1. Yeah, yeah…tell me something that I don’t know: Hoosiers come out of the gates to take an early lead (10-0), Hoosiers go into the locker room at half-time with a real opportunity to pull a major upset (10-10), Hoosiers drive down the field to recapture the lead in the 3rd Quarter and then commit an untimely turnover that results in several unanswered points (24-10) for their opponent, and ultimately go on to lose another game that they “woulda, coulda, shoulda” won! Purdue is coming into the rivalry game next week with the same 4-7 record, so Coach Lynch NO MORE EXCUSES…JUST WIN, BABY!!

  2. So, out of personal curiosity, how difficult has it been for you, Dustin, in your 1st season with IU to have so many games wind up exactly the same & have to come up with something new to say each week?
    It’s like groundhog day. IU jumped out to a big lead against (insert team) thanks to several turnovers by (insert QB). However, the second half spelled disaster for IU after (insert Hoosier) turned the ball over and (insert team) returned it for a score and seized the momentum from that play to later run away from IU in the 4th.
    I feel for you, man. However, it shouldn’t be anything a week in the rich port can’t cure.

  3. There is nothing more ominous in Hoosier football than a 3-0 start to the season, an early lead in a football game, or an extremely favorable turnover ratio.

    I’m almost wondering if we are intercepting the ball too much or recovering too many fumbles. Maybe it is forcing the offense back out on the field too quickly, without giving the coaches enough of a chance to strategize.

    I know one thing: I hope that we start next year 0-3. We’ll have a much better shot at making a bowl that way. Also, if we end up sucking, at least we will spare ourselves all the tiresome back-and-forth blogging between Lynch lovers and skeptics battling over whether the (fred) glass is half empty or half full.

    Message to Sports Illustrated: Please, Please Please pick us to win at least 4 games next year. Otherwise Fred Glass will once again call us “vastly improved” when we beat 3 MAC teams and go 1-7 in the Big 10.

  4. Old Coke ≠ New Coke
    Old Coke is flat. New Coke got Downing fizz.

    Now you play games with my new blogging name? I’m beginning to think you really like me.

    Just a couple updates on scores:

    Georgia Tech 49
    Duke 10
    A basketball school has decided to remain a basketball school?(I’m speaking of Georgia Tech)

    Oregon State 48
    Washington 21
    Reality bites hope in it’s eternally springing butt.

  5. I would really like for Lynch to step up to the plate on this. When questioned about redzone performance, he points to “execution”, break downs in fundamentals, etc.

    Last night USC got beat down by Stanford 55-21. Pete Carroll sat at the mic and said “there is no where to luck but to me, I’m the one who is in charge of this thing”.

  6. I think JoPa’s opinion of IU is spot on. He said that we are a talented team and well coached but are short a few people. I think what he really meant is that we have some talent, but not enough players who can perform at a D1 level. I think that is the issue right now and accounts for the second half break downs.

    But, look how far we’ve come. Two years ago, despite the bowl eligibility, we had virtually no D1 level talent and we were blown out of most games early because we just did not have the horses. This year, for the most part, we have been competitive. Next year, I think we can expect to see some wins.

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