Is this all you have, Signing Day?

A few years ago, a man working the sports desk at The Daily Collegian — Penn State’s student newspaper — dubbed football signing day a national holiday. There were beads, beverages, pictures of celebrating monkeys and much dancing to music only we could hear.

Though basketball teams sign far fewer prospects (thus delivering less intrigue and not testing our reporting chops in the same way) the early signing period had always heralded a day of excitement for us. By always, I’m counting the years dating back to 2006.

Not today. I reflected upon the colors of the leaves. Tried to remember what my favorite poem was. Am currently listen to a song that relies heavily upon a cello. I even went to Sam’s Club.

I knew it might be like this. We began realizing a few weeks ago that Indiana was going to sign only Victor Oladipo.

Of course I had hoped that we’d hear something about why things didn’t work out with David Williams. And since Williams, the wing from Florida, remains unsigned only he can tell his side of the story. And I was prepared for that. I’m still hopeful we’ll get it, as I have been sending messages in the general direction of Florida all day seeking comment.

Many Indiana fans were never quite convinced that Williams was going to be the right fit. Not enough star power, and the way it went down — IU offered, Williams accepted — gave the whole deal too much of a shotgun feel.

Things end. That is the only certainty any of us has ever discovered.

But some of us wonder why. Sure, we realize there is no one, simple, tied-up and ready-to-be delivered answer. Nevertheless, we’d appreciate a conversation about it so we have something to carry with us into the future.

So, hope to hear from you David. For now, I’m going to get a sandwich.


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