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Indiana’s Jeremiah Rivers drives the lane against George Mason on Sunday. Associated Press

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Now that Indiana’s Puerto Rico adventure is over, the Hoosiers have until Saturday to rest and focus on the next game. That’s plenty of time to relax a little and even enjoy a little turkey — enjoy, as Green Day sung, a “Holiday.”


  1. Crean has somewhat become his own worst enemy..He elevated Indiana basketball to such glorious heights and divine inspirational lights that we all bought into the sermon….But on earth our time is short and faith has no place where mortal basketball prayers seek results..Indiana fans have not seen prayers answered since 1987. “Because it’s Indiana” is nothing new…It’s what we’ve all been carrying in our hearts for many years..It’s been the amen to every season’s end since many too young cannot remember when…Each new season we resurrect the faith that our once good basketball, like the once good deeds of our young and pure intentions, will mystically return….The godlike status we falsely created for Indiana Basketball has long been our demise before Crean came to preach in this southern Indiana hoops town…I didn’t need more hope from a Marquette sermon mountain…I didn’t need more “we shall return” choiring over the IU fight song …I didn’t need the reminder of the “was” that now be the dessert of the ocean “because”…..I saw the deep tournament runs go dry, I witnessed the masterful ways of a shadowy Knight fade by….I looked to stagnant banners stiff, no sway, as my hair turned from blond, to brown, to dirty gray…And now I be told wait some more, for a sinner came to town and his wrongs we must bear to pay? Like hell!

    I’ll seek a greater spirit to save me from sin, but at this moment an evil desire ignites the fire of all Hoosier passion… it seeks no excuse or temperament rooted in redemption, for only the long forgotten lustful taste of how it felt to win.

  2. Yikes…

    I didn’t need more “we shall return” choiring over the IU fight song …I didn’t need the reminder of the “was” that now be the [desert] of the ocean “because”…

  3. I’m not sure I understood the point of the first rant but for one I still believe that IU basketball will rise to the prominence that it once held. I also believe that Tom Crean is the right man to do the job. The impatience and sarcastic comments of some is nauseating. The man had and still has a monumental job and to meld the inexperienced players he inherited and the ones he recruited has been a gargantuan task, but, again, he is up to the challenge. If you don’t want to take the ride, get off the ship — now.

  4. Hope you’re not sending that garbage my way…..I’m a fan expressing an opinion of the overinflated expectations for fast results that many think should happen simply by expression of hollow choice words, or passage of time…If anything, it’s a defense of Crean.

  5. The first poster sounds like a frustrated journalism major who has just flunked his English comp course and is now taking it out on something he doesn’t understand – basketball. In a year or two, Crean will have IU Basketball back as one of the top programs in the Big 10 and the country and will have developed a system that will keep it there.

  6. You’d better flip that big chunk of wood off your shoulder my friend. Garbage? Prove to me that your rant, though cutely phrased in archaic verbiage isn’t only slightly veiled garbage of your own and I will be convinced that you MIGHT have a point. Your little commentary about the “sermon from Marquette mountain” hardly seems to be a defense of Tom Crean but rather a sarcastic commentary of one who has soured on the man after only one year and 5 games. You surely have better stuff than you’ve shown. I’m also voicing my opinion. Speaking of gray, I also have a little of that and that doesn’t make me any wiser, only a little more patient.

  7. I liked the first post very much! Randometer, those who put Tom Crean’s interests above IU’s will never ever agree with you: they are jealous, small and very green. They sign semper fi but their “f” is fake. They run conscientiously in all directions at once as instructed in workout videos bought from their very special source. Remora kicked their but yet again… What can they do? What can you expect from them? They have to vent their frustration somehow. Let them be.

  8. Perfectly pleased with what I said…I think you’re plenty well equipped to make of it as you may. Jump your own damn ship if you don’t care for it, sailor boy. Arrr!

    (NOTE: For the rest of Scoop’s blogging crowd(except Spitzinspace), it would now be best to switch off pirate voice and read the following paragraphs with a nice little Blue Ridge Mountains, Shania Twain, Southern twang added for effect. I mean she is Canadian and all..)

