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Christian Watford dunks the ball for two of his 14 points during Indiana’s season-opening win against Howard on Friday. Chris Howell | Herald-Times

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  • The Hoosiers had 75 possessions on Friday, and only 13 took more than 20 seconds. Clearly, Indiana picked up the pace from a season ago, I wrote.
  • For one night, all seemed to be right again at Assembly Hall for fans, players and coaches alike, Chris Korman writes.
  • Chris Howell’s photo gallery.
  • Bill Lynch will not call today’s game against Penn State a must-win, but it is if Indiana is to go to a bowl, Dustin Dopirak writes.
  • Indiana men’s soccer took a 1-0 lead Friday, only to let it vanish, Jeremy Price writes.


MY, WHAT A YOUNG, SPRY COACH YOU HAVE (or news on Penn State)




Devoted IU fan Chris Engel showed Chris Korman and I this video, on his iPhone, last night, after the game. We were both impressed. It’s Victor Oladipo, with a series of crazy dunks. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2010 Hoosier Hysteria dunk champion.


  1. Was that Maurice Creek helping Victor with the dunk that he got off of the back of the backboard and then went under and up for the dunk ? If so that was not one of the dunks that was on the video that showed the two of them at a playground court at night dunking together.

  2. That Victor (a.k. 360) has some nasty hops to him. Way to go Crean!!! I’ll be thinking about lob passes all year long.

  3. Even more has been explained…And to think their wasn’t hope for a better tomorrow..If Trojan Horse has brought back their jalapeno poppers then all world harmony has been restored….

    Tell Osty and Ugh I said hello…I’m very bitter about the Basketblog..very, very bitter…I found a basketball video you guys might enjoy….5-star.

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