1. Is there a reason Bawa is not playing? Is he sick or hurt? IU could have used him in the rebounding area. Is he being red shirted? If
    anyone knows please share. Thanks

  2. Boston (or Bastan, if you’re from there) took it to us, tonight. Let’s dive in:
    The lack of television coverage was not nearly as bad as the Boston radio broadcasters. That said, it’s not hard to see why IU lost this tilt. Being outrebounded (to say the very least) by a non-BCS team is embarrassing. But, let’s look at it like this. If IU beats George Mason, nothing is lost. Had we beaten BU, we would have played Georgia Tech, a currently-ranked team that likely would have beaten us. So, after our loss to Ole Miss, we were destined to finish with one win, at best. How we get that win doesn’t matter, as long as we get it. We have our shot at that win against George Mason. We beat GMU, we’re right where we realistically should be.
    Our loss tonight cannot be overlooked, however. Any post you read will tell you that we are a young team that is not physical or experienced enough to close out a tough game. While that may be true, it’s helpful to break down the specific reasons we are losing:

    Offense: Creek again put up solid numbers, albeit in the first half alone. But – simply put – we can’t afford to have Creek disappearing for 20 minutes at time. Speaking of disappearing acts, Watford has vanished in both PR games. To this point, Watford has only put up numbers against cupcakes. Watford has the talent and will learn how to be effective, but that may not happen this season. Elston is in the same boat as Watford. Elston has to grow into his role on this team, which will happen later rather than sooner. VJ3 is our most consistent offensive player. He never has great games, but he rarely has poor games. VJ3’s consistency will not be enough to carry us to wins, as was evident tonight. Pritchard is what he is; he shows signs of scoring ability every game, but he never seems to quite live up to his potential. Rivers seemed to have another ok game, which is fine by me. As long as Rivers is distributing the ball well and is hitting open shots (and crazy layups!), his turnovers can be overlooked. But, it would be nice if he could reduce his turnover amount as the season goes on. It seems Rivers’ play tonight falls somewhere in the acceptable category. Hulls struggled again tonight, and likely will all season. Hulls is a project-in-progress; let’s leave it at that. Dumes needs to step up. Otherwise, he will be a senior role-player, which is disheartening. He certainly did not step up tonight.

    Defense: It’s a lot harder to gauge a defensive performance when the game is not televised. Once again, IU played well enough on the defensive end to keep us in the game, which is a marked improvement over last season.

    Coaching: CTC knew the team would be out-matched physically and mentally in this tournament, and he said so often. That is no excuse, however, and I hope CTC can take away from this game just as much as the players do. There is no reason to whine about not getting the timeout call at the end of the game. You’re the coach, make it happen. Run onto the court, if you have to. The last two offensive plays of the game for IU did not prove fruitful, and CTC has to shoulder much of the blame for that. Also, where is Bawa? Capo and Robe are not doing anything (especially on the boards), so does CTC think Bawa will be worse? If so, fine, but I selfishly wish that CTC would address the lack of Bawa playing time. Lastly, the horrid free throw shooting is on CTC; so is the lack of rebounding (as are the turnovers). CTC needs to step up and ensure the team’s improvement in these areas over the course of the season.

    Takeways from tonight: IU had a chance to seemingly close this game out at the end of the first half and couldn’t do it. As a young team, the Hoosiers will make life a lot easier for themselves by closing games out early – when they have momentum – especially when Big Ten season Rolls around. Also, Creek is really our only offensive assassin to speak of. When teams focus on shutting down Creek, we will be in trouble on the offensive end, as evidenced by the second half tonight and our first exhibition game. VJ3, Dumes and Watford (and maybe Elston and Pritchard) will have to step up and score, or we will be blown out of several games this year. On the defensive end, we can only hope CTC will have our guys physically and fundamentally ready later on in the season. Otherwise, look out. Lastly, the bigs have to rebound on the defensive end. Watford, Pritchard, Robe, Elston, Capo and/or Bawa need to put most – if not all – of their energy into crashing the boards. I’ll end on a positive note: this team has shown the ability to grab the early lead against talented, experienced teams. When the Hoosiers figure out what is required to hold onto these leads, we will be in good shape.

  3. We lost, dude. You don’t have to write War and Peace. Crean will get the ship righted. Hell, did you ever see Steve Jobs first idea?