    Why do I suddenly see blogging names I’ve never witnessed making comments here beeefore?… SEMPER FI, Bill, and a true bonee fide journalist named Hugh that sent his own personal auteegraph? I do deeeclare!…And Sempy is so fiery, too….Before my flunky junk trunk fell on this here thread, I must of seen more Crean hate posts on this blog in the last couple days than Sarah Palin fans send Katie Couric their love-droppin’ FTD roses. Yet, I didn’t have the pleasure of seeing any of these pretty faces pop up…

    I do believe that would just be quite the ultimate indicator to gauge the understanding of the vastly confused And don’t you forget you all…There aint no quit in me.

  9. I would be willing to bet that the entire sport staff at the H-T is thankful for the upcoming Thanksgiving break. Chris and Dustin will not be required to conduct the obligatory one hour chat. As an added positive the Hoosier bb team doesn’t play until this weekend, so they don’t have to put up with the stupid posts during the live chat. By the way, what channel is it on? Is there live streaming? ESPNU doesn’t broadcast in HD!
    It’s no wonder Bob Hammel is living a long life, he did not have to put up with us, ever! Doug Wilson’s intelligence grows by the day!

  10. Remain strong…Take fingers off the keyboard!….Mustn’t enter extended dialogue with them…..suggest try not to grant air time…..The only way they get stronger is trough dignity of our own attention…Fight it….Yes…Yes…Oh my god!…I’m feeling transformation process taking hold…barking Dawg has been completely suppressed….tender and quiet be the inner Vittles of my strength..Metamorphosis complete.

  11. Football News: Looks like the Bears are shuffling Hester around again…He’s gone from Wide Receiver to Tight End.

  12. Let me first state that my fellow IU fans continue to show me that we, collectively, are one of the most impatient, irrational fan bases in the nation (albeit passionate).

    Secondly, for those who have so quickly flip-flopped in their opinions toward Crean, consider the early records of some of the more highly regarded coaches in the league. None of these coaches took over a situation nearly as difficult as the one Crean inherited.

    Tom Izzo: combined record of 33-28 in his first two seasons at Michigan State, 2 NIT appearances (lost in the second round both years)

    Coach K: combined record of 38-47 in his first three seasons at Duke, 1 NIT appearance

    Billy Donovan: combined record of 27-32 in his first two seasons at Florida, one NIT appearance (lost in first round)

    Rick Pitino: 36-20 in first two seasons at Kentucky, no postseason appearances

    Jim Calhoun: 47-46 in first three seasons at UConn, 2 NIT appearances

    Gary Williams: 61-57 in first four seasons at Maryland, 1 NIT appearance

    All of these coaches currently have a team ranked in the top 25 — and none of them faced the same uphill struggle that Crean has been forced to handle. Give the guy a bit more time. If he had no prior record of success, I’d understand all the premature scrutiny, but he’s shown he can win. Have a little faith and patience, and give him more than one full season with a JV squad and 5 games with a completely rearranged/young roster to prove himself.

  13. I don’t even have the patience to clip my toenails…My socks are thus all cut to shreds. I’ll shall try, Casey..I’ll shall try.

  14. What is a “Phelps Spitzinspace” or a “Randometer”? Semper, don’t pay any attention to either one of them because they’re probably the same person. They’re just another of the girls on here that hide behind their computers and shoot their mouths off. I know who YOU are and know you’re for real, have every right to post on here and definitely have the right to put the “f” in FI. Now to the point of these blogs: IU will rise again, count on it. Tom Crean will do what he says. He is first a good man and a good teacher. He has the enthusiasm and the drive to motivate — and he has a clean record. His recruits seem to all have great potential and put together with VJ III should be a power to reckon with soon and sooner than most seem to think. I’m really looking forward to the remainder of this year and to the years ahead. I do wish Matt Roth the best. He seems to be a great kid with excellent potential of his own. Capo had a rough start but looked great Sunday. We’ll be fine. Count on it. GO HOOSIERS!

