Lynch’s press conference: somewhat live updates

OK, took me a while to get the computer going, but we’re good now. So far, Lynch has said that the Wisconsin game was just a good tough football game, few turnovers, few mistakes. Wisconsin just made the big play at the end.

Penn State,he said, is extremely solid and balanced. Darryl Clark is a “national guy.” and the PSU defense reminds him a lot of Iowa and Ohio State because it’s solid and the guys are always in the right place.

Lynch was asked about the seniors playing with a sense of urgency and said he doesn’t talk about that. He says the coaching staff has tried not to make this game appear to be must win, even though if the Hoosiers lose, they will no longer have hope of a bowl bid. He said the team is “concentrating on the process,” because if they get too caught up, they won’t be concentrated on “executing on that third down.”

Chris Adkins is practicing with an elbow brace. Austin Thomas (shoulder) and Tyler Replogle (head) are both listed as questionable, but Lynch expects them to play Saturday.

What most impresses Lynch about Penn State is its defensive front seven, and its secondary, he said is also always in the right place.

The Hoosiers didn’t use the wildcat much last week because Wisconsin showed they were prepared for it.

Bryan Payton has been more effective than Darius Willis recently, Lynch said, simply because Payton is more healthy.

Lynch was asked (by yours truly) to take a wide-angle look at Chappell’s progress since August. What’s impressed him, he said, is that Chappell’s figured out a rhythm as to when the ball has to get out of his hand. He’s also become better at figuring out protections, and although Lynch said he knew this already, he’s shown his toughness.

Tandon Doss, Lynch said, is an All-Big Ten caliber player, and he’s been helped in large part by the fact that he’s never had to sit out because of an injury.

Ray Fisher probably won’t be back for the Purdue game either. Lynch said.


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