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Indiana coach Tom Crean called the Puerto Rico Tip-Off Tournament a learning experience. Chris Howell | Herald-Times

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The Foo Fighters’ “Learn to Fly.”


  1. Great photo of the commander-and-chief, the man who, despite the many neurotic, whiny, spineless members of this fan base, will lead IU back to respectability, if not “glory.”

    Great Dave Grohl stuff, too. Talk about past glory: does it get any better than Seattle in the early 90’s?

    Thank god Pearl Jam is still going strong.

  2. Everyone who keeps feeling the need to whine and cry about Crean after 5 games needs to get a grip. If its just thaaaat bad and you cant take it anymore then go and root for Butler. They play pretty sound basketball, we do not I repeat do NOT want your whiny attitudes around here.

  3. HT, I have to admit I didn’t know what Pearl Jam is but one has to think anybody who works as hard as Coach Crean will ultimately be successful even if some games during the 1st two seasons suck.

  4. I don’t know if TC is going to win any Championships at IU or not, and neither does anybody else. To me he appears to know what he
    is doing and conducts himself enthusiastically and
    appreciatively. He “gets it.” I admire what he
    is trying to do.

    The impatient gripers remind me of the townspeople/meddling dufuses in the movie Hoosiers.

    Thanks for coming to IU Coach.
    Go Hoosiers!!!

  5. Pearl Jam is a jelly made from the mucus-like membrane that encapsulates natural pearls found in oysters from the Gulf of Thailand..The mollusks from these warm waters produce pearls known for there exquisite soft blue translucent shade and the membrane is sweet as saltwater taffy…It is the most rare delicacy and exceeds the price of Beluga caviar nearly tenfold…or is it fivefold? Ben Fold?…Ben Folds Five?

    Tom is also an expert on Beluga roe..He has told me tales on Basketblog detailing his trips around the world…On his last trip to Annecy he made my mouth water with envious salivations while he described in detail his typical morning order of room service… the mellow sweet Pearl Jam spread onto dry lightly buttered toast points with a fresh steamy morning cup of black ‘Suavor’… Damn him!

    I would not question his expertise on everything IU sports…He is the the rare Pearl Jam amongst the great blogging sea of puffers and clownfish…refusing to follow the rants of the old school boys that can’t let go of the Hoosiers once Oueens of the Stone Age.

  6. correction: “The mollusks from these warm waters produce pearls known for [their] exquisite soft blue translucent shade and the membrane is sweet as saltwater taffy”.

  7. I am so sick and tired of people putting down IU.

    Just stop please.

    I’m sick of hearing that we are not a powerhouse or we are not the same Indiana or that we will not be at the top once again. I’m sick of hearing people complain about Tom Crean.

    Just stop please.

    Obviously Indiana Basketball doesn’t mean to you what it does to me. I’m 27 years old and have been an IU fan my whole life. I haven’t missed a game since 1989 and can remember watching IU win the championship in 1987 with my dad. The biggest reason I am an Indiana fan is because of my grandmother. My grandmother was passionate about the hoosiers and has distilled that into my mother, uncles, cousins, brother, and myself. I lost her a long time ago at a young age, but everytime I watch or listen to the hoosiers, read acticles on them, or make the 6 hour round trip to Assembly Hall its almost like she is there with me. It unites my entire family.
    I’m 27 and I understand the tradition. I am very happy with the way Coach Crean has made it a point to embrace it.
    I’m a hoosier weather they win or loose. Sure its great to see the hoosiers win (or purdue loose), but thats not what its all about. Its Indiana. It will always be number one to me, and if your not behind Indiana…..then we don’t need you. WE DO NOT ACCEPT FAIR WEATHER FANS AT INDIANA UNIVERSITY AND IF THATS WHAT YOU WANT TO BE…THERE IS A UNIVERSITY IN WEST LAFAYETTE THAT IS FULL OF THEM.


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