1. I am definitely seeing the youth of this team so far, but also the explosive potential. Elston seems to play older than his years; I definitely prefer Jeremiah over Hulls at point.

    VJ is already looking like a cool, calm veteran out there.

  2. FINAL: IU 83, HOW 60.
    IU: Creek 17 pts; Watford 14 pts, 11 reb; Elston 14 pts; Pritchard 10 pts; Jones 9 pts; Dumes 7 pts; Rivers 6 pts; Hulls 2 pts; Roth 2 pts; Muniru 2 pts.
    IU: 34-61 (56%) FG; 7-14 (50%) 3PT; 8-13 (62%) FT; 36 reb; 16 TO; 13 (22) fouls.
    HOW: 19-53 (36%) FG; 4-22 (18%) 3PT; 18-30 (60%) FT; 34 reb; 19 TO; 8 (16) fouls.
    HOW: Thompson 13 pts; White 10 pts; Riley 8 pts; Phillips 8 pts, 9 reb; Walker 7 pts; Dickerson 5 pts; Kirkpatrick 4 pts, 7 reb; Johnson 2 pts; Lawrence 2 pts; Mukole 1 pts.

  3. I think any one of these freshman are capable of putting up a lot of points. It is nice to see them be willing to share the ball and be unselfish. Both point guards are very good and each have merits to start or come off the bench depending on the opposition. Rivers is a big PG with lockdown defense who can go to the rack quickly and lead fast breaks. Hulls is a great passer and can shoot the three. He is also great with the pick and roll. The great thing is that we will greatly reduce turnovers. This game hulls played 17 minutes with 5 assists and no turnovers. I can’t think of one game when a point guard played last year with zero turnovers. River shut down Howards leading scorer from last year when he was in the game and I can’t remember that happening in a long time. How about Elston with 14 points in 14 minutes! These players will have poor games just be cause they are Freshman but boy are they fun to watch!!
    This class and others are laying the foundation for a final 4 team and more. The big Ten is very strong this year but these guys will upset someone maybe Purdue or Illinois. How great would that be! Go Big Red!!!

  4. Though claims be made he lack in football expertise, he must be light-years ahead in basketball insights.

    • The New Coke | November 7th, 2009 at 4:14 pm |

    Unlike last season, I think it will be much more difficult for teams to come into Assembly and beat us on our home court..

    Your predictions are more realistic…I’m banking on a couple road win/upsets, a decent showing in Puerto Rico, and knocking off some tough opponents at home…Better lofty than softy.

    Rivers, Elston, and Watford look like Big 10 caliber talent…Watford looks scrappy as all hell…He was another player I severely underestimated..Elston looks savvy and skilled around the paint…I like a kid just out of high
    school with a badass tattoo….shows hes’ got a little gumption…..Hulls won’t score a bundle of points but he’ll cut our turnovers in half…he does appear to be a good floor general….Creek hasn’t shown much…He did come on board late…Maybe tonight it will begin to flow for him…I had high expectations for Creek…hope I didn’t buy into YouTube clips that took away my rational assessment. Copa looks like a good role player that could collect a ton of garbage and secure boards…If it all comes together…magic could happen…

    Go Hoosiers!

    I’ll have some more random comments about Elston/Indiana basketball when more time allows..I’m watching football all day….I figure if I watch one full day of college pigskin, my level of acumen should be equivalent to some on this blog claiming my subservience required to their mountain(molehill?) of football knowledge. Think this post too cantankerous?…too contrary?..to tomato for the tomahtoes? too saintly grandiloquent for some scornfully supercilious? Guess what? I don’t care.

    Go Hoosiers!! Hang in there football team…You can beat those Nittany Lions! Don’t give up even if you lose…next week will be the next biggest game of the year…

  5. Johnny come lately. It wasn’t long ago that you were bashing people who like Hulls, accusing them of being racially biased…

    In no time, you’ll get Oladipo to decommit by lambasting him for “thinking he’s a messiah” with his Youtube videos, like you did with Kyrie Irving…

  6. You must not be following along…I honestly don’t know your motivation or where your getting this stuff…If your making reference to a specific post, then bring it out here and we’ll discuss…Do you know how to cut and paste? I take offense to a claim that I accused anyone of racial bias for favoring Hulls…a very ugly untruth and accusation…Your comments get more bizarre by the day.
    I had very good things to say about Oladipo…the first look I had at the kid(last days of Basketblog postings), I was giving high praise while others were doing the bashing..

    I’ll definitely admit to not being a fan of bringing in Irving.. Most of my arguments were around two central points/themes…(a) we had enough high-caliber guards(I didn’t think Irving looked like a legitimate 5-star and I was much more sold on Creek) and I would rather see us save future spots and land a highly touted forward/post player (Rakeem Christmas was the main one I talked about..remember?) and (b)I believed the kid was way too self-infatuated.
    I also think it was a bit sad that Irving’s family was using every public forum available to play manipulation games with the kid’s college choices. It didn’t appear like it had anything to do with what he wanted..likely had a lot to do with all the overselling.

  7. Maybe in the game of pseudonyms I thought someone else was you, but someone here in the last week or two was claiming that Hulls will be given much more credit than he will ever be worth because, like Steve Alford, he is some sort of White Hope.

    Since your game is to take the contrary 99% of the time to what is popular, I assumed it was you. Forgive me.

    By the way, I am categorically opposed to cutting and pasting; it involves too much of an investment of my time. I already have a rather embarrassing tendency to spend too much time blogging when I shallow and sometimes groundless game of quoting from memory than do archival research in the lock box.

  8. Whoa… poetic justice! I just cut out a huge portion of my last paragraph! Must be the damn touchpad mouse.

    “I have a rather embarrasing tendency to spend too much time blogging when I should be working…I prefer the often shallow and sometimes groundless game of quoting from memory to doing archival research in the lockbox”

  9. “blogging when I shallow”…Think I preferred this original version…lol. Beluga picking pier out of teeth.

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