Indiana 83, Howard 60

A new season begins

AUDIO: Tom Crean reflects on the season-opening win.

Tom Crean promised his team would run. And, man oh man, did they.

The Hoosiers used 75 possessions to score 83 points, and held Howard to just 60 in the 2009-10 season opener for both teams.

Freshmen Maurice Creek (17), Derek Elston (14) and Christian Watford (14) led the team in scoring.

Howard was 4-of-22 from behind the 3-point line.


  1. The fill in tonight was Kelly Smith, the former voice of the Bloomington North Girls Basketball team and the Bloomington North Girls Volleyball team. Its nice to hear some enthusiasm and pep behind the mic once in a while. He didnt get overly pumped, and yet kept everything simple and to the point. Great job Kelly

  2. The freshman looked good tonight. It was great to see the Big Man Elston step out and hit the 3’s

    Go Hoosiers!!!

  3. Creek, Elston & Watford all looked much improved since the first exhibition game. Best of luck to Crean & Co. on making a huge impression on Josh Selby this weekend and getting him one step closer to committing to the Hoosiers!

  4. Guys, this isnt the 70’s anymore. Chuck has been there forever, but things are different now. I could barely hear Kelly from where I was sitting, and I was behind the IU bench.

  5. Lobbying for your guy is understandable, but I hope we never have that style of PA guy. I don’t care whether it’s 1970, 2009, 1922 or 2030.

  6. So you want boring and monotone. Ill admit my style is more of an inbetween from Chuck Crabb and Kellys. There’s a certain time to get excited and a time and place for things. If anyone has a chance to get to a Bloomington North boys or girls game, I’d be happy to meet anyone and chat.

  7. Yes. To me, it’s just another example of the NBA-circus atmosphere that i dont want to see IU become.

    It’s not my biggest priority, but I think it’s just another traditional thing we don’t need to change. I don’t need a screaming PA guy, strobe lights, t-shirt cannons and all that nonsense at IU games. I consider it a point of pride that we don’t do that stupid BS. That said, if we win games, I don’t care.

  8. And I think the Hall has been plenty loud and exciting over the years, even with ‘boring and monotone.’

  9. I personally enjoy the lights-out, spotlight pregame production with the video. It gets me pumped…and it’s gotta be somewhat distracting/awe-inspiring for some of the visiting teams. For those who think we need to stick to tradition, at least the video is a compilation of IU’s greatest basketball moments in history.

    I could do without the shirt cannons — since all they shoot out is XXL shirts and they sound like frag grenades going off.

  10. Yeah, Casey, I kind of like that too. The shirts, lights, etc are just off the top of my head examples of the sort of nonsense I don’t like. I’m not entirely opposed to change of all kind, but I like the fact that ours is a very traditional program and I’d hope we wouldn’t feel the need to make bad changes just for the sake of making changes or because everyone else is doing something.

  11. wisco,

    I think any changes we see that actually stick will be minor and insignificant. The cool lights-out intro and pre-game video just serve as ways to build the crowd’s anticipation for the game and player introductions — and I think that works. Other than that, I think most everyone who’s part of the basketball program at IU knows that one thing you just don’t tamper with is IU basketball and its tradition. I think most any changes that are made to the gameday experience will be for fan benefit (e.g. naming the student section, gift certificate/pizza giveaways). But I think most people know that what we have here works very well.

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