  4. I like this guy Dopirak. He’s a great reporter.

    I am disappointed by Tom Crean. When will we see a game in which he makes that little difference between win and loss? Now we play George Mason, who’s YOUNGER than us. Let’s see what he says after the game if we don’t win.

    Crean so far is a combination of Lynch (when coaching, he should start chewing gum and throw it when the refereeing gets to him) and Dakich (in the post game conferences). He lost last night like he lost in January at home with Michigan. He’s coaching more and more like Bill Lynch and then explains like Dakich, bordering on Faulkner.

  5. parvalue said – “CTC knew the team would be out-matched physically and mentally in this tournament, and he said so often.”

    Crean says that often, no nearly all the time, because it goes to the root of his coaching abilities. In order for Crean’s team to be successful he has to have more talent than the other team. He caught his big “coaching break” when he offered D-Wade a scholarship to MU. Wade carried Crean and MU to the Final Four where they lost by 33 – the NCAA record for worst loss by any team in a Final Four game.

    Unfortunately Crean isn’t a great coach and in order to win he has to out recruit and out talent the other team. At this point IU doesn’t have better talent so we will continue to lose. That’s what we have for $2,000,000 a year. IMO we over paid and could have gotten much much better coaching talent for that kind of money.

  6. VV & IU Historian,

    Thanks for the in-depth analysis of CTC’s coaching (in)abilities. I don’t know what the rest of us ‘illiterate’ B’ball dumba$$es would do without your insightful nuggets of wisdom. I respect your right to post your opinions, but do not confuse that with your own bloated sense of self as an expert on the subject. If you do not like CTC, just say so. You might earn more respect than from trying to dredge up the same old tired arguments about D-Wade, etc. Nobody really cares. Crean and Lynch are two different people, subjects and situations. Crean is doing a good job and the program will take time to correct due to Sampson and the crap he left us with.

  7. I wondered how long it be before someone would want to hang Bill Lynch like remarks on Coach Crean. Where did all the BS go to before there were blogs?

  8. • who? – How could I say you were an “illiterate’ B’ball dumba$$”? Your only post in this thread was after mine.

    I merely made a logical and factual post. If you can find any errors then you’re welcome to do so. The post stands on it’s own merits.

  9. Clarion,

    If you were wondering (but not asking it) it still means that you agree that it shows: Crean is not a good coach (and neither is Lynch). Right now their teams play the same.

    Daniel Moore was offered a scholarship from Boston U and he ditched it to be a walk-on at IU. Imagine how he must have felt last night.

    George Mason game is on TV (ESPNU, I think). It’s listed as 7th place game, Puerto Rico Tournament in the schedule. Let’s see how Crean prepares this one. If we lose it’s Sampson’s fault. If we win it’s Tom Crean’s genius. Let’s hope we win this one.

  10. Who, I totally agree with you.
    On a similar note, I would be interested to know the average age of the people who post on this (or the other IU blogs/boards). I bet the average poster is older than we think…
    I point that out because, if I am right, a lot of the posters on this board can remember IU basketball’s “glory days.” From the 1972-3 season to the 1993-4 season (22 seasons), we: won or shared 11 Big Ten titles, won three NCAA championships, won an NIT championship, and went to 2 Final Fours, 3 Elite Eights, and 6 Sweet Sixteens. Those are the sort of statistics one would expect from a dominant program.
    In the 15 seasons since that period ended in 1994, we have won one Big Ten title and have been to one NCAA championship game (both in Davis’ 2002 season). Those are not the sort of statistics one would expect from a dominant program.
    The point is, if you grew up in, or lived during, what I call the glory days, it is hard to accept (or even realize) that IU has not been a dominant program for 15 years.
    Further, we are only one full season removed from Conan the Destroyer’s (I’d prefer not to put his real name in writing, he doesn’t deserve that level of respect) single-handed destruction of the IU basketball program.
    So, to all the negative posters out there, I say, try, just try, to have some perspective.
    If Crean is such a terrible coach, tell me, who would be better (and no, don’t suggest RMK, he’s not coming back even if the IU nation writes him a letter signed by one million fans).
    If the players we have now or the recruits who have committed to play for IU in the future are sub-standard, tell me, who is better that wanted to come here and was turned away?
    I am not suggesting that we shouldn’t be critical of our coach or players, I am just saying we should have some perspective when doing it.
    I for one, think Crean was the best available hire at the time and that he has done a good job thus far.
    And IU Historian, question for you. Who coached the team that lost the NCAA championship game by the largest margin in history? Oh, Mike Krzyzewski, that Duke guy with three NCAA titles to his credit? Oh, him. He’s a terrible coach, he lost the 1990 NCAA championship by 30 points.

