together….YEEEEHAH!

    Talk is cheap…Some of the best teams to step onto hardwood have seen championship banners slip through their hands.. So much more parity in the game than the good old days..Talk is cheap…cheap as the word “doable”.


    Go Northwestern Wildcats! Beat the Hawkeyes! We don’t want a team representing the Big 10 that wins with the aide of corrupted officials…If Iowa goes to the Rose Bowl, I’m cheering for the Pac 10.

  20. RMK was very close friends with Jerry Tarkanian who ran what was perhaps the shadiest program in the history of college basketball. I don’t think you should read too much into friendships.

  21. Pitino is Bill Clinton posing as a basketball coach…Just an unsophisticated adulterer…. Hillbilly in a flashy tie.

    Yep. Or pretty much any republican in Congress.

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