  15. And what are you hiding behind, Jim? Obviously not just the computer screen, but also behind a pretty primitive outdated processor to be spilling out a sexist remark traveling through broadband cyberage direct from your ban-the-broads Dark Age…Might be time to upgrade….For real.

  16. Good grief, this blog is out of control. It’s almost surreal. I think I’ll start throwing out random comments about obscure subjects intermixed with Deep Thoughs About Indiana Basketball, I’ll fit right in.

  17. It looks like a clash of two cultures: you guys are a blog of very distinct identities. I respect that. We come from the old Basketblog which in the last 12-15 months had turned into a genuine blog of ideas. The good part of a blog made of ideas (instead of identities) is that you can’t take anything personal. It’s all a debate. “Free spirited banter” is what one of us used to call it.

    Spitzinspace is a reference to the old basketblog (it combines spitzinpoole with swooshinspace). The reference, I admit, is at best obscure.

    I want to extend personal apologies to all those I offended (semper fi, especially). Nothing personal, please be assured. However I was defending my friend’s poetry and I am extremely sensitive about that.

  18. What happened to the basketblog? I visited this morning. “SteveAlford” is still there, and was asked to go away by another poster. One post even asked if the blog was dead. Didn’t recongize any other aliases. Is it possible that the IDS got tired of putting up with the “genuine blog of ideas”?
    You don’t insult me, so don’t worry. No one has to read your posts and certainly no one has to respond. If they choose to respond they do so at their own peril. The back and forth exchange of thoughts and ideas has deteriorated lately. Is there a need to wonder why?

  19. For what it’s worth, Jay…I really enjoyed the tales you told of your dad, coaching, and Ara Parseghian.

  20. The Basketblog went away. Hoosier Hype replaced it. Yes, for all practical purposes Hoosier Hype is dead. Or brain dead. Look at the number of recent posts there…

    Not sure what you mean by IDS putting up with anything. They average 0.0034 visitor comments per day since the beginning of October and the number goes down as we speak.

    Ideas can be good or bad. A debate decides that. Why do you say the exchange “has deteriorated” lately? On the contrary, I think this blog is expanding. There’s a sort of agitation and tumult when that happens but in my opinion it would be misleading to consider that a deterioration.

    Unless you want to say that there was such harmony and peace on this blog until recently…

  21. Spitz, point taken. I especially like your comment about Semper as he did lose a leg in Nam defending the right of the likes of Rando to make the comments he does. I do like the fact you defend your friend’s poetry too. Sadly though, I think he needs to take a pill with a big M on it. I now will turn my attention to supporting my Hoosiers exclusively and will refrain from any more banter about trivial stuff, and I too apologize for anything I have written taken as a personal attack. This winter will be an interesting one — I think good things are in store for true Hoosier fans and I for one can’t wait to see it unfold.

  22. There sure is an abundance of wheat and chaff to separate on here today. It just doesn’t take much effort to determine which is which.

  23. Randometer – I seriously doubt your sincerity, so let’s leave it at that.
    Better to understand – Thank you for not answering my question. The blog is dead, why?
    There can be no debate without a true exchange of ideas, and maybe throw in some facts t

  24. Randometer – I seriously doubt your sincerity, so let’s leave it at that.
    Better to understand – Thank you for not answering my question. The blog is dead, why?
    There can be no debate without a true exchange of ideas, and maybe throw in some facts to substantiate your side of the debate. Your writing on here is good but like the old hamburger commercial used to ask, “Where’s the beef?”.

  25. Jay,

    I don’t know why the Hoosier Hype blog is dead. Maybe it’s going to go back to life soon. They took away the Basketblog like they demolished Market Square Arena a while ago. Then they made a Conseco kind of blog and called it Hoosier Hype but nobody wants to go there any more.

    To spin your question a little: I have no beef with them or anybody else although I do think they don’t care at all about their readers. I wish them well however because they seem pretty lonely now.

