IU football ticket sales best since 1992

Indiana athletics director Fred Glass announced this morning that more than 40,000 tickets have been sold for Saturday’s football game against Purdue.

That figure assures that IU will average more than 40,000 tickets sold per game for the first time since 1992. Student sales have been especially strong, Glass said. He’s allotted an extra 4,400 seats (from 8,100 to 12,500) to students for the Bucket game.

Glass said a combination of the renovated stadium, game-day promotions and a competitive football team helped draw fans this year.

While the increased interest in the football team certainly bodes well for the momentum of the program, it has not created a windfall of cash. Glass said that the interest in the Purdue game will allow Indiana to reach its “aggressive” revenue projection.

AUDIO: Glass discusses tickets sales, Bucket game memories

And here’s the entire press release:


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Thanks in large part to a dramatic increase in student attendance, Indiana University football will average over 40,000 fans per game, including over 10,000 students for the first time in 17 years, Indiana Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Fred Glass announced today. IU has averaged 40,478 fans per game through its first five home contests, and ticket sales for the home finale against Purdue already exceed 40,000, thus ensuring the plus-40,000 milestone, including over 10,000 student tickets.

In 2008, the Hoosiers went 3-5 at Memorial Stadium and averaged 31,782 fans per game. The last time IU averaged over 40,000 fans per home contest came in 1992 (44,074). Through the first five games of the season, Indiana has sold an average of 10,184 student tickets per game. That marks an increase of 2,824 tickets from the 2008 average. The Hoosiers haven’t averaged that many students since 1992 (11,389). The Hoosiers are 3-2 at home this season.

Glass also announced that in recognition of strong pregame student ticket sales, he is expanding by more than 50 percent (from 8,100 to 12,500) the student section capacity for this Saturday’s Old Oaken Bucket game. “We are closing in on selling out even this expanded student section,” Glass said. “I strongly encourage students to buy their tickets very soon so they don’t end up on the wrong side of a sellout like happened to so many of them for the Ohio State game.”

“This team hasn’t quit, and it’s great to see that our students and other fans haven’t quit on this team. Our attendance has been very solid throughout the season, and we think that expanding the student section is an excellent way to show our appreciation for their support,” Glass said.

Glass wants to see a sold out Memorial Stadium on Saturday, and he called on all IU fans to follow the lead of the students to turnout for the Bucket Game in droves. “This team has continued to improve and battle every week. It would be great to see a packed house at Memorial Stadium on Saturday to push us to a win over Purdue and to say farewell to a remarkable senior class.”


  1. When you force people to stop tailgating and buy tickets the game, I would think ticket sales would go up. Having OSU and Purdue on schedule can’t hurt either.

  2. Is it impossible to congratulate Glass and the football program and be optimistic? I guess that is asking too much.

  3. AD Glass is fulfilling a difficult challenge to put more cheeks in the seats and doing it with dam good success. AD Greenspan kicked off this promotion to upgrade the IU FB program and Fred Glass in his professional capacity has taken a personal interest to increase spectators/fans/attendance to increase revenue needed for future facilities and human resource upgrades. He is managing the details because he understands what is needed (MONEY) to successfully complete the big picture. No one last year foresaw this percentage increase in attendance. Still to some it is not only fashionable to refuse to recognize a progressive plan to success but to complain about it also.

  4. I guess all of those $1 tickets they sold to Cook for the EKU game can help them boast about an artificial attendance accomplishment.

    I’ll give credit where it’s due. The student ticket deal was a good one and explains why there has been a good bump in those numbers. But if they’re expanding the student section (where tickets are $5) for the two biggest home games of the year, they clearly aren’t selling as many regular tickets. I’d like to see where the ticket revenue numbers are compared to say, 2005, when Hep had gotten everyone excited and we also hosted OSU and Pee-You.

  5. I can’t wait until next years headline says “Indiana Football suffers the largest drop in attendance in a year-to-year period”

  6. Bitch if the seats are empty and bitch if the seats are full. Bending in the direction the wind blows is why the tradition of IU FB has the image it does. Point being AD Glass is doing something to break the old tradition of IU football being something that is not attended well. Yes he is using promo pricing to develop a fan base that will become followers of the program; instead of a bunch of so called fans partying outside the stadium during the game. That is why he targeted freshman for setting the hook. The increased revenue garnered will help make the changes needed and he wants the re$ources in hand before he pays for those changes. He has already established there will not be another bloody coup to change the football program. It is obvious his style for changing the FB program is different than earlier styles of change that failed.

  7. Clarion, I am starting to wonder whether you aren’t a paid member of the athletic department commissioned to flood the blog with pro-Glass propaganda. You sing the same song over and over again, never once holding the AD, team, or coach accountable for their actions. It’s all a huge success story, in your mind; it’s like listening to Dick Cheney talk about Iraq.

    If we lose on Saturday, I am sure you will be talking about how we still doubled last year’s win total, how Purdue is better than their record indicates, how the guys tried their best but were injured and had the flu, how the game all came down to one blocked punt, how we are still tied with Michigan and that’s an end in itself, blah blah blah.

    Next year, we bring back a veteran core on offense. There should be expectations to win no fewer than 6 games. This and only this will constitute progress, and this and only this will increase attendance.

  8. Bobbie Sue, you pose a great question concerning revenue. Revenue is not based solely on ticket price. Concessions play a large role. I doubt that few students drive but parking also plays a role in total revenues. You are aware that the 05 team did not average attendance figures like this year?
    Hoosier Clarion, I agree with you. You have never made a statement saying that IU football is where everyone wants it to be. For years the AD took a hands off approach to football. Not since Orwig and Floyd have we had a proactive AD, as far as football is concerned. Give Greenspan credit, without his efforts the facilites for football would still be lagging far behind. Unfortunately for IU his efforts came about 20 years too late.
    I would be interested in seeing a breakdown on IU’s fanbase. How far away do fans travel to attend a home game? If they live more than 150 miles from Btown, how many home games do they attend a year?