  11. CT Hoosier – I’m not one of the negative posters you mention but I wanted to respond to your post. I don’t think Crean is a terrible coach just far less than what IU deserves. In reality few if any quality coaches would’ve wanted the IU job that Crean gladly took for $2,000,000 a year. But you ask the question – “If Crean is such a terrible coach, tell me, who would be better?”

    Tony Bennett for one. But IU screwed the pooch by firing/forcing/encouraging his sister out as the Indiana women’s coach. – Another reason to thank Myles and his parade of failed AD’s.

    Bennett is a far better basketball mind and coach and we could have had him for far less than $2M/year.

    The bottom line is IU has invested $20,000,000 in Tom Crean over the next 10 years so we’re going to have him for a while. That is unless one of his brothers-in-law hires him to be a football offensive coordinator. VBG

  12. I can handle losing. What I can’t handle is not working hard. Getting out-rebounded 52-32 by a scrub team doesn’t cut it.

    Show some pride or get off the team.

  13. Bennett was offered the job and turned it down. How much of that is because of Kathi, I can’t say – but he turned us down, not the other way around.

    That said, there are plenty of other names you could suggest. I’m not going to say that Crean is the best coach in college basketball. What I will say, though, is that if we are going to suggest that another coach would have been a better hire than Crean, then we need to consider whether that coach would have come to IU in early 2008.

  14. As time goes by Crean will be judged by what he accomplishes. He won’t be able to hide behind Sampson’s “legacy” forever.

  15. Number of NCAA tournament games won by Crean without Wade: 1 (one). How could one bring up Coach Krzyzewski in this context?

    Krzyzewski loses 103-73 to UNLV in the championship game in 1990 and wins the title next year (1991) and the year after (1992). By contrast Crean lost 94-61 to Kansas in the semis in 2003 and then? Wikipedia: “The team suffered a slide backward the next season, however. Though Diener, Novak, and freshman guard Dameon Mason took leaps forward, most of the rest of the returnees showed little or no development. Crean’s 2003–2004 recruiting class also struggled, with the exception of Mason. The team lost to Iowa State in the quarterfinals of the NIT.[33] The unsatisfying season was the first time since 1998 that a team had reached the Final Four and not made the NCAA Tournament the next year” Again, how could you compare with Krzyzewski?

  16. Why is Crean twittering excuses? And who cares if Izzo still loves him? “This is tough on our families.” Yeah, I”m sure Crean’s wife cries every time she pulls out the Gold Card to buy frilly underthings for Tommy.

  17. CT, what did Krzyzewski do the year after that loss? What has Crean done since his debacle? As far as Bennett, he wasn’t offered even HALF of the money that Greenspan through at Crean. Had he offered Crean the money offered to Bennett, Crean would still be in Milwaukee, losing 10+ games a season for the rest of his career. But Greenspan panicked, had to go for a “name,” and gave away the whole darn store to Crean.

  18. Guys, I am NOT comparing Crean to Krzyzewski. I am simply saying that one blowout loss does not prove anything about Crean’s coaching ability, because if it did, then you would have to apply the same reasoning to Krzyzewski.

    The overall point I am trying to get across is that, perhaps there are better coaches out there, but I’d like to know which ones were lining up to come to IU in early 2008 (though, I do agree with the point that Bennett might have come had he been offered the money Crean got).

    I want, as much as anyone, to see IU BB return to glory. I grew up with it. I can remember watching (on TV) Smart’s shot to win the 87 championship. But I accept that the program hit rock bottom and it will take time to fix it. Crean may or may not be the best coach ever (and I agree with AFC’s post that, in time, he will be judged on his own record), but again, lets talk about the circumstances under which he was hired. IU had just fired Davis after 5-6 years and fired (deservingly) a cheater after 2 years. Sanctions were pending and the NCAA process was unresolved. IU had one conference championship and one solid NCAA tournament run in the preceding 14 seasons.

    Some have taken issue with his ability to recruit – despite him having only completed one full season of recruiting, during which he brought in a top ten class.

