Hoosiers outrun St. Joseph’s

Tom Crean pushed his team at practice and asked it to push the tempo Monday night against St. Joseph’s.

His team responded, routing the Pumas 95-67 in front of 15,289 fans at Assembly Hall in the Hoosiers second exhibition game of the season.

The Pumas were never really close. Indiana led 48-33 at halftime and kept pouring it on the rest of the way. The Hoosiers held St. Joe’s to 25-for-77 shooting (32.5 percent) including an abysmal 3-for-25 from beyond the 3-point arc.

The Hoosiers, meanwhile scored easily and often in transition. They shot 55.8 percent from the field, scored 20 points on fast breaks and had 42 points in the paint.

Freshman guard Maurice Creek looked much better than he did in the Hoosiers’ first exhibition game of the season against Grace. He scored 16 points on 4-for-5 shooting, grabbed seven rebounds and also had two assists.

Junior guard Jeremiah Rivers and sophomore Verdell Jones III were often leading the Hoosiers’ fast break, and both had strong performances. Rivers had 15 points, five assists and four rebounds an Jones had 15 points and three assists.

Freshman forward Christian Watford had another strong performance, scoring 13 points, and IU got a fairly impressive debut from freshman center Bawa Muniru. He had seven points and three blocks in just eight minutes on the floor, and threw down a two-handed dunk that ignited the crowd.

The Hoosiers start playing for real on Friday at home against Howard.


  1. I supposed the crowd that was saying things like ‘The less Creek the better’ are maybe rethinking that. Imagine that, a judgment on a player after one exhibition game might not be valid!

  2. Bawa was better than I expected after reading all the articles about him being a project and not expected to contribute. He changed the tone on the interior defense as soon as he stepped on the floor by getting in front of people, redirecting shots, blocking shots, and keeping the ball alive for rebounds. Not to knock on Tijan but Bawa is clearly more coordinated and athletic. I see him fighting Pritchard for significant minutes by Big Ten season….especially since Pritchard has been less than spectacular in his post defense in the two exhibitions.
    Creek was impressive too.

  3. What’s the deal so far this season with the extra white lines on the court? Will they be removed before Friday’s game? I find it distracting to watch with all the extra markings.

  4. eric, I was thinking the same thing as I watched.

    stlhoos, I agree about Bawa. I just wrote to a friend and said the same thing. Also, Pritch looks out of shape and just did not look good to me.

  5. Dave, I assume it is for practice but it just looks like tape that can be removed. I forgot to ask, Was that Chuck on the mic last night? That guy was impressive! I loved the excitement from the announcer last night at Assembly Hall!

  6. I can’t comment on how Pritchard has played, because I haven’t seen a bit of either exhibition, but I do know how tough he played with no help last year. I would expect that Crean would like Muniru to take over at center and play him with Pritchard at the 4 spot and Watford at the 3. Or, Pritchard and Watford platooning at the 4 in a 3-guard lineup, depending on situation and opponent. But of course I’m not speaking from a knowledgable position.

  7. You know, we’ve been trying to figure out what’s up with the tape, too. We’ve inspected closely and figured out that it can be removed. I think it’s just a matter of not wanting to force the managers to retape it every day. They’ll take it off for the real games, I imagine.

  8. Sorry JPat,
    We usually agree, but I did not like the announcer change. I sit first row balcony with the speakers right in my face already, and that guy screaming on every basket was too much for me. Also if he is going to scream names on plays then it should always be first and last name….I thought BAWA!!! was unsettling.

  9. KevinK, no problem. I can see where that would be really loud! Did your seats move down from last year? Mine did, I was surprised.

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