Lynch: We’ve made contact with the Big Ten

Indiana’s Bill Lynch said on his radio show Monday night that Indiana has made contact with the Big Ten over the controversial calls in Saturday’s game against Iowa.

“We’ve made contact with the Big Ten,” Lynch said. “We are certainly confident that it will be handled appropriately.”

The key call that infuriated Lynch at the time and Indiana fans was a touchdown catch by Terrance Turner that was overturned by video replay.


  1. About that video replay, exactly how does that work. And by work, I don’t mean the standard by which the calls are confirmed or overturned, but rather what kind of technology is being used in the replay system?

    From the comfy & whiskey laden confines of my abode, I had the luxury of 52″ of 1080p pumping out the Worldwide Leader’s HD signal through a DVR box, which I routinely use to rewind & slo-mo (ad nauseum) those plays which I find interesting. Point is, my technology clearly showed the rubber chips flying as Turner’s foot dragged across the black turf that is Kinnick Stadium’s end zone before his knee contacted out of bounds. 52″ + HD + DVR = WTF?!?!

  2. Good, this needed to be done.

    Coach Lynch can still be a nice guy but let the conference know that IU won’t stand for inconsistent officiating (a la Mallory after Ohio State, was it?). Between the Michigan and Iowa game, I’ve seen enough this year to realize something is not right.

  3. What exactly does “handled appropriately” mean? The overturn of that play in my opinion changed the outcome of the game. Yeah, it was just a touchdown and we lost by 18, but it was a huge momentum swing. Nothing short of the firing of the replay official will be “appropriate” as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Chronic, you’d think that if you can afford that technology in your whiskey-laden abode, the Big Ten Conference could afford it in the replay officials’ luxury suite. But apparently not. Maybe they need some whiskey as well. I needed some after that game.

    Normally I’d put no stock in conspiracy theories, but IU has gotten the shaft multiple times this year. When message boards from other schools have messages about how bad the calls are in your game, you know maybe something’s not right …..

  5. Absolutely the right thing for IU to do, however, the response from the B10 will likely be that the booth official overturned the call on the field which, right or wrong, is his prerogative and that’s the end of it. There is absolutely no incentive for the B10 to make any more of this than that. They will not conduct any kind of special investigation or inquiry. There is way too much money riding on these games to for them to open that can of worms. Their strategy will be to let it blow over.

  6. Chronic

    The official did not rule that Turner was out of bounds. The call was “incomplete pass”. Apparently he thought Terrence did not secure control of the ball.

  7. If I may…The “official” ruled it a touchdown…The review booth tried to find a perfect camera angle to overturn a call made by a guy in stripes standing 3ft from the play…They found the angle…Apparently someone in the booth had a camera mounted in their ass.

    “Right or wrong”?….Let’s examine right or wrong…Do we really want football games played this way?….Iowa was hit by an IU freight train…The Hoosier score may have been the knockout blow…Unfortunately, we’ll never know..We’ll never know if Iowa had enough rocks in their socks to come back from such a punch. We’ll never know if they truly are the new Mike Tyson of the Big 10…They stopped Indiana’s momentum because they were afraid their Hawks had just met Buster Douglas…Indiana was not intimidated by the undefeated record…they weren’t intimidated playing in a hostile environment…They went into a game believing they were equals…A crew in a review booth did everything possible to steal that perception away….It’s not about stealing a touchdown, or stealing a play…It’s about stealing the reason most of us love to watch sports…It was the Iowa fan that was robbed…robbed of the wholehearted belief that they are cheering for a true and deserving champion…We can’t decide whether that’s right or wrong?…..


    Want a good laugh? Here’s how a blog site called “hawk central” (Iowa City Press-Citizen)describes their version of the conclusive images generated by six different cameras on the field that provided enough evidence to overturn the call.

    The next DVR moment was one that generated much more controversy.

    After Sash’s play pulled Iowa to within 21-14, Indiana came roaring right back. A 45-yard pass play got the Hoosiers back in the red zone at the Iowa 15. Running plays got them to the 11.

    Chappell hit Terrance Turner at the left sideline of the end zone. A diving Turner made a diving catch just past the outstretched arms of Amari Spievey, but fell out of bounds on his right side. But did he get his right foot down in time for the touchdown?

    The side judge ruled it a touchdown, but then the play was reviewed.

    The ESPN cameras had six angles on the play:

    1. The regular wide view from the press box, from which the play was shown live.

    2. A second wide view, taken from a slightly lower angle than the live view, but with isolation on Spievey and Turner.

    3. A view from the back of the end zone.

    4. A slightly lower angle view from the back of the end zone.

    5. A reverse angle from the ground, right at the sideline where Turner made the catch.

    6. A long view from behind the line of scrimmage.

    The two “regular” views from press box weren’t helpful. The cameras were more or less looking down on the play, and it wasn’t clear if Turner’s foot was down. Also, Spievey obscured that view.

    The two end zone views were closer to the field. They showed that in the act of diving, Turner left his feet and wasn’t able to get the sole of his right foot down, but perhaps the side of his little toe on his right foot grazed the ground. One end zone view appeared to show his right toe bouncing off the turf.

    The reverse angle from the sideline was the closest shot, but it, too was looking down on the play. It appeared to show a streak on the black end zone turf that could have been made by the dragging of Turner’s foot. From that angle, it appeared to be a touchdown.

    But on the final shot — the one from behind the line of scrimmage and the one closest to the point of view of the side judge, it appeared that perhaps Turner’s little toe didn’t get all the way down to the ground.

    There you have it, right or wrong..That’s enough to overturn the call…Forget the field official staring at Turner’s feet from 3ft away…forget the streak that peeled off part of the painted black end zone..They’re going with “it appeared that perhaps” that Turner’s little piggy toe went to market instead of stayed home on the ground.

  8. Not my intention to be an apologist for the B10. Just saying that they will not react to this situation except to validate the right of the booth official to make the call. Then, they will follow up with statements to the effect that they constantly monitor officials performance and are always seeking ways to improve etc.etc. I’m not justifying their position…just saying what it is likely to be and why.

  9. Jim Delaney is the new Bud Selig!! He’s a joke, I live in SEC country and it’s pretty hard to defend the Big 10 with a clown like Delaney at the helm.
    It’s so obvious that what happened at Michigan (which was way worse than the Iowa call), is just part of the plan to make sure that someone from the Big 10 goes BCS. God forbid that poor little IU should win a big one at the Big House or Kinnick.
    I’m gonna convert to SEC.

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