1. This one ended on the 2nd half kickoff when the PSU returner fumbled(after a great hit). The ball jumped forward with only one player in position to get it. It of course bounces off the IU players helmet and PSU recovers, netting about 10 or so yards on it.


  2. Listen up Hoosier fans, this is one good football team. A lot of talent that will come together before long. Saw a few games and was impressed in spite of some bad calls. Don’t feel bad PennState had their share over the years.

    Hang in there brighter days are ahead.

    A PennState fan

  3. Riiiiight.

    You can bet the farm on it. A 31 year member of the Nittany Lion Club, oldest son and his wife are PennStaters.

    Yes, you have a good team that will come together before long. Continue to recruit and the Hoosiers will be a team to reckon with in the Big Ten.

    A quality QB to work around.

    A strong Indiana Football team will make the Big Ten better.

  4. Nittany Lions aint what they used to be. How does Paterno see out of those coke bottle eyeglasses? No wonder he thought we had a good team…We’re blinded by devotion..he’s just blinded.

  5. Riiiight

    What kind of message do you send to your team.

    They lost some close games, a number of bad calls can knock the wind out of your sails.

    Remember Indiana is rightfully known for it’s excellent basketball tradition.

    Football tends to take a back seat.

    That appears to be changing and you need, in spite of their record to get behind the program.

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