It’s Bucket week

Indiana head football coach Bill Lynch said this week “certainly means a lot” to him.

He recalled growing up in Indianapolis that you were either a Purdue guy or an Indiana guy. As athletic director Fred Glass had noted minutes earlier, many a spurt of fisticuffs on the playground had been caused by this divide.

Which side was Lynch on?

Purdue, of course. His father was a graduate.

Lynch tried to temper this revelation by saying that many of his role-models attended Indiana and played football, giving him an appreciation for the Hoosiers at a young age. But, come on, who really betrays their father when it comes to rooting for sports teams? That’s a sacred bond.

But Lynch said he never engaged in any recess scuffles. He was the buck-toothed kid with glasses who ran and hid, he said. Again, this is not entirely believable from a guy who went on to play both football and basketball at Butler. He probably had some toughness in him somewhere.

As for the game itself, Lynch said it will be emotional for the senior class. Last year’s 62-10 embarrassment at the hands of the Boilermakers is on the minds of everyone, Lynch said. But he doesn’t want revenge to become too much of a factor. He leery of getting carried away with motivation because it might take away from the process of actually preparing for the next game.

We’ll have more on this game, and the future of the IU program, later today and for the rest of the week.

For now, here’s some audio to listen to.


  1. I’m looking forward to this game in a big way. I hope we crush those guys like a grape.

    Laffy–you may be right in some cases, but my Mom and Dad were Hoosiers and I was hooked early. I’m a lifer and there’s a chance a third generation of my family will be in Bloomington next fall.

    Indiana, our Indiana
    Indiana, we’re all for you

  2. There once a fine Hoosier lady not from Nantucket
    Now with son that coaches from wrong side Oaken Bucket
    Many moons ago after heartwrenching loss to Purdue
    Next morning found her face in armpit stunk worse than old shoe…

    Gave herself to anger, and the rest to a Boilermaker she let…How ’bout those Colts?

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