  9. Apple Guy,

    You are correct I do see the positives and profess them. It counters blind-eyed naysayers who bend in the wind. I also can identify the negatives in performance. I have spent over half my professional life evaluating the performance of managers in their early challenges of a tough job. Every job at IU having to do with FB is a tough one because of tradition. I don’t understand the reference of Iraq because we have won that war. Leads me to believe Mr. Cheney must be a good evaluator of performance. As for me exploiting the doubling of last years win total after losing to “09” Purdue is also a bit confusing. For last year IU FB won 3 games, to double that total this year would be 6 and as of now we have 4 wins with 1 game to play, win or lose. Even with an ultra positive outlook, doubling last years wins is not possible. Now if you made a typo, had a memory lapse or mistake in arithmetic I can except the error. What I won’t except is your attempt to print out words that you are expounding I will say. That is no more possible than us blowing in the wind or inking up a blog thinking that will hold Glass, the coach or the team accountable for anything. It can not be accomplished on here. The future of IU FB is going to happen regardless of what we write here. The only way to affect that future positively is to buy tickets regularly, donate occasionally so there is enough cash to pay for the tools needed to reach loftier levels than have been seen in this fan’s lifetime (which is considerable). That is the solution and I choose to be part of it. Most managers will get at least 2 years (unless your as inept as Mike McNeely) and many 3 years to enact their vision and plan. AD Glass has been on the job 1 year and I like what I see; i.e. lowering ticket prices to increase the fan base (because of decades of neglect to the program and decades in cycling of poor to fair W/L records), changing the past culture of the games, trying different days and times to hold games, making games an event families want to attend and yes even shutting down tailgating during the game ( a friend of mine invited me to an ND game last year and they also don’t tailgate during the game) and the many enhancements in and around the stadium to compliment the north end zone structure. For the FB program he has a hands on, proactive style. If in 18 to 24 months the program still languishes with mediocre enthusiasm you will find that I’ll have no propensity to stay positive. But until then I reject the theory more can be done by standing on the track than by getting on the train.

  10. Clarion, I enjoyed the post…a lot and I agree with most of it. I have heard “give it another year or two” for 15 years. I would say if IU does not win 7 games next season, not 6 but 7, we need to look another direction. That is just my opinion! Take care.

  11. J Pat, try 42 years.

    Hoosier Clarion, another statistic that I would be very interested in is the number ex-football players who regularly attend home games. The football program has never developed a true “family” atmosphere. This may be a result of frequent coaching changes, I don’t know. Last year Crean made a pointed effort to bring back former bb players into the fold. That seems to have worked. Every 10 years IU holds a Rose Bowl Reunion. IU recently held some ceremony for former players. Personally, I don’t believe enough is done to create a true of belonging to something.

  12. Clarion- You acquitted yourself well of most of my charges. I won’t delve into your utterly ridiculous “we won that war” comment; I will just say that it makes perfect sense that someone who thinks that losing a 28-3 lead all comes down to a blocked punt would also think that we “won the Iraq war.”

  13. Apple (D-5),
    Where was a blocked punt mentioned in Clarion’s response?
    While the conflict is on-going in Iraq, I would invite you to provide an argument proving that the conflict was not successful.
    How’s your guy, Obama, handling Afghanistan?
    It must nice to be all knowing like you. Apparently you know more about war and IU football than anyone else, or is it just being a spoiled brat who wants attention?

  14. Apple Guy,
    Since you won’t delve I will. Please understand there are no longer headlines about who is or isn’t standing tall in Iraq. It is no longer in the nightly news. That leads me to believe my ridiculous (what ever you were thinking and didn’t articulate) is as correct as listening to Dick Cheney. I won’t lament about the war being right or wrong but we won this one for once (with no thanks to the PC crowd). Now Apple Guy if your argument is about my thoughts about the turning point in the NW game that is certainly open for any discussion you wish to advance, but I doubt you can hold a candle to the argument Mike P embarrassed me with because I quickly found out he has a great handle on the defining moments in a football game. I do respect your thoughts, theories and opinions and enjoy any discussion that stays as civil as ours has today. With that being said I will back off any aggressiveness in case you don’t feel you can.

    Jay and JP believe me I share your thoughts as relevant to the decades long story being IU FB. Hell, I probably don’t have as long to stand pat as you guys might not wish too.

  15. Jay,

    I didn’t bother to read the lengthy posts above… I just saw the “D-5” you placed in parentheses after “Apple”…. I can only assure you that “Apple Guy” is not Downing’s 5th…The “Apple Guy” sounds very much like the football expert on this blog….That would not be D-5. The old IDS Basketblog had a regular blogger that couldn’t help inserting anti-Bush…anti-Cheney..anti-Republican…anti-Eric Gordon rants into almost every one of his posts…I’m pretty sure it’s that dude… Anyway, I’ve already been notified that discussing football is not my realm..lol.

    Just for your info: D-5 is almost exclusively going with “The New Coke” as regular blogging handle..

  16. D-5 – “New Coke”,

    Please accept my apology. I thought “New Coke” was you. You have never brought politics into the conversation, sorry that I did not pick up on that.

  17. No apology necessary, Jay…You’ll learn to recognize and ignore my incomprehensible rants in due time.

    For some reason I think Hulls is going to have a breakout game tonight….just a gut feeling.

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