  26. Jay,


    Where is your beef? It’s a big fat turkey burger up there…You’re doing a lot of griping(gobbling?) on this thread, but I see no earth shattering thoughts. There’s a cynical remark about the need for Scoop writers to look forward to vacations, more of the same mild and lame form of attacking other bloggers, and a personal inquisition about the Basketblog, which by sound of own admission, you never spent an ounce of time on …If you’re protecting anything, it’s sure as hell doesn’t sound like your deep strategic analysis of the strengths and weakness of the Hoosier basketball team.


    Why is the IDS Hoosier Hype(the replacement for Basketblog) dead? Because it’s usually only a handful of old washed up guys/gals with nothing better to do that keep blogs alive….That could be a pretty valid answer…Because the Basketblog was designed in a pure format that was visually desirable to the basic narcissistic desires of the small blogging crowd that made it function; an element of design absent in the small boxed-in style found on Hoosier Hype.. Possibly. Because Basketblog, by nature of name, dealt exclusively with the topic of Indiana Hoosier basketball; a specialty high-end hoops product with inviting front entryway instead of a megastore with every sports topic under the 50,000 sq. ft. Hoosier Sports one-stop shopping store…And what happened to the old Bloomington Hardware blogging store where the daily regulars would hang all day discussing the nuts and bolts of IU hoops? It was leveled…And in its place? Was it another hardware store with a couple more isles of lumber and paints to draw in a few more shoppers/bloggers? Nope. The IDS took the big leap….After demolishing the little Hoosier bball hardware store, the IDS decided to build the the Walmart of all Hoosier Hype…It’s all about economics…All news…All blog… Dominance with lower operating cost…How wonderfully it parallels small retail America taking final gasps of dying breath every time a monster store devours away from business bypass on outskirts of town…Would you now shop for your basketball nuts and bolts at the Hoosier Hype Walmart? …I missed the friendly feel of the old hardware store.

    Am I done with this tale? Sorry, there be a wee bit more…Be patient..
    Shouldn’t take anymore time to read these final thoughts than it would take you to get from your car, a football field away from the front doors of the Home Depot/Walmart, to aisle 17 where you can find that elusive package of #14 brass wood screws you’ve been questing across town for…

    Lets not forget one small final detail that I’m very surprised is being overlooked in the discussions above…Let’s not forget the writers…Aren’t the writers, the storyline creators, the fine journalists(no lack of sincerity necessary, nor present)what fuels the blogging fires?.. It’s a very dangerous business practice to change your product in the midst of losing some of your most creative writers…IDS had a great recruiting class a few years ago(basketball analogy, anyone?)that produced stories that were not common to standardized newspaper fare…(This is not to say they still don’t have fantastic writers..It’s unfortunate they are somewhat lost in the megastore atmosphere of the Genericland Sports format..a separate Basketblog site was a great way to launch creative writing and draw readers to the regular paper). And to be truthful, there was often a circus element that combined a lighthearted silliness with good old serious basketball talk..When guys bump into each other in the hardware store, do you think it’s all about the best caulking to seal their leaky shower? Many stories often overlapped other features written by the same journalists on the IDS regular news/sports pages… The Basketblog was interactive with the IDS, not just a subset of its existence …Michael Sansarino(forgive if wrong spelling), Zach Osterman, Chris Engel, Matt Dollinger, and Tom Kirby made up quite a formidable team. So in the end, I guess you answered your own question, Jay…The Basketblog survived for the same reason The Hoosier Scoop survives. It’s all about the product.

  27. Downing- another flash of genius there.

    Let me back him up by saying that yes, the reason the Hoosier Hype is dead (or dying) is because the format is absolutely atrocious. You can’t even tell who the person’s name is that is posting. Like Downing says, in the narcissistic world of blogging, this is a cardinal sin.

    D, it looks like we’ve successfully carried the Basketblog spirit over here, despite initial resistance from the natives. YOu deserve most of the credit.

