Indiana 96, Grace 73

IU_BB_GRACEChris Howell | Herald-Times
Indiana guard Jeremiah Rivers celebrates the Indiana rally with teammate Christian Watford

A shaky first half in which Grace worked for open shots and had success in transition gave way to a more solid second half for Indiana, which used depth and size to pull away.

Indiana coach Tom Crean seemed mostly pleased with how his team played. He said he’ll evaluate it based on how well his team defended. The goal was to put pressure on Grace, and Indiana had some success in that area. It also was awful in transition early and showed that it is not a very sophisticated team when it comes to providing help defense at this point.

More to come.

For now, check out the box score and take a listen:


  1. wish the kids would stop wearing those tacky white t shirts under the famed IU jersey. the one watford has on is fine

  2. exlax, have you played basketball before? i know people who wear t-shirts underneath their jersey’s mostly for the fact that they’re used to playing with a t-shirt while practicing/at the gym, etc.. some athletes just find it ‘awkward’ when they don’t play with their typical t-shirt.. i know I hate it..

  3. I don’t care if they wear their candy-striped pants during the game as long as they’re putting the ball in the basket.

  4. “It also was awful in transition early and showed that it is not a very sophisticated team when it comes to providing help defense at this point.”

    The real question is, why do we need to play help defense against Grace? There was some REALLY poor defense being played out there tonight. No way Grace should score 36 points in one half against a Big10 team. I think our team has some upside offensively, but we’re going to have to play defense to stay in games.

  5. Glad for the win. I am not a person to say this about a shirt but you have to admit, the shirt Rivers has on does look tacky. Wonder why the poster above does not like Creek already. Some think he will be the biggest star in the class!

  6. Men’s Basketball Breezes Past Rollins College, 86-47, in Exhibition Opener
    Nov. 3, 2009

    Box Score | Quotes

    CINCINNATI – The Xavier men’s basketball team kicked off the 2009-10 season with a 39-point win over visiting Rollins College in exhibition action Tuesday night at Cintas Center. The Musketeers were led by sophomore Jordon Crawford with a game-high tying 16 points, six rebounds and three assists in his Xavier debut.

  7. Yankess, you moron. Creek will be one of our best players by year end.

    You basically show how stupid you are

  8. Jordan Crawford is the grandson of the late Joan Crawford, actress. He’s better known as a bit character in the book by Joan’s estranged daughter titled “Mommy Dearest.”
    Hope that helps.

  9. lol alright guys. he comes in late cause he’s a moron and can’t pass the SAT, gets to workout with the team for 1 week before practices start. looks bad at both haunted hall of hoops and this game. and has the body of an 11 year old girl. he is not ready to contribute like you all think he will. You think he’ll be starting over dumes, verdell, and rivers?? no chance. and he’ll be one of the best players??? better than the previous 3 i mentioned plus pritchard, watford, elston and hulls? no he’s IMMATURE. you can tell he will be GREAT!! but not this year.

  10. We could always inject Maurice up with anabolic steroids like the entire Yankees team…Can you hear me now, Jamarcus?

  11. Yankees, you show that your logic is more than somewhat flawed with your last post and that your understanding of bball is even more flawed with your first comment. Crean said that this is basically how he expected Creek to be at this point because he got such a late start with his conditioning and strength work. Plus I think Crean knows more than just a little bit more about Creek and bball in general than you and I don’t believe he would have acted the way he did when he got cleared if he didn’t feel like he was going to be a big plus for this team this year and beyond.

  12. I didnt say anything about knowing more than Crean about ANYTHING! all i can say is that him being “our best player by the end of the year” is absolutely ridiculous. you said my logic is flawed, and then repeated my exact same reasons for why he will struggle!!! i.e. late start, bad conditioning… he’s obviously gonna be very good in time, but its also obvious he is far from being a STAR! like you all are saying! Get off his DICK!

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