    But put yourself in the shoes of Selby, or any other player of that category. And lets assume soley for purposes of this particular line of reasoning that Selby thinks Crean is a great coach. Further, lets agree that Selby could righly expect lots of PT his freshman season. Great fan base, lots of TV time, a program with history etc. All those positives – but I still think a kid like Selby will have a hard time choosing IU over a program that will win 25 games next year and potentially contend for a national championship.

    I don’t know exactly how many years Crean should be given, but it is going to take more than one year for our program to recover from phone-gate. It is going to be tough to compete for the very best recruits until we are an NCAA-tourney caliber team and it is going to be tough to become an NCAA-tourney caliber team unil we get the very best recruits…

  19. The piece u all are missing is where Coach Tom was when he got a basically mid-major school to the final four. The only other coach at that college to get to a final 4 was Al Mcguire when he won it all.
    You can’t compare what coach Tom will do at a top school like IU because he has never been at a school like IU. He was hired because he did well at a poor recruiting school. I mean who wants to play their. So it stands to reason that he will do well at a high profile school once he gets the ship back to square one. It would take any coach who took over this mess a while to get it going and 4 games after a 6-25 record is not enough time to judge him. Now you take a coach like Roy Williams who went from Kansas to North Carolina. He went from a top 5 school to a top 5 school so you can judge him on equal merits. IU was not going to get a bigger name coach than CTC because of the way our program had been gutted. So get with the program and support your Coach,Players and School like you should while we are rebuilding or go back to Purdue. We have another good class coming next year. Learn some wisdom and stop acting like kids.

  20. Sorry RonB, but as an IU person, I don’t have to support anyone I don’t want to support. I can choose whether to send my money to the school, or keep it in the silverware drawer in the kitchen.

    Like others, I don’t think Crean was anywhere near the best man for the job, but then neither was the Village Idiot nor was Cheatin’ Soapscum. While folks like you supported them, many of us knew their shortcomings and stayed away. Just as we’re telling you now that Tom Crean will not win big at IU.

    He’s not that good a coach, nor is he that smart of a person. And to put Roy Williams in the same sentence with Tommy Boy, is a slap in the face of good coaches everywhere.

  21. Who wants to play at Marquette? Ever been to Milwaukee? A beautiful, clean city on the lake. They play in a marvelous NBA arena. They have a wonderful practice facility. Mitchell Field gives them much easier access to airports than Bloomington does. Marquette did better than IU last year, and will do so again this year, and next year, and the next.

    Perhaps, if Crean spent last time twitterin’ and a bit more time actually coaching, his players wouldn’t look so unprepared to play a half court offense and defense?

    Seriously, do you really think Indiana is getting $2 million plus worth of coaching and recruiting from a guy who is crying about how tough this is on his family?

  22. I remember that “support your coach” crap when Sampson kept cheating.

    Over and over and over and over . . ..

    How about all those Lynch supporters? Where are they now? Maybe they can’t pass the anti-spam test?

  23. I did not say I supported Davis or Sampson. You guys just want to complain. I new Sampson from OK and how he cheated Texas Tech and others running a loose ship with a big EGO. He was a mistake and I voiced my objection to him from day one. I see some of you guys posting but where have the rest of you been? I have posted on this site for 3 years now. I was not putting Tom and Roy on the same level. I think you guys are fair weather fans who sit back and wait to blast any coach IU has and I could care less about your money and what u do with it. Keep it in your back yard IU can do without your money or your support. I was just trying to say its to early in Coach Crean’s tenure at IU to fairly judge him. Maybe you are Marquette fans who are crying because you lost Crean.
    I know I support IU student athletes and I don’t pull my money because I don’t like the coach of any sport. That is what alumni
    do. Maybe in a year or 2 you may be right or you may be wrong. I hope u are wrong because I love my school no matter what!
    You have chosen to see things negatively that way u justify not supporting your school, if it is your school? I have chose to be positive about the direction our BB team is going on the other hand I think Lynch had all the time he needed to show if he
    could coach IU football. He needs to go! However I will continue to support the players and IU Football with my money and my cheers. Case closed for me.

  24. Maybe it is too early to judge but after one year we should see some signs, don’t you think? Verdell is a definite plus, but Pritch and Dumes play worse than they were playing this time last year. Maybe Crean’s empty words no longer impress them. When was the last time Crean said: “it was my fault, I assume the responsibility for this loss.”

    Still, let’s hope something good happens today (they’re playing in 20 minutes) and everything clicks together and Crean takes us to the final four and renders all our comments here pointless.

    Go Hoosiers! Let’s beat George Mason!

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