  28. I get all teary-eyed when you compliment..I’ll have to go hide for a moment in the power tools aisle.

    Forgive me to once again contest, but you deserve most credit. I drifted over to The Hoosier Scoop quite some time after the seas were beginning to Husky stir..

    I agree with you about the “atrocious” formatting of Hoosier Hype; where small contributing thoughts are incarcerated in diminutive penalty box.

  29. 10. The only thing Dick Vitale can say about them is, “These guys got a good grade point average, baby!”

    9. Some of the returning players continue to ask coach what inning is it.

    8. Seemingly neverending list of injuries that continue to plague the team: sprained ankle, pulled groin, broken arrow, white butte, etc.

    7. Tom Crean now getting technicals for “excessive calm”.

    6. Devan Dumes’ post game interviews start with: “The last thing I want to do is to hurt them. But it’s still on the list.”

    5. Practice sessions now closer simulate real time game coaching directions with phrases like “You guys pair up in groups of three, then line up in a circle” or “You guys line up alphabetically by height.”

    4. Inspiring George W. Bush quotes appear on Tom Crean’s Tweeter page: “In terms of the economy, look, I inherited a recession, I am ending on a recession.” –George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Jan. 12, 2009

    3. AD Glass, in a show of support for Coach Crean, declares on national TV: “We’re going to turn this program around 360 degrees.” Which prompts many a Hoosier fan to think: “Fool me once, shame on … shame on you. Fool me … you can’t get fooled again!” or something to that effect.

    2. The Las Vegas odds against the Hoosiers now involve the sign for infinity

    And the No. 1 sign that the Indiana Hoosiers have yet another challenging season ahead of them:

    1. Two words: Coach Gump

  30. Not bad, I admit but I’d replace the rather blunt no. 1 with perhaps a more delicate:

    1. Tom Crean’s new motto: “Be sincere, even if you don’t mean it!”

    Also, it reminds me of one of the lists posted towards the end of summer:

    Top Ten Sure Ways to Annoy People:

    10. Wear a cape that says “Magnificent One”.

    9. Deliberately hum songs that will remain lodged in co-workers brains, such as “Feliz Navidad“, the Archies “Sugar” or the Mr. Rogers theme song. Alternatively repeat everything someone says, as a question.

    8. If you have a glass eye, tap on it occasionally with your pen while talking to others.

    7. Never make eye contact.

    6. Never break eye contact.

    5. Sing along at the opera.

    4. Ask people what gender they are.

    3. Speak only in a “robot” voice. Reply to everything someone says with “that’s what YOU think.”

    2. Leave your turn signal on for fifty miles.

    1. If you’re Tom Crean keep reminding people that you’re a) “coaching” and b) at Indiana. Alternatively you could wear a cape that says “Magnificent One” to every game.

    Boy, what a thread that was!

  31. Here’s another one I liked (“I can’t be bothered to write anything funny any more” wrote Husky, but this unknowingly anticipated the removal of the Basketblog):

    In the days when the basketblog was a Republican stronghold Downing’s 5th and Husky Tom (shown here) fought valiantly for sanity, idealism, and (for the most part) each other. And won.

    Funny, funny picture, especially in the context (July 23, I think the Lakers had just won it despite someone’s bold prediction: “Nuggets in six.”). I’m done now, otherwise we will alienate everybody.

  32. That is an incredible lock-box you have.

    I remember laughing out loud at that top 10 list.

    I wonder if there is any way that two exiles can force the Hoosier Hype to change the format? It would be like trying to force democracy upon Castro from south Florida, but it is a worthy cause.

  33. I looked over some of the things posted above. Casey posts a 38-47 record for Coach K in his first three years but forgets to mention that that his first season was 17-13 (not 6-25)! I’ll look at all the others very carefully after the Demons game today, likely in a new thread. It’s going to be fun.

  34. As Casey correctly pointed out my record at MSU in the first two years was never negative: 17-17 in the first year, 17-12 the second year. Never below 50% in fact, so I don’t know why he even brings it up in this context.


    At IU Crean will have a 50% or better season when?

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